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July 26, 2011

Movie Review: Exit 33 (2011)

I love, and I mean LOVE Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees. There is no better man behind that mask. I was thoroughly disappointed to see Ken Kirzinger in Jason vs. Freddy. I like Hodder's style and attitude. When the screener came across for Exit 33, I was happy to be the person to review it. I haven't seen Hodder out of the hockey mask. I was curious to see what that would be like. I haven't heard great things about BTK, but I thought Exit 33 sounded more like what we expect from Hodder. After all, you have pretty young people and a creepy guy in the middle of nowhere. Simple horror formula equals basic horror fun.

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Kane Hodder is Ike, the owner of a last chance gas station that sells some extra special beef jerky. Snack food aside, Ike seems like a quiet grumbly guy. He gets a lot of customers up there in the woods, and whenever he sends you to pump 9, you know you're in trouble. After that fill up, cars just don't seem to make it beyond a mile or so. That's when Ike comes by to lend a hand. Of course, that hand is wielding a blunt object of some sort.

Ike is also haunted by a woman whose eye is missing. Through flashbacks, you start to understand who she is and how she lost the eye. There's a sweet side to Ike, and you can feel compassion for him. Though the acting and story aren't spectacular throughout the film, it's good b horror. The gore is abundant, there are plenty of kills and the story is a little different from the usual slasher flick. If you like low budget slice and dice fare, Exit 33 is worth your time.

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