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July 17, 2011

Movie Review: Desert Son (2010)

I like a movie with a little suspense. Desert Son has exactly that. A little suspense. Very little. We start out with super pouty Phillip (John Bain), who sits in the back seat of his drunken and angry stepfather's car. Apparently, stepdad see's Phil as little more than a whiny bitch, and he's pretty much right. After he's had enough, stepdaddy ditches Phillip in the desert. At that point, good parenting aside, I was right with him, and I wanted to see what bar he was hitting next. Unfortunately, we have to watch Phillip for the next hour and a half.

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Phillip finds a couple around his age who live in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. It's a ghost town, but somehow it's almost walking distance from town. How dummy Phillip couldn't figure this out in his many hours alone in the desert, I'll never know. Lucy is happy to take whiny pants in, and Jack becomes a jealous douchebag. Over the next hour, we see the mundane everyday life of the three ass-migos. Nothing really happens. Jack just yells at Phillip, and we see Phillip's bottom lip hang lower and lower and lower. I swear he almost trips over it in one scene.

When something big finally happened, I almost didn't care. I hated all of the characters so much that I wanted them all to die in horrible ways. I was somewhat satisfied with the ending, but irritated that it wasn't the bulk of what was happening in the movie. It was almost like the big event was a throwaway. It should have been a major focus. I say skip Desert Son unless you like movie of the week style teen drama. There's plenty of it, but little else to hold onto.

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