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July 7, 2011

Movie Review: Opstandelsen (2009, AWE)

By Travis G.

D: Casper Haugegaard.

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A group of relatives who are already not too keen on attending a funeral have to deal with something more evil than the vultures who run the churches that prey on the sick, old and the weak. The funeral is interrupted by a zombie outbreak of mass proportions. They soon realize that they have to put their differences aside if they want to live another day and not become zombie poop (Do zombies even poop?)

Going by what I have learned by watching films; Vampires can’t enter a church or holy ground but apparently it’s a completely different thing for zombies.

Normally when you go into reviewing independent films you really have to relax and be a little more open minded. Retract the claws ,dull the tongue and remember when your mother said "if you can’t say anything nice don't say anything at all. But, then again I don’t think my mom reviews movies. With OPSTANDELSEN there are few faults with the film. In fact, technically this film is quite sound. It's very atmospheric and moody and very visually appealing. The cinematography is really good and helps set the film up. Changing up the editing in different parts in the film suiting the situation plot wise was a strong point.

The film uses “fast” zombies which I normally don’t care for but that’s a matter of taste. They however made the film without any CGI and I give them BIG props for that. A nice amount of blood/gore that would appeal to the gorehounds out there. A lot of movie references in this film that most zombie/horror fans will notice should appreciate.

One of the most noteworthy things about this film is not only were they able to use a church for filming but this was without the church knowing about it. They also got the actual church’s Vicar to play himself in the film. Just shows that how well money talks, but does make me wonder how many bottles of ceremonial wine were opened during and after production of this film.

My one and only complaint with this film is the film’s ending. Even with the film just creeping past the 50 minute mark , the ending comes to early. Then when it does end it comes off as rushed. In the beginning of the film they have a nice set up and some decent character development (especially for such a short film ) but then the ending hits and its all over way to quick and the films big ending is anything but.


  1. Great review but, uhh, the film is from Denmark, not Norway. Different country in Scandinavia. LOL.