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July 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Eleventh Aggression (2009)

By Travis G.

D: Charles Peterson

A low budget FALLING DOWN meets SEVEN er sort of

A pleasant surprise how much I was entertained by this indy film.

Unfortunately might get lost in the surplus of low budget horror films (like the other films included in this films trailers section)….

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A very decent entry in the indy horror genre. Somewhat cliched but apparently based on actual events. Unfairly tends to get mixed into the “torture porn” category. And passed over by the less informed.Right from the start the film while setting you up of things to come it does grab your attention and at no point does it fail in keeping it nor does it become a task to watch to watch and for an Indy film that’s a big accomplishment.

Ex Vietnam vet who was part of a ETS (Extreme Top Secret) military squad trained to get info out of the enemy any way possible which usually meant extreme torture / sadistic means.. Now back in a life of a civilian a series of events set him off and he goes on a killing spree of any one who provokes him. Unluckily for him with society becoming dumber by the minute and self obsessed this just serves him up a smorgasbord of victims.

Assigned to this case are two cops right out of cliched cinema hand book.. One is the bad cop who flies off the handle and does everything his own way while the other one does everything by the book. Then only to add to the cliche naturally there’s trouble in the home front for these two police officers.

While on the subject of clichés, this film does dwell in clichés through out it doesn’t hinder the film at all There is some stinky acting in this film the film’s other strong points help hide this.A nice dose of gore a lot but not to much to irk the jaded movie fan. As well as enough nudity for me to take note all wrapped up to make a very decent indy film release.

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