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July 28, 2011

TV on DVD Review: Breaking Bad: The Complete Third Season (2010)

Ah, the majesty of chaos. After each season, I wonder how much better this can get. I seem to always get answers. With the fourth season underway, I thought this would be a great time to dive into the third season of one of the best anti-hero adventures on television.

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So, we have Walter, a guy who constantly gets deeper into this business without knowing what he's really doing. Outside of the chemistry, he's fairly lost, yet seems to think he's smart enough to outsmart a major drug dealer. When he is offered a big money contract to work for Gus, a local businessman who does quite well with distribution, Walt accepts. It looks like a nice gig, but there is always a problem.

Though his new assistant Gale is a perfect fit, Walt still feels the need to take care of Jesse, so out Gale goes, for a bit, anyway. Skyler also gets in much deeper than you expect, and Hank takes time to recover after what happened at the end of Season Two. The character I love most in this season is Mike. The ex-cop turned hitman develops into a great character.

As we see Jesse connect the dots in past events and Walter tries to hold everything in his life together, you know things definitely go wrong here and there. You just can't see it going any other way. The ending to the third season finale, and I mean just the last few minutes, is enough to make you crazy for the next episode. As always, top notch television that keeps getting better.

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