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July 19, 2011

Movie Review: Hora (2009)

By Travis G.

D: Reinert Kiil (Norway)

I got home this week to find a nice stack of DVDs waiting for me in the mail. After opening the two packages, I saw that I got I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE(yeah…),I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Remake( ergh….)Double Feature, HORA and some other DVDs. So I thought why not bust out the Cheese doodles because tonight’s movie theme is Rape Revenge !I wonder if my mailman knows how much of a filth distributer he is, ha!

Buy Hora (Region 2) on DVD

Figuring as I was way more interested in seeing HORA than the remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, I knew I could easily find more time to play HORA later or at least the next day. I decided to watch the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Remake first. I knew what kind of film HORA was before but I was not aware of the films plot previously so you can just imagine how surprised I was to find out when I watched this film. It's basically another remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE.

A woman decides in order to finish her book she’s writing she needs to get away from the city and all its distractions so she heads to the small town of Dokka to stay in a small home which was owned by dead mother. However, once there the woman attracts some very unwelcome attention from some of the local yokel scumbags. Being the nuts they are and not one for taking no as an answer, they go after Rikke and rape her again and again. To add insult to injury they carve the word ‘WHORE’ into the woman’s forehead.

Naturally, this leaves Rikke less than impressed and completely ruining her day so she decides to get her revenge on on her own terms and the only way these scumbags would understand.
While calling this film a remake, an unofficial remake, or even a rip-off would be technically correct. I would say this film is more of an homage to I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and other rape revenge films from the past.

Depending on how old you were or when you saw I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE will really determine how graphic HORA is. I was fortunate to see I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE back in the 80s and like most of the films I watched back then. I was way to young to be watching such films, so for me HORA isn’t as shocking to me as the original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE but that’s not to say HORA doesn’t have its moments. The film is rated 18+ for obvious reasons - the graphic content.

The main character,Rikke, is played by Scandinavian porn actress Isabel Vibe . I have to admit I was previously unaware of Miss Vibe and her works but for the sake of providing you readers full proper review I decided to investigate further into this ladies body of work. Isabel Vibe definitely delivers a solid performance and truly makes the film unlike the actress in the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake who I found hinders the film.

Being an Independent film you would expect some faults. With that being said, there are a few faults on the film technically. HORA is far better than the "Spit" remake but not as good as the original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. However, HORA is still a decent film that would nicely sit well next to the original film on your DVD shelf. I don’t see myself watching the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE the remake anytime soon but I would definitely be up to another viewing of HORA with some friends.

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