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January 1, 2013

Best of 2012: Blu-ray and DVD

2012 was yet another banner year genre flicks on DVD and Blu-Ray. In the list below you get a little Hammer, a Raro rarity, a micro-budget surprise, a flock of Geese doing some ass-kicking on Blu-ray, a Bible camp that flows in the red stuff and some dandy Asian films among this list of must-have Blu-rays. Even the Silver Shamrock makes it's debut in High-Def. Grab these releases if you haven't yet! Happy New Year!! 

The Night Of The Devils  (Blu-ray, Raro Video)

A Day Of Violence (DVD, MVD)

Bedevilled (Blu-ray, Well Go USA)

The Life and Death Of A Porno Gang (Blu-ray, Synapse Films)

Puppet Master III : Toulon's Revenge (Blu-ray, Full Moon)

The Story Of Rock 'N' Roll Comics (DVD, Wild Eye Releasing)

Halloween III : Season Of The Witch (Blu-ray / DVD Combo, Scream Factory)

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (DVD, MVD)

Karate-Robo Zabogar (Blu-ray, Well Go USA)

Twins Of Evil (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)

The Turnpike Killer (DVD / VHS Combo, New York Horror Film Productions)

They Live (Blu-ray / DVD Combo, Scream Factory)

Wild Geese (Blu-ray / DVD Combo, Severin Films)

Girls Gone Dead (DVD, Entertainment One)

The Complete Hammer House Of Horror (DVD, Synapse Films)

Django Kill...If You Live, Shoot! (Blu-ray, Blue Underground)

Hardcore Collection: The Films Of Richard Kern (Blu-ray, MVD)


  1. Great list, but I gotta say it's missing the massive "Dark Shadows: The Complete Collectiion," the massive 121 DVD set that had all 1,200+ episodes, special features, collectable coffin packaging, and, in the case of the limited edition, an autograph from Jonathan "Baranabas Collins" Frid. Anyway, a minor omission of a major release - the list is pretty damn awesome.

  2. Thank you! I will admit I didn't get to see it, but it sounds awesome. It could very well have been on the list.