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January 26, 2013

Movie Review: Our Man Flint (Blu-ray)

Looking back at film history, it seems that so many of the most influential films in the super spy sub-genre graced the silver screen in the 1960’s. The decade is arguably the peak for these types of movies - with that said, they are still a blast now to watch. The James Bond films had the biggest impact which helped in turn bring about rip-offs from Europe and even some enjoyable franchises in their own right like the Matt Helm series (The Silencers, The Ambusher’s and Murderers’ Row) and the less goofy but delightfully entertaining Derek Flint films, Our Man Flint and In Like Flint. Daniel Mann’s Our Man Flint makes its Blu-ray debut courtesy of Twilight Time in a brand-new release decked with all kinds of extra goodies.

Derek Flint (James Coburn, Cross of Iron and Major Dundee) is a super agent who really doesn’t need to be a super agent – the guys loaded. He also has zero trouble with the ladies enjoying his own “me” time meditating between two chairs. Flint isn't doesn't have as much an obligation as say James Bond but when his boss calls onto him to save the world from a diabolical chaos-creating group called Galaxy, Flint is summoned away from his carefree life to do his duty.

Veteran actor Lee J.Cobb, who you may know from 12 Angry Men and Coogan’s Bluff, plays Flint’s boss, Cramden. After Galaxy pulls off a bit of their world devastation by using the weather to cause havoc in various parts of the world, despite protest from many of Cramden’s colleagues about Flint’s ability to get the job done, he decides to bite bullet and have Flint do the mission.

The action is consistent through-out here. Aside from some stock footage Our Man Flint has a very nice look, with some especially colorful sets that look even prettier on this new transfer from Twilight Time. Austin Powers’s fans that have yet to experience Flint will see some big similarities with the look. Flint has some every funny moments but it’s never stupid. Flint is never a buffoon and neither are the bad guys. Coburn’s fighting ability is very impressive in the various fight scenes, more so than any of the Bonds. The guy has some technique and is legitimate intimidating ass-kicker, even with his lanky 6’2 frame. He’s one of those tough guys who can really fight.

Cobb, in addition to Coburn’s turn as Flint adds some of the comedic elements. This guy was as steady as any performer during the 50's, 60's and 70's. He's incredibly underrated as an actor - in Our Man Flint he really is a lot of fun to watch.

Twilight Time has done a first-class job on their restoration as the colors look bright; skin-tones match up perfectly and the vibrant appearance of the sets have never looked better. The materials used don’t exhibit any damage to my eye. Extra features are here in abundance and will surely keep you busy one you’ve finished the feature - You get a few nifty featurettes, trailers and an excellent commentary by film historians Lee Pfiefer and Eddy Freidfeld. The package is pretty loaded and will definitely not disappoint fans.

Our Man Flint is a stellar all-round release from the folks at Twilight Time. This disc is an essential addition to the film library of all spy-movie lovers. Pick this one up before it sells out!
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