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January 11, 2013

Movie Review: Nailbiter (2012)

Before I even start this review... I can safely say I've seen the face of the new man of horror cinema and his name his Patrick Rea. This man just oozes talent, I have seen a handful of his short films and was very impressed but I wasn't sure how this feature film “Nailbiter” would be.

The plot is this, Emily Boresow plays a mother of three, on her way to the airport to pick up their father. During the drive a freak storm hits that forces them to flee their ride and go banging on the door of the nearest house. Nobody answers so they break their way into the basement just as a tree collapses, trapping them in this murky hell hole of a cellar. But they have more to worry about then just this freak storm. Something is not right... something is stirring around outside and it's not just a Tornado.

To say anymore would spoil the films surprises. From frame one, you're pulled into this picture by the sound of wind and thunder as a warning alarm sounds. Things quiet down a bit as we get to learn more about the daughters a bit before they begin their ill fated trip to the airport.

Where to start with this badboy? Let's say I'm surprised... a film like this shouldn't be as good as it was. The concept is solid but it's use of few locations should scream “Look! I'm a low budget B-movie!” But it doesn't. This film is pure class from start to finish. This film avoids the pitfalls that so many films of it's ilk do... yes it is a monster movie.. sort of. 

But it's so much more then just a dude in a rubber suit and bad acting. First off... the creature FX are top notch. Nice work there, second the acting is actually believable. The film has a stunning visual appearance, I know the film was low budget but never would have guessed it. This film is as slick looking as anything coming out of Hollywood.

The film really plays with your expectations. When your expecting it to go one way it yanks the carpet out from under you and pulls you in a whole new direction. The film is a bit of slow burn so don't expect T&A and gore thrown at the screen within the first five minutes.

This isn't some bad tongue and cheek monster movie... yes I'm looking at you “Creature”. This is a serious tale of a family in jeopardy and it's a family you actually care about. No lazy acting here folks, everybody is at the top of their game.

This film relies more on suspense then it does blood and gore and that is refreshing to this reviewer. I enjoy a good old fashioned Roger Corman style monster flick, but now and then you want to watch something more refined, polished, something that can dig it's way out of what should be a bad B-movie and becomes a wonderful lower budget A horror/suspense flick. 

Nailbiter is that film. If I would of watched this in 2012, this film would of made it to my #1 spot for best horror film of the year.

Patrick Rea is certainly a talented director with a keen eye and a distinct visual style who can juggle humor and horror like a pro. Hopefully we'll see more features from this man in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Check out the films Facebook page for more information, it's worth seeking out. Do whatever you have too, to see this movie! You'll thank me later.

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