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March 4, 2011

Music Review: The Joy Formidable : A Balloon Called Moaning

by James DePaolo

The Joy Formidable:
A Balloon called Moaning

Black Bell Records
Big Hassle Media

Band Members-
Ritzy Bryan
Rhydian Dafydd Davies
Matt Thomas

What has the music industry turned into? You have record stores now a memory. We can now not only grocery shop, get a tire fixed, buy underwear but we can go through a top 40 selection of music to buy. With employees standing around looking scared someone will ask them a question about a band or a CD. Whatever happened to the simple days when music was alive and you go to a record store and hear music you were excited about, and had to purchase. When you looked in a magazine, and read an ad for a upcoming CD that looked like something you could get into. That you would rush to the record store and had to have that CD, and its liner notes and put it in the car and drive home happy. That experience is now online at the new music store called Itunes. It has been destroyed. Elvis Presley now is second to Glee. Seriously, Glee. The Beatles, Beach Boys, and etc. are all now on commercial jingles. Whatever happened to fresh pop music? Whatever happened about being excited about a CD, and putting it in your hands? Now, its silly people doing silly things, from being drunk and pushing the system as racist to coming out of a egg, pop music like our culture is just dying. But, I found a ray of light, a small breath of hope. It is called the Joy Formidable.

If you are a fan of the Broken Social Scene, or Sia's solo stuff or anything out of the UK in the last 20 years, you may really dig the Joy Formidable. They are a three piece band formed in Welsh. Female vox Ritzy has a dreamy pop voice that is so faithful to bands like Stars, Duke Spirit, and Sia. They have a few videos on YouTube for The greatest light is the greatest shade,( which is my personal favorite) Austere and Whirring. Ostrich, has almost a Pulp feel. Old school Pulp, like This is Hardcore, or His and Hers. Whirring sounds like it could do well on Modern Radio or Alternative stations. Shade has a weird R.E.M Out of Time vibe to it. While the Flies are like Portishead thrown into a blender with PJ Harvey.

This ep is prelude to the March release of The Big Roar. And if this is any indication, this band is going to be huge. I will say this, go check out the band on YouTube, if you like what you hear, buy this ep. I am a fan, and I think The Big Roar will have big shoes to fill. Great little ep. Recommended.

Track Listing
1.The greatest light is the greatest shade
4.While the Flies
7.The Last Drop

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