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March 15, 2011

Movie Review and Interview: Trilogy Of Blood (2010)

Trilogy of Blood
27 minutes
Directed by: Charlie Ruckus and Rick Kelley

By James DePaolo

I just watched the best short I have seen in a long time. This film is very fun. Blood, boobs, and a lot of fucked up humor. Music in the film is performed by the Deadneks. I will say fans buy this DVD! But, instead of me hogging this on my opinion, let me get the man himself Charlie Ruckus to tell you why this should be in your collection asap.

1.Tell our fans about the plot of Trilogy of Blood?

It's a short film we (Ruckus Productions) produced with psycho-billy band "The Deadneks" near Winchester, VA in the summer of 2008. It's a big homage to Herschell Gordon Lewis and the likes. We wanted to give it that old drive-in kind of feel. The movie follows 3 girls as the pick up a hitch hiker and then follow him to a party where the mayhem ensues.

2.What kind of budget and timeline did you have?

$0. We relied on donations and volunteers to make the movie. everybody pitched in whether it be acting or bringing an extension cord, this was a labor of love. We filmed it over 2 weekends plus 1 re-shoot in Westminster, MD for an effect that didn't work on set. It should have taken like 12 days to film but we didn't have that. the first weekend we filmed almost the entire time we were on location other then when it rained a bit on Sunday morning and we had to wait it out. we almost killed the cast and crew.

3.The camera work in this film was really done in a retro sort of way, what was the inspiration behind shooting this short?

Joey from the Deadneks made me watch every Herschell Gordon Lewis movie haha. it was definitely joeys idea to make the movie he had worked on it with other producers in the past but they couldn't handle it. a friend of mine introduced me to the band at a coffin cats show in late 2007 or 2008 and we took on the project and its all history from there.

4.Why should our fans buy this DVD? And also where can they get this from?

cause its awesome! its got great music plus tits and gore! you should get it right from us! its about $13 including shipping to most places or the digital download is $8

5.Then the 5 minute Sadist, holy fuck. This looks like something fierce, what is the info on this release?

Yeah Sadist is sick, its been shown on ChillerTV. Its always been one of my favorite things we've shot. We are going to be hitting some film fests with the short this year and will be releasing the short on DVD in the next few months. The character Mike in the film is a character in our awesome big budget zombie feature we hope to produce in the future.

6.You seem to have a taste for cutting edge, some of the deaths in T.O.B were really amazing, but what got me was the daring humor. Was writing this script easy for you, also did the actors get a chance to go outside the script and improv?

Well, Joey from the Deadneks actually wrote the original script. Brian Archambault a producer on the film edited the script and I added a bunch of scenes to help it flow and our friend tat (the sock guy) improved a few scenes. but there was a lot of improv and character work that all the actors did. Everyone brought a lot to the film.

7. Not trying to offend, Charlie. People will see your name, and the casual Hostel, Rob Zombie fan will be clueless. Can you give them some light into your background? And what is coming up on the agenda?

Yeah, I'm Charlie Ruckus. I'm an independent film producer. and not those so called independent films that have million dollar budgets. I am a $0 budget film maker and I am self taught. My work has been featured on the BBC3 in Europe and on ChillerTV in the US. "Trilogy of Blood" is our first official DVD release and it is currently touring the country on the film festival circuit. We are in the process of releasing our entire catalog of films. "Sadist" and "Midnight Marquee" (our first psychological thriller) will be released later this year followed by the rest of our catalog over the next 2 years, 8 films in all. Including our latest two produced this past summer and fall "Landslides and Sandcastles" a drama and "South Mountain" a horror, which are currently being edited. Those will be our first two HD releases.

8. Thank you. You know I love the short, I loved the humor, the music and most of all the women, the nudity. What made you take the film from one route which started a road movie picking up a hitchhiker, to a musical killing, nudity fun fest?

Thank you! Well that was the plan for the get go ha. we knew the Deadneks rocked so we had a sick soundtrack nailed down the tough part was the women! and a lot of the comedy was an added bonus, we just ended up with the right mix!

9.Any final thoughts..

That's about it. If you enjoy "Trilogy of Blood" the Deadneks are working on writing their next film, its going to be a stylistic giallo moody type of film. and we are in development on a horror comedy with the band The Lugosi's so you can expect some more rocking flicks from us in the future!

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