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March 14, 2011

TV on DVD Review : Chainsaw Sally: Season One (2010, Troma)

By James DePaolo

Introduction by Nurse Hatchet

HellO TROMA FanAddicts,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nurse Hatchet and I'm here to talk to you about the Chainsaw Sally Show!!!
I am one of the Special Gore FX & SoundtrAX Artists on the Show!

Buy The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 1 on DVD

working for the Sally show has been a lot of fun, everybody involved in making the show put in so much love & dedication & it definitely shows, you can see everybody was having fun, because the show is so much fun to watch! And who wouldn't want to see April Monique Burril aka SALLY DIAMOND in a Bubble Bath or Bathing in Blood, hunting & killing stuck-up co-eds with her Chainsaw in hand & her twisted brother in blood RUBY played by Azman Toy.

Together they make the Ultimate Sister / Brother Tag team of Death!!!!
the Sally show features some of the Sexiest Women in Independent Horror today including:
Debbie Rochon, Nicolette Le Faye, Nicola Fiore & so many More!!
it is a wonderful mix of Erotic Horror Comedy, trust me it has everything you Want, Everything you NEED!
The DVD even offers Laugh-track options which I personally love, it gives each episode an added bit of insanity.
Each episode offers plenty of twisted fun & Gore, plus truly Excellent Musick from a number of Killer bands!!
This show is Everything you actually want to see in a sitcom, it is the perfect drug for any independent horror fan.

Personally speaking, I was already a fan of TROMA movies, Herschell Gordon Lewis films & the original Chainsaw Sally movie ,long before I ended up working on the "Sally Show", and being involved on a Chainsaw Sally production Unleashed by TROMA & presented by Herschell Gordon Lewis the Godfather of Gore, has been the Coolest Feeling in the World for me it has been a Dream come true!!!

I have no doubt All of you crazy horror fiends out there are going to love what we have served up just for you on this DVD set,

Including 11 episodes & the "Its Groundhog Day Chainsaw Sally one hour Special" plus killer special features!

This show was made by true Horror fans for true Horror fans!

Now, I suggest you enjoy the Show.....Or Else!!!!!!!

James DePaolo-

Well this is the first season of Chainsaw Sally. Loosely inspired by the 2004 film Chainsaw Sally. It seems like that this DVD really got a cult following and now April and Jimmyo Burrill have decided to make a TV show. This is inspired by the film, but if you have not seen the film, no need to worry, this TV show is self explanatory. You get tons of gore, gags, and victims that have all seemed to do Sally wrong in some way.

The acting is good, and the story is fun enough. But, the gore is solid. And by the intro to this review, guess who is responsible for all this. All in all it is a fun time and fans you should own this already. Troma did a great job on this DVD. The special features are also very solid. You get some real insight into the show and on the set daily report. Good stuff.

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