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March 27, 2011

TV on DVD Review: Archer: The Complete Season One (2009)

The International Secret Intelligence Service is here to protect you, and they have their best man, codename Duchess on the job. Sterling Archer is the greatest secret agent of all time, and he's also a royal dick. The womanizing crude momma's boy really should be dead, but luck coupled with sheer spy talent keeps him alive and ready to be a douche to whomever he sees fit.

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H. Jon Benjamin, also known for Bob's Burgers and Home Movies, voices Archer, a spy who works for his mother's company. The show also focuses on his mother, voiced by Arrested Development's Jessica Walter, company comptroller Cyril Figgus (Chris Parnell) and Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler). Though Kane and Figgus are currently dating at the start of the series, Kane's history with Archer is a frequent topic. Sexual debauchery is a major part of the show. There isn't a character on the show who hasn't slept around, including the crazy side characters.

The show is part spy adventure and part office comedy, and it spawns catch phrase after catch phrase. The recurring love triangle storyline between Archer, Figgus and Kane is hilarious. Figgus is insecure and untrusting. Kane is crazy and has severe anger issues. Malory Archer is probably the worst mother in the world.

The side characters are great, too. Pam is the overweight and extremely horny HR rep who is the disrespected office gossip. Cheryl is the inept secretary/office slut. Dr. Krieger is a bizarre gadget man who has unfortunate fetishes that come to light. My favorite is Woodhouse, the severely abused butler who basically raised Archer and sticks around no matter what Archer puts him through.

Like most FX shows, Archer is allowed to run amok, and it serves the show well. It takes the ball from The Simpsons and South Park and runs with it at full speed. The first season is ten episodes long, and it's easy to sit through all of them in one sitting. I say go for it. You won't regret it.

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