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March 9, 2011

Eats & Drinks Review: Sun Drop Citrus Soda

We are told in science class that two thirds of a person is made up of water. I would estimate that I am made up of nearly eighty-seven percent caffeine. I need a boost quite often. I was never into cocaine or speed, so I go for the next best thing. For most of my generation, Mountain Dew tends to be the soda boost of choice. Of course, Jolt cola takes precedence if it rears its ugly can, but that should go without saying. As I perused the soda section today looking for something different, I came upon something called Sun Drop.

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At first, I figured it would be another Sprite. I looked at the label where the caffeine content is now listed. I don't know if the government requires this, but if not, it's a brilliant marketing tactic. Anyway, Sun Drop actually had more caffeine than Mountain Dew. I decided to give it a shot. It's so new to this area that even the guy at the counter asked me how it was. I said I'd let him know.

With a little research, I discovered that Sun Drop has actually been around for more than half a century. It was a regional Southern drink that just got its national debut this year. There is even a lemon cherry flavor that I didn't see on the shelf. Maybe that'll come later on. I always like to try regional drinks and foods. Detroit has Faygo, made famous by a couple of retarded clown rappers. Green River can be found all over Chicago. So, the South gives us Sun Drop, and after giving it a shot, I had one simple thought.

It tasted like 7Up with sugar in it. That's it. It's really not anything super special. My assessment may be exactly right considering the drink is distributed by Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. It had about the same kick as Mountain Dew. The extra caffeine is about 20mg, but it isn't a noticeable difference. The taste was mild and fairly smooth. It was very bubbly at first, much like 7Up.

Overall, I'd recommend it to someone who likes 7Up, Sprite or Sierra Mist. I don't know that a Mountain Dew fan would be into it except for the caffeine. If you're looking for an alternative to that flavor, you're better off with Mello Yello or Vault. Just to show how long Sun Drop has been around, here's an old Dale Earnhardt, Sr. commercial.

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  1. If you got one from the south, your opinion would change. Its the staple drink in Tennessee, tastes totally different than anywhere else. Im from Tennessee, but have had it from coast to coast. You can still find orange pulp in it from time to time here.