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March 24, 2011

Movie Review: Respire (2011, MTI Home Video)

By James DePaolo

The film starts off-In the 1930's, Dr. Robert Kaminsky believed in a process called "breath capture". It was believed that the soul left the body with their last breath and that last breath could cure sickness and disease in others who inhaled it. He was on the verge of making this breakthrough known, and he was gunned down. Not before he puts his last breath in a vile and puts it in this locked box that looks like a hope chest.

The first few minutes of this film we go from 1930 to present day with the box changing hand to hand and no one ever figuring out how to open the box. Until, it lands in the hands of Susan Jordan who owns a novelty store. One day a gentlemen walks in and wants to buy the box off of her, but tells her that there is a book he needs as well. She soon discovers that the book and the box are one. She goes to a auction and outbids someone else who knows about the book and box and when she takes the book home she discovers inside the book is the key to the box.

She reads the book to discover that the key to help her cure her disease is in the vile and all she has to do is inhale the soul. See, Susan was diagnosed with a fatal disease and the doctors give her one year to live. So she opens the box, and inhales the soul of the doctor. The disease is gone but Susan is now having hallucinations, visions and is getting very violent. She soon discovers she is not the only one who knows about this secret. There are others. One who says this will supposedly help his sick sister who also is dying. The other 2 ( one of which was at the auction trying to bid for it)who she has no idea what their intentions are. We then discover that the doctor did these tests to criminals and insane patients. He took their souls as well and put them in viles. Now, there are viles, but whose soul are you going to inhale and what will the reaction be?

The first twenty minutes of this film were unique for a film built as horror. It went through a timeline of events that went from 1930's to present day. The film builds a good story, and gives you details into the main character Susan, and her dilemma. She is dying and just wants to live. Then, in every turn a new person enters her life and wants the box and book. When the viles come into play, the film just goes into a different light all together. From vivid storytelling and well written characters to total chaos and violence. And the funny part is, it works. When the film ends you find yourself satisfied with what this film offered.

I have been so harsh on MTI home video in the last few months. I thought Sutures was the best they could do. I was wrong. This blows away Sutures. If you are into some harmless fun, this is the top of the food chain this month. I liked this just as much as I did the major releases in Feb I watched. Seek this film out, be patient with the story and get some popcorn and sit back. Recommend highly

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