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March 3, 2011

Movie Review: Quiet Days in Clichy (Blu-ray, Blue Underground)

Blue Underground brings this adaptation of Henry Millers novel to Blu-ray!

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Film: 3.5/5

I'm surprised no one really mentions this film. It's extremely controversial and breaks many boundaries not common in a film made in such a conservative era. It's has gratuitous nudity, many sex scenes (including a un-simulating hardcore scene) and is probably the most misogynist centered movie I have ever watched. Plus it's soundtrack is from folk singer/songwriter Country Joe McDonald who's songs are equally absurd. Yet, Quiet Days in Clichy is bizarrely entertaining and offensively unique.

Joey, is a broke struggling writer living in Paris with loner (and equally broke) Carl. Both men share the same desire to have sex with as many women they possibly can. A hilarious, erotic adventure ensues.

To be honest, that is the plot of the film. To explain any further would be pretty much null. The images and exploits of Joey and Carl speaks for it's self. Seeing them running around all over Paris, snatching up any women down for their sexual escapades is quite a watch. Quiet Days in Clichy is an outrageous, sex fueled, little gem that dare I say is the precursor to Fear and Loathing? I'd say that's an apt comparison.

Blu-ray: 4/5

* Widescreen 1.66:1 - High Definition Uncensored & Uncut
Blue Underground does an excellent job with this new HD transfer. Looks very film like and sharp considering it's production roots. I never doubt Blue Underground and this is no exception.

* DTS-HD English Mono track
Audio is great and includes English, Spanish and French subtitles.

Bonus Features: 3.5/5

* "Dirty Books, Dirty Movies" Featurette
Interview with Henry Miller's editor and publisher Barney Rosset.

* "Songs of Clichy" Featurette
Interview with singer Country Joe McDonald

* "Midnight Blue" Featurette
Another interview with Barney Rosset.

Blue Underground gives Quiet Days in Clichy it's best release yet. Recommended!

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