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May 13, 2011

Angry Birds Now Available on Google Chrome and Angry Merch!

For you cheapo losers who still haven't gotten a smartphone, there is still hope. Yeah, yeah, don't tell me your contract isn't up, or you haven't gotten a chance to shop around. Android, iPhone, you've heard of it. either way, you can now play Angry Birds on your computer in HD.

All you need to do is download Google Chrome. If that's already your browser, head over to the app section and download the big Angry Birds app. If you've already played on your phone, it'll be fairly similar to what you're used to, except easier to beat with the smoother interface. Basically, your fat thumbs, ads and phone lag won't be a problem. There are also some Chrome specific levels, but you have to hit the logos on certain levels to unlock them. There is also a promise of more to come.

I'm also amazed at the amount of things available for purchase with the Birds attached. There are plush toys, t-shirts, key rings, pins and phone accessories. Click the links to find them on and enjoy!

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