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May 1, 2011

Music Review: Mae - (e)vening

By Alex Bridgeforth
Some of Mae’s brightest moments, including their latest album (e)vening, have come from their atmospheric piano-driven songs. Mae began as an alternative/indie band in Norfolk, Virginia in 2001.
The band signed with Tooth and Nail Records in 2003 and released their debut, Destination: Beautiful, shortly after. They have since released two full-length albums and several EPs. (e)vening is the third of their latest EP releases. The first two were (m)orning and (a)fternoon. All three albums spell out the band’s name, Mae.
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The first track on (e)vening, “A quiet (e)vening” starts the album off nicely with a smooth opening and promise of things to come. The first song sets the album up to be a nice addition to Mae’s, already full line up of work.
There are the familiar and inspired melodic pop-rock anthems on (e)vening such as; “I just need you to know” and the fantastic lovely “Bloom”, as well as the album’s finale, “Good (E)vening.” The best part of the album is about midway through.
“Seasons I, II, and III” are beautiful musical experience. An acoustic piano piece and an emotional roller coaster lasts nearly 15 minutes.
While (e)vening may not be Mae’s most refined and fluid work to date, the album may best exemplify the dichotomy of the emotive and haunting Vocal/Piano songs that are rich with emotion and reminisce. This album also gives back to melodic guitar rock that pops with youth and energy.
The final two tracks, the magical “Sleep Well” and “Good Evening.” Both fade together well into one rather simple that carries over to an absolutely epic finish.
In these last two songs Mae displays their heart by showing giving their music a roller-coaster melody that goes from sweet and tender to intense and passioned.

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