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May 5, 2011

What's Your Favorite Indie Shop or Theater?

Recently, I think we hit on a theme here at the Cheese. I decided to write about the end of the video store. It seemed appropriate, as I have seen many Blockbuster locations preparing to shut down in the wake of Netflix and Redbox. I remember the mom and pop places doing the same when big blue came to town.

After that, Lacey Paige let us know about a few survivors up in Canada. Our readers have been all over our articles, especially Lacey's, and that made me think.

Cinema Head Cheese is an independent voice. David, Jeff and I put this together ourselves, and then we were joined by other independent thinkers. Hal Astell, James DePaulo and Lacey all have their own independent sites. Ron Ford makes indie films. They and the rest of the crew give us their time and talent, and we appreciate it.

We three founders are no strangers to the independent game. Between us we have a few books, several comic book series, a comedy album, blogs, trailer compilations, two radio shows, a podcast and a stack of movies ranging from horror to thriller to comedy. We know how hard it can be to make things work.

With that being said, I'm building a new Directory page on the website. I'd like to showcase the places we all love to visit, and I'd like your help. If you know about a great independent video store, book store, comic book store or grindhouse theater, please email us at Put "Directory Addition" in the subject line.

Please send the following information:
Store name
Street address
Phone number
Type of business

Listings will be alphabetical by state in the US, by province in Canada, and by country for the rest of the world.

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