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May 19, 2011

Movie Review: Slices of Life (2010, Brain Damage Films)

Okay, here it goes. I'm about to review the first Brain Damage films release that I didn't hate. What? Is it possible? After my review of The Farm, you wouldn't think so, but here it is. I'm not as opposed to anthologies as some people are. I think they can be a good showcase of short stories. Some are legendary, like Trilogy of Terror, Creepshow and The Twilight Zone. I think they can be fun, and if a story sucks, you only have to wait a few minutes for something new.

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I'll be clear here. I didn't love this movie. It was okay. There are three stories, and they're all linked together by another story about a girl and her three sketch books. Each of the books, as you can probably guess, represent one of the three stories. The stories can be a little slow at times, but that's not far off from many episodes of shows like The Outer Limits or Fear Itself. Those shows have their merits, but they did drag sometimes. I was never a big fan of either, but I'd sit and watch The Outer Limits on a Sunday afternoon on channel 32 back in Chicago more than a decade ago. It was something to do, and you'd get an interesting story now and again. Slices of Life was good enough to be three episodes of that show.

The special effects weren't too bad either. It wasn't Pixar, but it was SciFi channel worthy. (By the way, I refuse to spell it SyFy. It's fucking stupid.) I could see this kind of work in a Crocosaurus movie or something of the like. Even the binding story was reasonably interesting, and that would probably only make up about nine minutes of the entire movie.

Basically, if you like oddball stories with a little bit of gore, I'd say give Slices of Life a shot. There's a little silliness, a little horror and a little bit of something for just about anyone.

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