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May 28, 2011

Movie Review: Hanger (2009)

Directed by: Ryan Nicholson

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There once was a boy named Hanger (Nathan Dashwood), who was scraped out of a skank by a gangbanger. He said with a grin as he wiped off his chin....ok I'm done. It was actually a pimp named Leroy (Ronald Patrick Thompson) that performs this ghastly "quickie" abortion on Hanger's mom, Rose (Debbie Rochon). Ryan Nicholson's (Gutterballs, Live Feed, Torched), Hanger, the story of a survivor (similar to the dramas you might see on the Lifetime network starring Jennifer Love Hewitt). Few beings are capable of such a super-human feat, as a womb-scoop, but Hanger isn't your "average" guy. He has jagged razor-sharp choppers and enjoys tearing bad people to bits; biting plus-size ladies breasts off, crushing skulls and more with his lecherous, tampon-sniffing pal, Russell (Wade Gibb). Along with his dad, "The John" (Dan Ellis), Hanger sets out for revenge on Leroy and any degenerate that comes his way. To say that Hanger is disgusting would be an understatement. I think the best way to describe the plot in Hanger is that it's a vile and heinous freak show.

With that said, Hanger is simply a brilliant piece of balls-to-the-wall exploitation. Is the story great? Not really. Is the acting solid? Noooo. It is what it is...a showcase of nauseating spectacles, each, trying to one up each other. As a fan of over-the-top cinema, and having a morbid soft-spot for the repugnant excess of such classics as, Men Behind the Sun, August Underground, Cannibal Holocaust, Happiness, Guinea Pig, Street Trash, Gore Gore Girls and numerous other fine examples filth; I applaud Nicholson and his company Plotdigger Films for making a movie I can put on when I might want annoying friends to leave. If you are a fan of extreme cinema and aren't too squeamish (like myself) please seek out Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle's DVD release of Hanger.

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