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May 14, 2011

TV on DVD Review: Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season (2008)

You know, I'm pretty sure every guy has an outlaw fantasy. I know I do. Hell, I have several. I often wonder what it would be like to rob a bank, or pull off some great insane heist, Ocean's Eleven style. I've even wondered what kind of crazy life I'd have if I was a powerful drug lord. Knowing the consequences, I'd never get into a crazy situation like that. Let's face it. I'm pretty enough to get passed around a prison laundry room like a wet fifi, and I'm not big enough to effective fight off thirty guys with erections. That's enough to keep me from a life of crime. That's exactly why I'm thankful for Breaking Bad.

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Walter White is my new hero. I know, that's pretty screwy to look at a meth dealer that way. It's not that he's a meth dealer, but why he's a meth dealer. Some day I'll put together a Six Degrees of Cheese with the greatest dads of film and television. Walter will battle Big Daddy from Kick-Ass for the top slot. Here's the deal. Walter has cancer, and he's not going to live very long. He has a son in high school with cerebral palsy, a pregnant wife and he lives on a teacher's salary. He should be a wealthy chemist, but he took the wrong path way back when, and here he is. He needs to leave something for his family.

With the help of a former student named Jesse Pinkman, brilliantly played by Aaron Paul, he makes the best meth ever snorted, smoked or shoved up your peehole. It's just good. I love all the chaos that's created by Walt and Jesse's new partnership. There are run-ins with huge dealers, all of the secrecy and it also doesn't help that Walt's brother-in-law is a DEA all-star.

Bryan Cranston is stellar. You forget about Malcolm in the Middle when you watch this. It's tough to think of him as the same guy. I love his transformation as the show goes on. The whole cast is great, and I hope this show just keeps on going. I didn't think the show could get exponentially better, but I'm halfway through season two, and holy shit. Holy meth cooking shit.

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