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May 25, 2011

Movie Review: He (2009)

Creep Creepersin never stops acting. He over-exaggerates a blink. Jeff Dolniak could take overacting lessons from him. I swear, he overacted both sleeping and brushing his teeth in He. It's what Robin Williams must have been like at the height of his cocaine use. It's like watching someone during a jazz hands seizure. The tagline tells you that his wife wants him dead. So did I, thirty seconds into the movie.

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Let's put all of that aside for awhile. He is an annoying out of work husband to an equally annoying shrew. Maybe she didn't start out that way. Maybe he turned her into that. Either way, she's not likeable. Maybe He isn't annoying. Maybe He's just trying to balance out her terrible attitude. He is definitely troubled. He's paranoid, and he sees things. He's a very nervous guy all around. There were some odd things going on almost constantly, and that made He a more interesting character.

I wasn't sure that I would like this movie. I thought it was interesting, and I can honestly say that I was held by the insanity that kept occurring. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. I probably said, "What the hell?" a few times out loud. For a very low budget indie movie, it's tough to keep my attention. This movie did, and it actually flew right by. It's the only Creepersin film I've seen, but it appears to be a huge departure from his usual fare. Give it a shot. I think you might be happily surprised.

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