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October 28, 2010

Movie Review: L. S. D. Volume 1-3

A young, introverted man, Shouji, is abducted by a group of sex-crazed women and is used as a disposable sex toy. He is drugged and forced to perform repeatedly by the members of the sex club. After his usefulness has been ‘exhausted,’ Shouji is stuffed in a cardboard box and left on railroad tracks with a suicide note. Fortunately for him, he recovers and escapes. Driven to the brink of insanity by the violations of the sex club, Shouji enlists the aid of a young woman, Yuka, to use as bait for the women that tried to kill him. Shouji hunts down these women, through all three volumes, enacts his carnal vengeance (as well as healthy doses of public humiliation) and summarily stuffs them in a cardboard box when he is done. Bondage, orgies and many more fetishes pepper the release.

Living Sex Toy Delivery is, essentially, a series of fetishistic depravities. There is no unique storyline and the runtime (90 minutes, 30 per episode) is devoted entirely to sex acts with minimal plot. This being said, some of the sex acts are truly depraved, especially in volume number one. This includes two deflowerings that are pretty gruesome and some pretty heavy bondage. If this is your cup of tea, let me be the first to endorse your purchase. As for myself, LSD went a little overboard in the sex-vengeance department (and when is the combination of those two words in the same sentence good?).

NuTech, as always, has provided a very nice digital outing for this release. Very vibrant colors and animation, as well as a very nice Dolby Surround audio track, highlight what is otherwise a disgusting smorgasbord of fetishes and secretions. Menus are animated, brief clips from the release that load quickly. As far as the DVD extras go, another light outing for Living Sex Toy Delivery. The only extra is a short gallery featuring stills from the 3 episodes. 

The packaging, as well, is up to NuTech’s standards. Very nice and enticing, it encapsulates characters from all three episodes, featuring Souiji of course.

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