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October 5, 2010

Movie Review: Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2010)

by Heather Henshaw

Written and directed by: Chad Ferrin

This was the worst episode of Saturday Night Live ever! Oh, wait, I was just informed this was not a SNL skit. If you sat down to watch this film, you would swear it was. From the slow points all the way to a kid who you can tell was not handicapped.

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A con who we know as Remington (Timothy Muskatell) has worked his way into a mother's heart, putting on a caring show to her son, Nicholas (Ricardo Gray) when she is there. But as soon as she leaves for work, the abuse towards the boy begins. While the mother, Mindy (Charlotte Marie), is hard at work, this con goes for some hookers and cocaine. He also invites his friend over to play with the boy. The only comfort the boy gets is in confiding with his new pet bunny that he got in the first part of the movie from a stranger. It's time for the party to start, but Nicholas is nowhere to be found. Someone is lurking around in an Easter Bunny outfit and taking them out one by one. It's time for a little holiday fun.

The movie starts with a murder, a fairly okay one, but after that it goes downhill. When I say downhill, I mean Jack and Jill didn't just fall; they got catapulted! It was very slow in the beginning. Most of it was a handicapped boy singing with a record of his father's. The only thing that made it so bad was the really really bad retard acting. I think David Hayes played a better mentally challenged person in Backwoods than this kid! Not even drinking improved that aspect of this kid's acting in this movie. It goes from there to a guy dating the kid's mother. This guy is a real piece of work. In fact, I think he is almost the only thing that kept this movie alive and going. He had one part in particular that I found pretty catchy. It went something like this: "Hookers, hookers, and the cocaine." The actor's name is Timothy. He did an amazing job in this film. I tip my hat to him. This character treats this handicapped boy really bad. I mean, he is the pit of disgusting, he even tries to give the handicapped kid to a pedophile. That's when this film starts to pick up and roll. It seems the Easter Bunny has different plans for the pedophile and the rest of the party. One by one, they get hacked off until Remington is all that's left. Will he pay for what he has done or will the Easter Bunny hop away in the dark of the night?

It's not the best type of horror film, but they tried. So if you're bored on a Saturday night, pop this dark-comedy in for a laugh and don't forget the hookers and the cocaine!

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