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October 25, 2010

Movie Review: Mission of Darkness/My Life As.../Queen & Slave (Box Set)

In another of NuTech’s Mix and Match Box Sets, the following three volumes are presented. Let’s take each of them individually.

Mission of Darkness
At a longer 45 minute run time than most hentai episodes, MoD overstays its welcome a little. A phallic-shaped alien fires something at Earth and, destroying a space shuttle en route, the thing lands. We learn it is a giant, free form tentacle. It is attracted to female pheromones and goes on a killing spree, impaling women, filling them with its space ooze and causing them to explode. Not too much is done to the tentacle until the military figures out that it is also impregnating men. Men! Now, the greased wheels of government kick into action and something must be done about the beast.

The bright idea was to hire every hooker in the land and line them up for the tentacle. Let it have its way with each of them and hopefully burn the thing out via over sexing. What the government failed to realize, though, is that the tentacle gathers strength and grows every time it has sex.

Lucky for us, an alien in a woman’s form is tracking the tentacle. First, though, she must learn the ways of human sex and uses men like the tentacle uses women. She drains them dry, growing stronger each time. Then, for some unknown reason, a 100 foot woman shows up to battle the tentacle.
The action is fairly unremarkable and there are no central characters to hang your hat on. Following the story is like a series of quick vignettes around a central theme.

NuTech does another transfer and packaging. In addition to the standard photo gallery, a small gallery of adult film star Nicole Sheridan is also featured on the DVD since she provided one of the character voices.

My Life As… Vol. #1
Yusanari, our intrepid young hero, runs away from his father’s home after his parents divorce. He lived on the streets until he was rescued by 2 hot college coeds. Yusanari lives with them and works with their beautiful friend.

Fumi and Rino (adult film star Aurora Snow) aren’t your average college girls, though. And their friend, Chie (adult film star Brittany Andrews), is no better. They begin to use Yusanari in their bizarre S&M games, eventually taking pictures of him and having them published in a magazine with his hard luck story.
Yusanari’s little brother, Tomoyasu, ends up with a copy of the magazine, recognizes his brother and the area in which the photos were taken, and goes on a hunt to find his missing sibling.

Amazingly enough, almost every sex act in this release is consensual. A rarity for modern hentai and refreshing in an odd sort of way. Although the characters are lackluster and the plot very clichéd, the entire piece came off well and was certainly left open for more.

At the cost of sounding like a broken record, NuTech has another nicely transferred, well animated release on their hands. Extras include the standard program photo gallery and 2 small photo galleries featuring the adult film stars providing the voices (Aurora Snow & Brittany Andrews).

Queen & Slave
Florence Nightingale she is not! Nurse by day, dominatrix by night is way pretty young Yoshimi Terada leads her life. Yoshimi’s mother left her father and, after a succession of different women, Yoshimi began to resent her father. She grew up to be a nurse… but bolsters her meager income as a cruel dominatrix. This continues until Hiroyuki, a former patient, falls in love with her. Of course, Yoshimi rejects him claiming it would interfere with her other job. Hiroyuki does not take this very well.

He hires people to kidnap Yoshimi and then proceeds to show her what truly nasty domination is like. It is mean, cruel and, bear in mind this is not to my tastes, barely tolerable. For those of you who enjoy the more sadistic side of hentai, then you will need to get this DVD. For those of you who do not, the title pretty much says it all.

Another nice looking release from NuTech, and only a program photo gallery as an extra. It would be nice for them to truly take advantage of the DVD medium but, alas.

A nice box set, all in all, with a little bit of everything for everybody. Cutesy, “Three’s Company” with a little Larry thrown in with My Life As…, a truly bizarre space epic with Mission of Darkness and the depraved brutality of Queen and Slave. These NuTech sampler packs (as I like to call them) are a nice introduction to hentai and, for some of the single episodes that might not see their own set, is a convenient way to get your hands on some harder to find items without paying the exorbitant single disc price.

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