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October 24, 2010

21st Century Grindhouse: Blood Moon Rising on Blu-Ray in November!

This November, the CHC Crew are going to be pretty happy. The very first Blu-Ray release that we were involved with will hit store shelves. Blood Moon Rising, starring Ron Jeremy, Laurie Love and Neal Trout (and written and directed by Brian Skiba) will finally be available in that 1080 goodness that makes us drool. Produced by our very own David C. Hayes and featuring Jeff Dolniak & Kevin Moyers, BMR is a throwback to the era of the grindhouse film. So, to fill you in, we’ve prepared a short history of the exploitive genius forefathers that paved the way for this new release. 


The grindhouse is actually a uniquely American term that stood for a theater, or drive in, that would show exploitation films. These exploitation films rarely had big stars and contained, not surprisingly, more lurid subject matter. Teenage gangs roamed the silver screen, followed by vampires and werewolves, large-breasted Nazi she devils, fifty foot spiders and anything else the American sub-conscious could wrap it’s fears around. And don’t expect to recognize the actors… at least not at first. The grindhouse was home to the lowest of the low budget. Directors like Dwain Esper, H. G. Lewis, Ed Wood and many others would present material that decent, hard working and “normal” folks just wouldn’t get. It was lurid… it was disturbing… it was, well, a helluva a lot fun. The 1940s brought us burlesque in the grindhouse, adding that age-old staple of full frontal female nudity that we have, now, come to demand from our exploitation film masters. The 1950s graced us with the giant, irridated monster that ate small, God-fearing towns and were a result of atomic energy (like the kind used to destroy innocent civilians in Japan) gone awry. The 1960s brought us the counter culture, flickering from our silver screens, as teenage gangs, oiled up and angry, were ready for a fight. And don’t forget out pot smoking, free love motorcycle gangs… they were in on the action as well. In the 1970s, the grindhouse even made us think a little as we cringed in our seats. Metaphysical pursuits, religion and the transmutation of not only body, but soul combined to scare our pants off time and time again. In the 1980s, the mindless, soulless killer of youth, the slasher, came to prominence. Scarier in it’s simplicity, our nightmares were haunted by shambling, unkillable, butchering machines… and you cannot reason with a machine. The 1990s, sadly, brought us nothing. Home video had boomed to such a point that the drive-in and grindhouse were pretty much things of the past.

But, like a bad penny, you can’t keep your true monsters down. With that said, we give to you… Blood Moon Rising on Blu-Ray. Coming this November!

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