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October 25, 2010

Movie Review: Leatherman Box Set

Cruz is a biker. He is a hot biker. He is a hot biker who is also a thief. There you have it in a nutshell. Cruz, in the opening episode, seduces a woman named Shisui. Shisui is, apparently, put into a sex-coma due to Cruz’ passionate biker ways. While she is down for the count, Cruz empties out the company safe and rides off into the sunset.

Shisui’s boss is not very happy, to say the least. It seems Cruz has stolen something that is vital to the company and could damage them greatly. Shisui is sent after Cruz. Now, this storyline crops up from time to time, but isn’t the focus of the show.

The real story tells the sordid tale of Cruz, the biker from a couple paragraphs above, who will sleep with any woman alive. He spends a few days with a nun (yes, nun), some UFO watchers, nurses, etc. The entirety of the show is spent watching Cruz ride around on his bike and bed a succession of women.

As always, the NuTech presentation is very nice. A good digital transfer, better than average audio and nice menus speed the release along. The box set is also quite attractive and a little less “busy” than some of NuTech’s other releases.

Again, the lack of Extras (aside from the obligatory Photo Gallery) is still a sore point with the NuTech releases. With the price of these sets, something small could be added to at least give the sense of a value-added purchase.

The Leatherman. Aside from the poor characters, no plot and standard, everyday sex with random women dressed in different professions this could be a good release. Very mundane without any of the trappings that makes hentai fun. Leatherman is the animated equivalent of a Lorenzo Lamas movie.

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