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October 28, 2010

Movie Review: Renzu/Depravity/LSD

This box set release from NuTech features the following three programs. Each is dealt with individually.

Renzu: Tohru, a stand out soccer player, injures himself when he pushed his friend, the fiery redhead Asuka, out of the way of a moving car. He is injured in the process and can no longer play sports. Tohru is in love with Asuka and still a bit disdainful of the injury. While in the park, he attempts to force himself on the girl resulting in their separation. While away from her, Tohru in turn sleeps with his teacher and goes on a chick-hunting binge with a friend. The lure of Asuka is too great, however, and Tohru would do anything to win her back.

A pretty pedestrian release, without the flair of science fiction or battle-based hentai. There is a decent amount of sexual play, but it is hampered by the plotline. Only given one episode to play out, Renzu feels like it is building but we are cut off early and the story isn’t allowed to unfold.

A nice transfer and keepcase, maybe a little lower than NuTech’s standards. It obviously felt while watching the piece that it was a ‘throw-away’ title, or filler for a box set. I would be interested, however, in seeing the rest of the story and a release of multiple volumes. What we are presented with is nice, has some good scenes but doesn’t follow through. The extent of the extras is a brief art gallery.

Living Sex Toy Delivery Vol. 2: The second in the 3 volume series, follows the further exploits of Shoiju, a poor professional mover that was drugged and used as a sex object by a group of women. He was stuffed in a cardboard box and left for dead when his usefulness was over. He recovered and set out on a path of vengeance against the women that used him. Once found, he subjects them to some light bondage, orgies and public humiliation. The story continues in Living Sex Toy Delivery Vol. 3 and was, of course, begun in Vol. 1.
Lighter in tone, if that is possible, than Vol. 1 without the extremes of fetishistic activity, Living Sex Toy Delivery is not for every taste. Vengeance and sex are two words that usually don’t go in the same sentence, but LSD Vol. 2 is the perfect fit.

Very nice transfer and Dolby Surround from NuTech as well as a pretty attractive keepcase. Again, Extra Features are limited to a short gallery of stills. If Vol. 1 tried to be less shocking, and more in the line of this volume, the Living Sex Toy Delivery series could be a major winner.

Depravity: It’s all in a name isn’t it? A group of school-aged boys have begun trapping and, in turn, having their way with various school teachers. Depravity picks up their story during the latest escaped. Bound in a gymnasium is Kiriko, a VERY well endowed teacher. Unbeknownst to these hooligans, Kiriko is a martial arts expert. She fights valiantly but, in the end, Kiriko is no match for the three boys. They tie her up and explain everything they are about to do to the poor woman. They then keep their promises and do everything they said they would. Luckily, Kiriko enjoys every minute of it. Thus ends the first episode of Depravity.

The title does say it all. Depravity is, essentially, a series of sex acts, mixed with a little martial arts, that really doesn’t say too much. The sex is pretty hot, though, and does feature some comedic moments. Although not as ‘depraved’ as some hentai, this program does have it’s moments but there is nothing too extreme. The usual bondage, panty ripping is to be had, in spades. As a stand alone piece, Depravity is interesting, but it certainly doesn’t warrant another volume.

The show is fairly recent, so the image quality, transfer and Dolby Surround are all stellar. Packaged in an average-looking case (as compared to other NuTech releases) and featuring the standard “Gallery Only” Extra Features Depravity benefits from the box set since, on it’s own, it is pretty weak.

This Box Set, overall, has a little bit of everything. The programs don’t exactly complement each other very well. Living Sex Toy Delivery, Vol. 2 and Depravity center around a revenge theme. Renzu on the other hand is, for all intensive purposes, a love story. This release is a definite mixed bag. For hentai beginners, though, it provides a cross-section of sub-genres within the industry.

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