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January 9, 2012

The First Annual Cheesies - The Best of 2011

While many sites are running down their lists of best films of the year, as we did, we also thought it would be a great idea to acknowledge some specific accomplishments that we saw in 2011. For an explanation of the awards listed, please check out Podcast #29. Our complete list of Cheesies is below. First off, we get to the top blu-rays, DVDs and short films this year.

Best Blu-ray Releases in 2011

In A Glass Cage (Cult Epics)

The Blood Trilogy  (Something Weird Video/Image Entertainment)

Intruder (Synapse Films)

The Women in Cages Collection (Shout! Factory)

Deep Red (Blue Underground)

Funhouse (Arrow)

Zombie (Blue Underground)

The Exterminator (Synapse Films)

Battle Beyond The Stars (Shout! Factory)

Holy Mountain (Anchor Bay)

Best DVD Releases of 2011

The Basement  (Alternative Cinema)

Little Deaths  (Image Entertainment)

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (Distripix)

Driller: A Sexual Thriller (Devil's Den/Wild Eye Releasing)

Klown Kamp Massacre (Troma)

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (Raro Video)

Mr. Skin's Women in Prison Triple Feature (Panik House/Synapse Films)

The Godfather of Gore  (Something Weird Video/Image Entertainment)

Whore Angels (Pink Eiga)

The Uh-Oh Show! (Film Ranch)

Best Short Films of 2011

Worm (Richard Powell)

Slash (Caleb McKenney)

The Giant Rubber Monster Movie (Thomas Berdinski)

Recompence (Ronny Carlsson)

Gitchy (Thomas Norman)

Now on to The Cheesies, our awards for achievements through 2011. First, We took a look at two negatives from the year. They are as follows:

 Biggest Disappointment: Final episode of Rescue Me

Worst of the Year: Creep Creepersin and his entire body of work in 2011

Then we got to the good stuff. The winners are as follows:

Best Extra Features: Zombie (Blu-ray)  The Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann (DVD)

Best Boobs for your Buck: Mr. Skin's Women in Prison Triple Feature (Panik House/Synapse Films)

Best No Budget Film: Melvin

Best Concept: Life in a Day

Best Return to Childhood: Super 8 and The Muppets

Best Ensemble Cast: Paul

180 Award: Kevin Smith for Red State

Best Puppeteering: Once Upon a Time in 1972

Monster of the Year: Trolls in Troll Hunter

Most Cringe-Worthy Kill: School Bus Scene in Hobo with a Shotgun

Best Reworking of a Classic: The Frankenstein Syndrome

Best Actor: Robert Nolan (Worm)

Best Director: Simon Rumley (Red, White and Blue and Little Deaths)

Rookie of the Year: Sevé Schelenz, director of Skew (Honorable Mention to John T. Beck and Don R. Lewis, directors of Worst in Show)

Best Villain: Min-sik Choi as Kyung-chul in I Saw the Devil 
and Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class

MVP: Magnet Releasing

Best Films of 2011:

5. Stake Land

4. The Last Circus

3. Ratline

2. Red, White and Blue

1. I Saw the Devil

And a big congratulations to our first Cinema Head Cheese Hall of Fame inductee:
Eric Stanze

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