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October 31, 2012

Nightscape Press: Dungeon Brain

Hola, peeps. Our friends over at Nightscape Press are giving away copies of Dungeon Brain by Bram Stoker Nominee Benjamin Kane Etheridge! This is a great Halloween promotion. So, get up and get over there by clicking on the handy, dandy link right below. Don't cost nothin'.

October 30, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #70 - Classic Slashers

Dave and Kevin jump in on separate segments to talk about their favorite classic slasher movies. Dave starts with Halloween before getting into Scream and other great franchises. Kevin runs through the Friday the 13th series and figures out that American Psycho wasn't just about the greed of the 1980s.

Kevin also shares his thoughts on the Munsters remake Mockingbird Lane.

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Movie Review: Butterflies (1974)

by Greg Goodsell

Directed By Joe Sarno

Denise (Marie Forsa) is tired of her farm girl life in rural Germany and pines for the bright lights, big city. Climbing aboard her country-hick boyfriend (American porn star Eric Edwards) one last time, she packs a tube of lipstick in an exceedingly tiny suitcase and thumbs a ride to Munich. Meeting a pig-face lingerie salesman along the way, Denise hooks up with suave and de-boner nightclub owner Frank (porno icon Harry Reems – in his hottest role). Whisking her away to his penthouse apartment in Munich, Denise is wined, dined and sixty-nined under the proviso that she is aware that she is only one of a countless string of women who is lining up for Frank's precious bodily fluids. Reems fornicates with several women in many intense scenes, until Denise gets sick and tired of his fuckin' shit, hits the road and presumably thumbs a ride back to the farm.

October 29, 2012

Movie Review: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012)

I said it back when I reviewed The Frankenstein Syndrome, and I'll say it again. I don't pander. If a friend makes a movie that I don't like, I won't review it. I'd rather say nothing than lie. That being said, I was very excited to see our own David Hayes in Bloody Bloody Bible Camp. The cast includes Reggie Bannister, Ron Jeremy and Tim Sullivan, and that, plus the crazy title are all a horror fan really needs to get into a movie like this. As proud of this as Dave and director Vito Trabucco are, I knew it had to be good. Not only was it funny and ridiculously gory, it was a perfect love letter to classic slasher flicks.

October 28, 2012

Movie Review: Mac + Devin go to High School (2012, Blu-ray)

Ice Cube is one in a million. He's the only rapper on the planet that should be allowed to write comedy. I'll be honest, I didn't go into Mac + Devin with any expectations. I'm just going to get right to it. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa came up with the story of a weed dealer and the school's top student getting paired up on a school science project. They play the lead characters, respectively. Though there is a mild reference made to Snoop being a high school student in his forties, it's still just stupid. There's an old woman principal named Cummings, an uptight white guy vice principal named Skinnfloot, and a slew of other terrible characters. I can't forget the poorly computer animated talking joint voiced by Mystikal. It's all bad.

October 26, 2012

Movie Review: Blood Creek (2009)

Directed by Joel Schumacher

Starring Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell and Emma Booth I was actually pretty excited reading the trailer for this, Nazi's, zombies, and occult hi-jinx are all some of my favorite ice cream flavors. And when I saw that Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) was in it, I knew at least one bad guy would be getting punched in the face so I decided to give it a shot.

Buy Blood Creek on DVD

Movie Review: Maraschino Cherry

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

October 25, 2012

Movie Review: Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981, Impulse Pictures)

Directed by Kichitaro Negishi
Starring Eri Kanuma, Yuki Kazamatsuri and Yuusuke Koike
Run Time: 68 minutes

A teacher, Sakiko Kurata, receives a phone call regarding one of her former students. Young Sueko is accused of being a prostitute and has requested Sakiko’s help. This little minx seduces strangers for sex, but does it for the sheer fun of it, no money required. Sakiko has moved to another town and barely remembers Sueku, but there is something about her that awakens painful memories of her own secretive past. What is that strange paint thinner smell on Sueko? Who is the man in the nylon mask that violently assaulted Sakiko many years ago? In her search for answers, Sakiko discovers that her past may have inadvertently destroyed another families future.

Movie Review: Hostel / Hostel II (Blu-ray)

Eli Roth's Hostel films has its fans and its even its very loud detractors that often label the talented (yes, I said talented) director a hack that's just interested in laying on the splatter and flushing any narrative down the toilet. I think their fun though as modern day exploitation.

Hostel I and II has just been released in a bargain double-bill Blu-ray pack by Mill Creek just in time for Halloween. Hostel begins with a group of young men traveling Europe looking to sew their oats. After some time in Holland rolling through the red light district the boys decide they want to hit Slovakia to try some of the girls out there. This does come at the risk of possibly being kidnapped and tortured by rich men looking for a thrill in killing Americans. Gore and humor are in abundance here with plenty of head-scratching moments to entertain.

October 23, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #69 - 69, You Get It? 69!

In honor of their 69th podcast, Kevin and Dave discuss their favorite sex scenes in movies. You'll be surprised what gets them going, as the titles range from action to comedy to horror.

Jeff also chimes in with his choices, and we can all be sure that there's something to make you shudder.

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Movie Review: Whore Hospital (1997, Pink Eiga VOD)

Directed by Chise Matoba
Starring Rei Asakura, Myuu Aso and Kanichi Hiraga
Run Time: 61 minutes

Gather round kids, Pink Eiga is going Video-on-Demand and one of the their first releases is this little gem with one of the catchiest titles ever.....Whore Hospital. Where Chise Matoba, ( director of such pink classics as Maid in Japan and Orgasm Counselor), gives you a behind the scenes look at, well....lets just call it, “non-traditional” medical treatments. If your in Japan and feeling ill, this is the place to go because all of the nurses just happen to be nymphomaniacs. Got a broken leg? That's nothing a little screwing cant fix. Pneumonia? A prescription of blowjobs should do the trick.

Movie Review: The Taint (2010, Troma)

My copy of The Taint arrived neatly wrapped in pink paper, for all the world like it was the latest animated Barbie movie. The title of the film is inscribed on the disk in pink as well, even on the menu page. Yet the concept of this modern underground horror comedy gem is about as un-girly as you can get, even though the taint of the title in this instance is just a chemical that has been introduced into the water supply. When confronted with that title, my wife immediately thought perineum and I thought of the archaic term that IMDb reminds us hasn't been used for a century or so. This chemical carries more than social stigma though, it makes men misogynists, violent and raging misogynists with hobbies like crushing the skulls of women and wandering around with their wedding tackle in full view. Apparently writer Drew Bolduc worked his way through a hundred flesh coloured dildos to make this movie, and you don't hear lines like that every day.

The menu screen of the DVD has a whole slew of them, waving around behind Bolduc's head in a halo formation, as if he's a saintly Medusa being choreographed by John Waters masquerading as Busby Berkeley. It does highlight what we have in store for us, just in case we haven't seen the trailer, which I had. That's done in the worst possible taste and revels in it. What I wondered most after that little gem was how long Bolduc would be able to maintain the pace. After all, as the old joke goes, it may be bad taste to throw underwear at the wall but it's worse taste when it sticks. This film obviously aimed not just to stick, but to smear and leave a smelly residue, but would it keep us interested for an hour and a half? Well, it starts as it means to go on with naked breasts, severed faces and falling excrement, plus a dramatic maniac with a scythe and a lead actor with the same wig that got prominent use in Bad Taste, hardly a bad thing in my book.

Cinematic Hell: The Terror of Tiny Town (1938)

by Hal Astell

Director: Sam Newfield

Stars: Jed Buell's Midgets

Buy The Terror of Tiny Town on DVD

You knew this was going to turn up sooner or later, right? There's just no way I could resist adding to the ranks of Cinematic Hell something that the title card suggests is supposed to be 'a rollickin', rootin', tootin', shootin' drama of the great outdoors,' but patently isn't, at least not how you expect. It was produced in 1938 by Jed Buell who owned Jed Buell's Midgets (given that this was the golden age of the studio system, 'owned' probably had many meanings), who constitute the entire cast. Yes, folks, this is a musical western with an all midget cast, many of whom you'll recognise because they went on to play Munchkins the following year in The Wizard of Oz.

Movie Review: Mourning Wife (Pink Eiga, VOD)

“The Mourning Wife” is the latest offering from the great folks at Pink Eiga. Directed by renowned pink director Daisuke Goto. The film itself is a take on the classic 1981 film-noir “The Postman Always Rings Twice” which starred Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lang and adapted by the ultra talented David Mamet.

Let's start this review off by saying I was leery at first about this film. I'm a huge film-noir buff and a big fan of the original 1939 novel. So I was curious to see how all of the themes of the book would jell with a Japanese adaptation. Moving the location from California to Japan actually worked very well.

I was expecting your typical pink film when I started watching this but this film surprised me. That's right, this isn't your typical soft-core film. It's a well acted, superbly directed sensual Japanese film-noir. The icing on the cake is Masahide Iioka's gritty cinematography. The visuals alone bring back the feeling of Kinji Fukasku's crime films from the 70's.

Movie Review: Ratline (2011)

First and foremost, I apologize for taking so long to get back to the site. Now, since that is out of the way, I’ve got another admission to make: I think I love Emily Haack. Don’t tell my wife (although she’ll probably read this) but, as an artist, I love Emily Haack. She is absolutely fearless in her decisions and brings a fierce, honest intensity to her roles. I think a great deal of her success (aesthetically) as an actor is her role as a filmmaker. The realism and, like I said earlier, intensity that she brings to her films (regardless of budget) makes her work stand out. When you’re dealing with an Eric Stanze production, though, intensity is required. I thoroughly enjoy Stanze’s work, beginning with Ice from the Sun through Deadwood Park (and even I Spit On Your Grave, I Piss On Your Corpse). The newest offering from Wicked Pixel, Ratline, continues the tradition. Although the story is a bit convoluted, and there were some obvious issues in the execution of such, Stanze and Haack are back for another kick ass, no holds barred exploitation gem complete with Nazis, lesbians, true love and wholesale murder. What more could anyone ask for?

Buy Ratline on VOD or rent Ratline on VOD!

Movie Review: The Victim (2012)

Michael Biehn's has always put on some very solid performances as an actor over his 25 year plus career. Most notable in his supporting roles in numerous James Cameron classics (Aliens, Terminator and The Abyss), the genre has taken to directing recently. First, with his debut The Blood Bond and now with the backwoods thriller, The Victim, starring Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and the always lovely Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, Hatchet 2).

When a couple of promiscuous party girls hook up with some crooked cops in the woods for some blow and sex, things are bound to end badly. For one girl, Mary (Danielle Harris), it does. During some rigorous screwing next to some rocks, one of the said cops, Harrison (Ryan Honey), decides to snap her neck mid-coitus. Was it accidental or something he's done before? Mary's friend, Annie (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn) witnesses the aftermath and decides to take a run through the forest away from the two men.

October 22, 2012

Movie Review: Kill List (2012)

Certain movies gain attention for shock value or twists and turns. Kill List was getting this kind of attention before I even heard of it. At first, it's hard to figure out where that comes from, but as the story plays out, things start to get confusing, but not just for the viewers. Our two main characters get lost in the chaos as well.

We start with Jay, a man who has a tumultuous relationship with his wife due to money issues. Jay hasn't worked in eight months, and cash is dwindling. They try to hide their struggles from their preteen son, but he sees it all. After a dinner with his best friend Gal, Jay decides to return to work. It turns out that the two are hitmen, and they are tasked with a list of victims.

October 21, 2012

Movie Review: Bedevilled (2011, Blu-ray)

Korea has really been putting out some amazing horror films over the past decade. In my opinion the most sterling example has to be Jee-woon Kim’s I Saw the Devil but that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be any other films to knock it off the Korean horror mantle. Well Go USA always seems to have the pulse of Asian genre films so it’s no surprise to see them pick up Chool-soo Jang’s Bedevilled for a home video release.

Hae-Won (Seong-wan Ji) is a Seoul-based business woman who has fallen on hard times at her workplace. After making the not so bright decision of slapping a co-worker in front of the boss she gets a “vacation”. Over the past few weeks Hae-Won was receiving letters from her childhood friend, Kim Bok-nam (Yeong –hi Seo) urging her to come back to the island of Moodoo where she grew up with her grandfather. Instead of a real vacation she chooses to visit her friend to get away.

October 20, 2012

Movie Review: Sasquatch - The Untold (2002)

Based on a true story. Based on a true story. Sorry, I thought if I repeated it the sentence would make sense. You see, I just sat through Sasquatch: The Untold and, if I had my way, the entire story would have remained just that. Based on a true story my fat, hairy rear end. The only true story this was based off of would have to be the terrible, desperate tale of a man that has way too much money and needs a tax shelter. This man hires Jonas Quastel to write and direct a movie that has no chance to succeed so he can at least have the write off. That man is the executive producer of Sasquatch: The Untold and he has absolutely no idea what kind of hell he has unleashed on us all.

Buy Sasquatch on DVD!

Movie Review: The Dinosaur Experiment (2013)

Not exactly sure why someone thought the world needed another dinosaur movie, particularly one that touts Lorenza Lamas as a ‘star’ of the film (can Lorenzo still be considered a draw when his screen time adds up to maybe 15 minutes?). You know, Jurassic Park set the bar pretty fucking high and this, sir, is no Jurassic Park.

The Dinosaur Experiment begins with crazy old Dr. Cane as he goes to feed his dinosaur. You heard right. He talks to the damn thing like it’s his pet, about how much he loves her, and how annoying his wife was but how easy it was to get rid of her. Wait, what?

Let’s a do a quick roll call for the rest of the cast, shall we?

Movie Review: Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas (2009)

Yep, that's what it's called. Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas. This is what Jeff and his pals sent me to review this week. MMMM for short. Worth watching? Mmmm, not so much.
I looked up the town of Machvegas on the urban dictionary: Alternative name for the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. The word was coined by combining the first part of "Manchester" with the second word in "Las Vegas," juxtaposing Las Vegas's glitz and glamor with Manchester's lack of either. Used derisively. "So are we going out tonight?" "We live in Manch-Vegas. The hottest spot open this late is Wal-Mart."

So that answers that question. And like the town itself, nothing too exciting happens here. Oh, there are monsters, lots of talk of marriage, and even a few murders. But trust me. You won't really give a damn about any of them.

October 18, 2012

Movie Review: Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981, Impulse Pictures)

Directed by Atsushi Fujiura
Starring Eri Anzai, Rima Aono and Kazuyo Ezaki
Run Time: 68 minutes

Impulse Pictures is at it again with Nympho Diver: G-String Festival, which is DVD number 7 of their Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection. Its also the fourth film from the collection I’ve been lucky enough to review and the best of the bunch that I’ve seen to date.

A once thriving Japanese village is in dire need of young, beautiful ladies to help with diving duties. Times are tough and the current diver is definitely no spring chicken (although she is still sporting a nice rack), so the mayor’s son finds some fresh, nubile young tarts to fill the positions. As with most of these films, plot quickly takes a back seat to the “action”, as the arrival of the new recruits gets a rise out of the villages male members. Let the sexy games begin! This one even culminates in a celebration in which the new diving girls parade around in their tiny bathing suits to bring in cash-laden tourists.

October 17, 2012

Movie Review: The Barrens (2012, Anchor Bay)

Directed by Darren Lynn BousmanStarring Stephen Moyer, Mia Kirshner and Erik Knudsen
Run Time: 94 minutes

The Vineyard family has packed up and headed into the woods of New Jersey for a camping trip which is supposed to revolve around the spreading of the ashes of Richard Vineyard’s father. Upon getting to the campgrounds, things aren't quite the way Richard remembers them being as a kid, so he decided to pack up once again and head deeper into the woods and away from the crowds of partying teenagers.  And the deeper they trek into the woods, the more strange and unexplainable things they begin to experience. Soon the stakes are raised and the trip becomes a game of life and death.....are they being stalked by the legendary Jersey Devil? Or is the true source of the terror coming from someone or something much closer to home?

Movie Review: The Regenerated Man (1994)

Directed by Ted Bohus

Starring Pete DeLorenzo, James Benvenuto and John Bianco

In this take on the Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde theme, Dr. Robert Clark and his research team are working on a new formula for the regeneration of human tissue. Dr. Clark grows impatient with the testing procedures and decides to try the formula on himself. Soon after, a couple of his missing toes grow back, causing great excitement for the research team. Unfortunately, later that evening the lab is broken into by thugs looking for gold (huh?), frustrated with not finding anything of value in the lab, the thugs decide to play rough and administer the Dr. their own little cocktail of random chemicals from the lab counter. Apparently this doesnt agree with the Dr.'s tummy and he soon transforms into a guy in a cheesy rubber mask......uh, I mean....a powerful mutation (complete with pulsating cranium), hungry for human flesh and capable of shooting little bone darts out of his finger tips. When the Dr. reverts back to human form, he has no recollection of his transformation.

October 16, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #68 - Steve on Steve Action

Kevin and Dave get right to it with Kevin's review of Maximum Conviction, an action vehicle starring Steven Seagal and Steve Austin. They discuss the combining of action stars from different eras and all things Steve in movies.

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Movie Review: The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (Blu-ray)

The sub-genre of “snuff films” in movies have been explored and even exhausted in many ways by filmmakers since Paul Schrader’s fantastic Hardcore. In 1997, there was even a book on the existence of snuff with Yaron Svoray’s book God’s of Death. It  took on this subject with compelling but seemingly fictional stories from the author who claimed to see a person killed on camera upon a visit to an Eastern bloc country.

A Serbian Film has gotten a ton of attention over the past three years as it not only explores the “snuff film” but takes the sub-genre to some sickening points.  Another film taking on the subject matter from director Mladen Djordjevic called The Life and Death of the Porno Gang recently came out of Yugoslavia. Synapse Films has been no stranger to tackling more obscure international fare which they often do a great job at. If you’ve only seen the movie at a film festival you’ll be happy to know that The Life and Death of the Porno Gang has made its U.S debut on Blu-ray and DVD.  Could it actually be better than A Serbian Film?

Cinematic Hell: Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966)

Director: Ray Dennis Steckler
Stars: Carolyn Brandt, Vin Saxon, Titus Moede, George Caldwell, Mike Kannon and James Bowie

When you kick off your directorial career at 24 shooting an Arch Hall Jr musical, Wild Guitar, you're definitely on the road to cult stardom. When you name your first solo film The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?, you've arrived, but while that's still Ray Dennis Steckler's most famous picture, it's not his most memorable work. For me, it has to take a back seat to Rat Pfink a Boo Boo, a film so amazing that it's going to be impossible to do it justice here. Put simply, you have to see this film to understand it, because it occupies a space comfortably outside the realm of expectation. It's one of those rare movies that remain unique in the history of cinema, however long it's been since they were made, because nobody would dare to attempt to copy them and wouldn't know how anyway. It takes a special mind to make something like this. The only thing comparable is The Monster of Camp Sunshine.

Buy The Adventures of Rat Phink and Boo Boo on DVD!

Movie Review: The Toolbox Murders (1978, Blu-Ray)

Let's get right down to it. We cannot confuse The Toolbox Murders with a straight slasher film. It has some of the same elements of course (random nudity, unique death scenes, masked killer, etc.) but the thought behind the motivation of said masked killer was WAY ahead of it's time! In the late 1970s, the FBI were creating the Behavioral Sciences Unit (most notably, John Douglas and Robert Ressler did the groundwork). Criminal profiling, basically an amalgam science, was starting to gain use in predicting, and then thwarting, criminal behavior by creating a psychological profile of the assailant. They could have saved a lot of money, and time, by simply hiring Dennis Donnelly, director of The Toolbox Murders and his writers. The broken psyche of our Toolbox Murderer could have been a profiling template.

October 14, 2012

Movie Review: Zombie Babies (2012)

I think I've found a film that would go beautifully as a double-bill with Ryan Nicholson's Hanger. This little bad boy’s called Zombie Babies. Abortion/ comedy epics are really at a minimum for the sickos that dig them so what a pleasant surprise to see Eamon Hardiman's highly offensive and surprisingly occasionally funny flick about aborted babies who come back to life to kill and feast on a group of dopes at an abortion clinic / hotel/casino. Yes, that's the plot. Ohh... the shit we get here for review... wow!

October 13, 2012

Movie Review: Come and Get Me (2012, Bloody Earth Films)

Directed by Chris Sun
Starring Christian Radford, Shaun Trainer and Alexis Fernandez
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rated: Unrated

Four female friends take a trip to the city for a girls-night-out and after drinking more then their share of shots and lacking a ride home, one of them decides to go through her phone looking for someone to give them a ride. She comes across the number of a boy she used to make fun of when they were in school together and puts up a front, pretending to like him in order to get what she wants. Unfortunately for her though, this young man is now the youngest member of a three man serial-killer team which takes delight in abducting, torturing and killing women who rebuff their sexual advances. Once they hook up for their ride it isn't long before one of the intoxicated girls starts mouthing off and that's when things go south for the quartet of snooty bitches. Deep in the Australian hinterlands and miles from help, the girls must fight for their lives in a night that will be filled with death and terror.

Movie Review: The Cheerleaders (1973)

Directed by Paul Glickler

Reviewed by Greg Goodsell

Poor Jeannie (nude model Stephanie Fondue – I small an assumed name) is all of 15 years old and is still a virgin in her jerkwater California town. She decides to join her cheerleading team at her high school in order to become more popular, and once accepted, most go through an initiation where she must shower in the boy’s locker room. Once there, the football team comes rolling in and group gropes her! Are we laughing yet? Her mom’s a prude, her dad’s a perv and all of her cheerleader friends are skanks! There are drug deals, an overweight, leering pedophile janitor (“There’s malaria in the area.” One of the cheerleaders opines) and one cheerleader’s attempted rape is played for laughs! Will Jeannie get her cherry popped and will a big climactic orgy save the big football game? Well, what do you think?

Buy The Cheerleaders at Amazon UK!

October 11, 2012

Movie Review: Cole Younger and the Black Train (2012)

I've never been a big fan of Westerns. It takes a really good one to grab my attention. On the same note, a really bad one will also get my attention. Unfortunately, that's what happened with Cole Younger and the Black Train. I love Michael Madsen. I could watch that guy whittle. Honestly, I would rather see that than this. In spite of Madsen's inclusion in the movie, Cole was an abysmal mess.

In a movie that borrows from history, we see the Cole Younger / Jesse James gang as they take on the town lawmen and a few vigilante volunteers. Oddly, the background story revolves around a man named Emmit, who pulls in on a black ghost train. Emmit is a grim reaper, for lack of a better term. Younger saw him as a kid when his sister died, and he's been haunted ever since.

Movie Review: Legendary Amazons (2011, Blu-ray)

Directed by Frank Chan
Starring Cecilia Cheung, Xiaoqing Liu and Richie Ren
Run Time: 108 minutes

Based on the 1972 martial arts classic The 14 Amazons, renowned actor and producer Jackie Chan and director Frankie Chan’s remake, Legendary Amazons, debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and digital October 16th from Well Go USA Entertainment. Cecilia Cheung (Shaolin Soccer), Cheng Pei- Pei (Chrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and Liu Ziaoqing (Plastic Flowers) star as widowed wives who must lead a band of fellow widows into battle when the last of a long line of Song generals are killed. Richie Ren also stars as Yang Zongbao, the last of the Song generals to fall in battle.

Evil Dead XXX parody "Evil Head" coming October 24th from Burning Angel

"Evil Head" REVIEW!!!

October 9, 2012

Interview: Wild Eye Releasing's Keith Crocker

1. A lot has changed since the last time we pleasantly chatted, Wild Eye Releasing is getting a lot of press these days and even mainstream press. You and Rob seem to have grown leaps and bounds lately, are you guys surprised?

A. No, we aren’t surprised at all. We are a specialty label, we bring hand selected titles to the viewer based upon popularity of the subject matter. We carefully consider every title we release, we don’t base it on genre (be it horror or sex), we base it on the subject matter and the execution of the cinematic process. These days documentaries are doing us great, perfect examples being The Death of Andy Kaufman and Unauthorized – The Story of Rock & Roll Comics.

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #67 - Adult Survivors of Cinema Head Cheese

Kevin, Dave and Jeff decide to talk about what they like and don't like on television this week, but first, Dave shares his experience with the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

Kevin explains why Weeds is overrated, Jeff admits to liking Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Dave delights in Toy Hunter. After that, things take a turn for the disturbing.

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October 6, 2012

Movie Review: Zoom In: Sex Apartments (1980)

Directed by Naosuke Kurosawa

Starring Yuko Araragi, Yoko Azusa and Beniko Iida

After a quickie with her husband before seeing him off for a bicycling race, Saeko (Yuko Araragi), is hit with a rock by a masked man with black gloves and brutally raped while on her way to visit her lover. Her life is spared but five years later shocking murders begin to befall the residents of the Kibougahara Apartment building.  The masked psycho is busy at work, torturing, raping and setting his victims genitals on fire.  It doesn't take Saeko long before she realizes her lover is the culprit, and she is caught in a world between fear and arousal.....a world filled with sex, lies and gruesome murders.

Movie Review: Heartbeat (2010)

Movie Review by Greg Goodsell

Directed by Yoon Jae-geun

Yeon-Hee (Kim Yunjin) is the wealthy, widowed director of an English Language Institute. Her sickly eight-year-old daughter Ye-Eun (Park Ha-young) is the apple of her eye, and is willing to do almost anything to procure her a suitable organ for a heart transplant. Meeting with the sleazy head of a black market organ racketeer, Yeon-Hee discovers that the organ will be coming from a living illegal immigrant who needs the cash for his family. She declines, saying she is not that desperate … yet. In the meantime, Lee Hee-Do (Park Hae-il) a failed young entrepreneur gets a large sum of money from his estranged mother (Kim Min-Kyung), who tells him that she is moving to America and to never contact her again.

October 5, 2012

Movie Review: Porkchop 2 - Rise of the Rind (2012)

Directed by Eamon Hardiman
Starring Sam Qualiana, Angela Pritchett and Rob Cobb
Run Time: 71 minutes

When young Simon Robertson moves with his family to a new town, he thinks the biggest peril will be the local high school bullies. Unfortunately, Simon’s new friend Meg informs him that the town has a much darker secret: a body count stretching into the hundreds- courtesy of Porkchop, a deranged serial killer in a pig mask. And even worse, Simon discovers the house his family has moved into belongs to the angry oinker. When the madman resurfaces, Simon, Meg and the rest of the high school kids are in for one hell of a night, as their party gets crashed and one by one they are taken out, with a post-hole digger, bong, tiki torch, chainsaw and basically anything this guy can get his hands on.

October 4, 2012

Movie Review: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Tea Bagging in the UK (2012)

Kevin Smith fans are already aware of his network of podcasts, but if you don't listen to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, you don't know that it's more than an average show. After Jason Mewes, a recovering heroine addict, had a relapse with Vicodin, his wife asked Kevin Smith for help, and Mewes was sent to rehab. When he got out, he needed to be held accountable. Mewes tried podcasting before with Mewescast, but that didn't last. Smith had an idea. He would give Mewes an audience to share his life stories, and during every show, he'd have to share how many days he's been sober with the live audience. It worked, and it made for an interesting podcast.

October 3, 2012

Blu-ray Review: Hellraiser Series: Miramax Multi-Feature (2011)

Echo Bridge Entertainment
4 Movie set
Run Time: 369 minutes
Rated: R

This Blu-ray release contains the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth film in the Hellraiser series. Why they left out the seventh movie and added the eighth is really beyond me but thats what they did.

Now in all honesty, any hard-core Hellraiser fan will tell you, these films are the straight-to-dvd bastard children of a once mighty horror franchise, (yes, Bloodline did get a theatrical release but it was quite evident by this time that the series had pretty much hit rock-bottom). I really think including Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth instead of the eighth film would have made this something that might get fans excited, but thats just me and my wishful thinking. Now lets take a quick look at each...

October 2, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #66 - There Can Only Be Two

Kevin and Jeff start off with a conversation about the new Angry Birds spinoff game Bad Piggies and other apps that they like to call "toilet games."

They also get into a slew of reviews including Colin Quinn's Broadway show Long Story Short, the British thriller Kill List, a Puppet Master 2 and 3 blu-ray release and the reality hit Storage Wars.

Kevin also ponders what the hell the makers of Highlander 2 were thinking about when they crapped that thing out.

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Movie Review: Puppet Master II & Puppet Master III (Blu-ray)

Full Moon Features has been a bit slow to the punch in releasing their classic catalog titles on Blu-ray with only Puppet Master I and Subspecies getting releases. Testing the waters is possibly the reason like some genre companies. Well, the time has come and we will finally be seeing Full Moon classics hitting High-Definition on a regular basis. Here’s a look at Puppet Master II and Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge on Blu-ray.

If you’re not already initiated with the Puppet Master story, it involves the plight of Andre Toulon (William Hickey) and his very loyal but deadly puppets. In the first film, Andre decides to put a bullet in his brain while confined in his hotel room by the sea - after discovering he's being stalked by some gentleman in trench coats. This doesn't go very well with his puppets. It makes them pretty angry actually. Now anyone entering the hotel - including a band of quirky psychics - has Andre Toulon's blood on their hands, in the eyes of the puppets.