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July 31, 2011

Movie Review: Up From the Depths/Demon of Paradise

Here is another Shout Factory double feature DVD of Roger Corman produced features. This set highlights two exploitation films from the 70s and 80s; when Roger ran Concorde and New Horizon Pictures.

Besides the requisite action and kung fu titles, Corman produced a plethora of blockbuster ripoffs. Probably the two movies that inspired more titles for Corman than any others were ALIEN and JAWS. Roger produced a lot of titles ripping off those two seminal thrillers, with varying degrees of success. Earlier I reviewed a couple of the less inspired ALIEN clones (THE TERROR WITHIN and DEEP SPACE). Today, we cover JAWS knock offs.

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July 30, 2011

"The Cheerleaders" To Be Released From Arrow Video October 24th!

The Cheerleaders (ArrowDrome)

They'll do ANYTHING to win!

Debbie may have done Dallas, but the girls of Amorosa High are game enough to take on the whole country in The Cheerleaders, a classic 70s sex comedy where the laughs come thick and fast and the gym knickers come off even quicker.

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For the bold and brassy girls of the cheerleading squad, taking one for their football team comes naturally so when rivals need to be taken down, there's only one solution… seduce them into exhaustion. Now the game girls are on a sex-crazed mission to ride their rivals to victory in a politically incorrect comedy that shocked the world!

Lesbian sports mistresses and square-jawed jocks… No one is safe from the amorous advances of the hottest squad of horny good-time girls in the USA. Meet The Cheerleaders!

July 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Eleventh Aggression (2009)

By Travis G.

D: Charles Peterson

A low budget FALLING DOWN meets SEVEN er sort of

A pleasant surprise how much I was entertained by this indy film.

Unfortunately might get lost in the surplus of low budget horror films (like the other films included in this films trailers section)….

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A very decent entry in the indy horror genre. Somewhat cliched but apparently based on actual events. Unfairly tends to get mixed into the “torture porn” category. And passed over by the less informed.Right from the start the film while setting you up of things to come it does grab your attention and at no point does it fail in keeping it nor does it become a task to watch to watch and for an Indy film that’s a big accomplishment.

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July 28, 2011

Movie Review: The Reef (2010, Blu-Ray)

Open Water was a huge hit in 2003. With the constraints of a low budget of $500,000 dollars it went on to make a hundred times that in worldwide sales. I’ll give director Chris Kentis and his producers a pat on the back for that. That’s an amazing accomplishment. Maybe I’m in the minority though because Open Water bored me to tears. Andrew Traucki’s The Reef has been compared to said film. Going into this I was hoping the comparisons weren’t of all the negatives that littered the highly overrated Open Water. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised.

TV on DVD Review: Breaking Bad: The Complete Third Season (2010)

Ah, the majesty of chaos. After each season, I wonder how much better this can get. I seem to always get answers. With the fourth season underway, I thought this would be a great time to dive into the third season of one of the best anti-hero adventures on television.

Buy Breaking Bad: The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray] or DVD

So, we have Walter, a guy who constantly gets deeper into this business without knowing what he's really doing. Outside of the chemistry, he's fairly lost, yet seems to think he's smart enough to outsmart a major drug dealer. When he is offered a big money contract to work for Gus, a local businessman who does quite well with distribution, Walt accepts. It looks like a nice gig, but there is always a problem.

Though his new assistant Gale is a perfect fit, Walt still feels the need to take care of Jesse, so out Gale goes, for a bit, anyway. Skyler also gets in much deeper than you expect, and Hank takes time to recover after what happened at the end of Season Two. The character I love most in this season is Mike. The ex-cop turned hitman develops into a great character.

As we see Jesse connect the dots in past events and Walter tries to hold everything in his life together, you know things definitely go wrong here and there. You just can't see it going any other way. The ending to the third season finale, and I mean just the last few minutes, is enough to make you crazy for the next episode. As always, top notch television that keeps getting better.

July 27, 2011

"El Mariachi" Producer Looking to Bring on the "Zombie Apocalypse"

Carlos Gallardo, producer of the acclaimed El Mariachi, Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico trilogy, and Kevin Eastman, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the owner of Heavy Metal Publishing, are proud to announce their involvement as executive producers on Zombie Apocalypse [working title], a forthcoming movie to be directed by hot new writer/director discovery, Chee Keong Cheung.

Zombie Apocalypse is a unique combination of the action, zombie horror and war genres with the added element of mixed martial arts and will be produced by UK based Intense Productions. The first ever Zombie film to feature mixed martial arts, based on an original screenplay written by Chee Keong Cheung, and lined up as the first in a new trilogy, Zombie Apocalypse will be a multi platform project, which will include graphic novel and merchandise tie ins. Heavy Metal Publishing headed by Kevin Eastman will be the first to exploit the rights with the graphic novel featuring world class Heavy Metal writers and artists to coincide with the film’s intended 2012 release. The production will also team up with Heavy Metal as a promotional and merchandising partner on the picture. A computer game is also envisaged.

Movie Review: 51 Birch Street (2007)

No matter what the topic, documentaries are usually interesting. Usually. If only that was the case with 51 Birch Street. It's always sad to me when someone ruins my favorite film genre. After his mother died, first time filmmaker Doug Block decided to compile footage of his mother and father and dig into their relationship only to reveal a deep dark secret. Well, a deep dark secret to him and his sisters. Actually, it's a terribly boring secret that I stopped caring about four minutes into the movie.

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Doug is your typical negative stereotype of a New Yorker. He is whiny and annoying. He makes you want to slap him in the back of his head. He has two sisters. One seems like she's on happy pills, and the other is just as annoying as him, but she also has a tone that makes everything sound like it should end with, "Can you believe this?" Honestly, I can't believe that this movie got any good reviews. I just can't.

Cinematic Hell: Criminally Insane (1975)

Director: Nick Philips
Stars: Priscilla Alden and Michael Flood

Buy Criminally Insane on DVD

Perhaps it was inevitable that Nick Millard would find a career in exploitation film. His father, S S 'Steamship' Millard, was a genre pioneer, one of the legendary Forty Thieves of the exploitation roadshow circuit with larger than life characters like Louis Sonney, Leonard 'Pug' Arenson and Howard 'Pappy' Goldin. Best remembered is Dwain Esper, who directed Maniac and Marihuana and toured Freaks and Reefer Madness, but they all operated the same way. The Forty Thieves would breeze into town on a wave of publicity, like carnival barkers or revivalist preachers; lease a theatre to exhibit their latest atrocities; hawk pamphlets that made more money than tickets; then quickly breeze on out again before the authorities paid too much attention. Millard built films like 1927's Is Your Daughter Safe? from existing footage, its warning against prostitution conjured up from medical footage about venereal disease and stock footage of white slavery.

July 26, 2011

Movie Review: Exit 33 (2011)

I love, and I mean LOVE Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees. There is no better man behind that mask. I was thoroughly disappointed to see Ken Kirzinger in Jason vs. Freddy. I like Hodder's style and attitude. When the screener came across for Exit 33, I was happy to be the person to review it. I haven't seen Hodder out of the hockey mask. I was curious to see what that would be like. I haven't heard great things about BTK, but I thought Exit 33 sounded more like what we expect from Hodder. After all, you have pretty young people and a creepy guy in the middle of nowhere. Simple horror formula equals basic horror fun.

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Movie Review: El Monstro Del Mar! (2010)

Directed by Stuart Simpson
Starring Nelli Scarlet, Kyrie Capri and Karli Madden

Loosely based on Roger Corman's 1961 schlock-fest, Creature from the Haunted Sea, you can easily spot some of director Stuart Simpson's influences as a director. Along with its “Corman-esque” qualities (cheesy sea monsters and buckets of blood & guts) there is a heaping helping of Russ Meyer influence as well (murderous and violent knife-wielding babes with nice jugs and a thirst for blood). Think “Faster Pussycat, Kill...Kill!” meets “Hunanoids from the Deep”, so if the sound of this is appealing to you, then you should certainly enjoy this little Australian gem of a movie.

Buy El Monstro Del Mar! on DVD

Movie Review: Mr. Skin's "Women in Prison" Triple Feature "Chained Heat" / "Red Heat"/ "Jungle Warriors"

During the late eighties, at the tender age of twelve years-old, I was exposed to a multitude of soft-core filth on late-night cable. I seriously can't count the amount of times I waited for my parents to go to bed so I could take in a 1:20 AM showing of Joe D'Amato's Black Emmanuelle on Showtime. Aside from the Italian trash delights I was treated to on cable, nothing..I mean nothing destroyed the Brawny like some of the great "women in prison" films that showed regularly on the tube. For me, Chained Heat was the top of the heap. Now courtesy of Panic House, Synapse Films and celebrity nakedness expert Mr. Skin we have been brought a tantalizing trio of T&A that include the likes of Red Heat, Jungle Warriors and of course Chained Heat. Get your growl towel ready folks!

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Movie Review: Slaughter High (1986, Arrow Video)

There were few films towards the end of the “slasher cycle” during the late 80’s that really carried the wonderfully mindless splattered spirit of the earlier classics from the decade. Popular “bodycount” films like the first four Friday the 13th movies, The Burning, My Bloody Valentine and Happy Birthday To Me may have been devoid of strong acting performances and a sound narrative but they sure as hell were fun to watch. The creativity of the deaths were huge in these movies. The lousy slashers at the time didn’t follow the formula. George Dugdale, Peter Litten and Mark Ezra’s Slaughter High (AKA April Fools Day) attempted to follow what it was that actually worked for those movies : Gory deaths, graphic nudity and Harry Manfrendini. Ok, Harry only worked on the Friday the 13th films, but you know what I mean. It's really a mix that's hard to beat for genre fans Arrow Video has put together their own release that, to say the least, is a good answer for the paltry Lionsgate DVD from a few years ago.

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Movie Review: Sex and Black Magic (1980, One 7 Films)

It's very rare that there's been a time when I've passed up on a trashy offering from Italian cult film director, Joe D'Amato. Not many film makers can say that they've done slashers, thrillers, giallos, hardcore and soft-core porn, westerns and numerous other genres. Does that mean he's a world class director? God no! One 7 Films has been after my euro-sleaze loving heart with their recent releases. After kicking off the company label with the solid erotic thriller Scandalous Gilda the company has just started to unleash some of D'Amato's more obscure titles like Sexy Pirates, Chinese Kamasutra and today's ultra-filthy treat, Sex and Black Magic (Aka Orgasmo Nero).

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Movie Review: Mutilation Mile (2010)

Ron Atkins’ Mutilation Mile is a freaking trip! I’ve been watching Atkins films for almost a decade now and, granted, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Gonzosploitation is a term I’ve attached to his work before and I firmly stand behind it, especially some of the older work. Films like Necromaniac, Schizophreniac and Eat the Rich are cult favorites that have seen a wide range of success. They are gritty, they are down and dirty and, most of all, they are a unique take on the genre. Atkins’ greatest attribute, though, is the fact that he is truly independent and doesn’t appear to have grandiose aspirations outside of that. He routinely, despite distribution offers, handles the sale of his own films as well as writing, producing, directing, editing, etc. Atkins Entertainment is a one-stop shop, one of the last one-stop shops, and it is refreshing to see a filmmaker that is so in touch with the vision of his work that he will only trust himself to give it to the public. Such is the story behind Atkins’ newest film, Mutilation Mile. The front page of the Atkins Entertainment website reads, in large, red letters, “The films sold on this site contain scenes of explicit violence, sexual situations, language and drug use.” I don’t think I could have put it any better. Mutilation Mile is all of the above and a little bit more.

Buy Mutilation Mile ONLY at Cut Throat Video.

July 25, 2011

"A Serbian Film" Arrives on U.S Blu-Ray and DVD October 25th from Invincible Pictures !

Below is the DVD cover, followed by the Blu-Ray cover for the American release of A Serbian Film. As we get more information on the releases we'll be sure to post it right here.

For more information on A Serbian Film please got to the Invincible Pictures website:

July 24, 2011

Movie Review: Corporate Cutthroat Massacre (2011)

This is only my second foray into the world of Creep Creepersin. After watching He, I was curious about his other work. I knew it was generally campier and a little more like cult horror. Corporate Cutthroat Massacre promised to be that. The box art states that the movie is a cross between The Office and American Psycho. As a fan of both, I can easily say that this is neither. I understand that some of the point was to capture the mundane parts of office life, but the problem is that it actually did. In a seventy minute movie, nothing of note happens for at least forty minutes.

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Movie Review: Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

By Greg Goodsell

Directed by Joy N. Houck, Jr.

Before he became a television favorite, actor Gerald McRaney of "Major Dad" fame paid his dues by appearing in a bunch of cut-rate horror flicks for his good buddy director Joy N. Houck, Jr. Night of Bloody Horror is one of their most well known collaborations, a psycho-gore fest with yucks of both the gross-out and humorous variety.

Buy Night of Bloody Horror on DVD

McRaney plays Wesley Stuart, a conflicted young man still living at home in New Orleans with his overbearing, snaggle-toothed mom. We first see him in bed with his fiancee, a shapely blonde. He gets up and walks away, troubled and distracted for some vague reason. Must be those psychedelic patterns they superimpose over his face in the manner of those anti-LSD classroom films. Wesley's fiancee goes to church to confess her sins of the flesh, whereupon the mysterious, gruff-voiced "priest" gouges her out eye with a knitting needle through the screen! Drowning his sorrows in a gay bar, Wesley is beaten up and tossed out on to the street, where a passing nurse takes him to tend to his injuries. Wesley and the beehived nurse have a whirlwind courtship suggested with a penny-ante collage, but during a romantic beachside rendezvous, he becomes defensive when she asks too many questions about his dysfunctional family. Wandering off, an unseen assailant plants an axe between the nurses' hooters!

Movie Review: S&M Hunter Begins (1985, Pink Eiga VOD)

Directed by Shuji Kataoka
Starring Shiro Shimomoto, Hiromi Saotome and Yutaka Ikejima
Run Time: 60 minutes

A mild-mannered Japanese businessman makes the mistake of picking up a school-girl prostitute in a bar, not knowing she is a member of a vicious all-girl street gang. After engaging in sex, the girl demands more money from him and when he refuses he is attacked by the gang in a dark alley. He barely escapes alive and loses an eye to the gang’s tow-chain wielding leader. Staggering through the streets, he is rescued by a mysterious stranger who takes him under his wing.

This enigmatic character imparts the secrets of the Sadist upon him, proclaiming there are three different kinds of people in the world- Those who’s pleasure is derived from the infliction of pain (the sadist), those who submit to that pain for their own pleasure (the masochist), and those who deny they are either of the two.

July 23, 2011

Movie Review: There's Nothing Out There

If you read the back cover of Troma's new two-disc special edition of Rolfe Kanefsky's, There's Nothing out There you'll see an interesting blurb from genre writer, Joe Bob Briggs. Briggs sites how Scream director, Kevin Williamson may have pilfered one of the titular characters in Kanefsky's film. Mike (Craig Peck), is a horror aficionado and is amazingly similar to Jamie Kennedy's, Randy. Whether Williamson did, is up to the viewer. What better way to draw interest for a little seen horror film from the early '90s with some scandal?

Buy There's Nothing Out There on DVD

Mike and three extremely horny couples venture off to a secluded house deep in the woods. Recently a woman has gone missing so Mike's suspicions and horror film references start to make their way into film.Of course none of the couple really care because all they want to do is get naked and fuck till dawn. Our virgin hero might just be onto something. Between some thankfully gratuitous t&a a few of the vacationers become dinner for a slimy, toothy extra-terrestrial lifeform roaming the nearby woods.

Movie Review: Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976)

On the heels of their Fernando Di Leo crime collection (Caliber 9/ The Boss/ Italian Connection/ Rulers of the City), Italian cult film specialists Raro DVD are continuing their run of Polizia DVDs with their recently released, Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man. Written by Di Leo and directed by the controversial and always fearless Ruggero Deodato, Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man ventures many places most police films don't.

Buy Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man on DVD

It really doesn't take very long for the viewer to get a clear indication as to where Deodato is going to take Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man. In actuality, the first ten minutes hit you quick and hard with some surprising brutality and a thoroughly impressive manic motorcycle chase . French actor, Marc Porel and Ray Lovelock (Violent City, Django, Kill!) play Alfredo and Tony, two crime-fighting pretty-boys who have a knack for killing criminals before a crime has been committed. With the help of their boss (Adolfo Celi, Thunderball) these guys take apart Italian crime, in a very unorthodox fashion.

July 22, 2011

Movie Review: The Frankenstein Syndrome (2011)

Man, was I happy to see this film. Let me clarify that statement. I'm never really happy at the thought of watching movies that come out of the Phoenix film community. I'm not knocking the whole group of people that works out here, but there have been far more bad films than good made in our fair city. I should know. I'm in many of them. In fact, I'm only really proud of one of my performances. Recently, there has been an upswing, and that can be credited to a few small groups. The product has been getting better, and The Frankenstein Syndrome is the perfect example of what can really be done on a true independent level.

Buy The Frankenstein Syndrome on DVD or Watch it Instantly

I don't want you to think that I'm stroking this movie because our own David Hayes is in it. That will never be the case. He and I have collaborated on some turds, and you won't see those reviewed here. I'll just watch them alone in a dark room while "Fade to Black" plays in the background on repeat. What we have here is something the Phoenix film community can be proud of, and I'm proud of Dave for his work here. It's good. In fact, I'd hold this film up to any studio horror film. It's better than most these days.

Movie Review: Lady Football (1983)

Directed by Nando Cicero
Starring Carmen Russo, Alvaro Vitali
Run Time: 89 minutes - Unrated

A Brazilian soccer superstar, Paulo Roberto (Alvaro Vitali), is lured to play for an Italian team in Naples. After being payed billions of dollars to sign, the coach and owner of the team are horrified to discover that Paolo stinks at soccer, in fact he’s so horrible that whenever the Italian fans get within arms reach of him they try to tear him to pieces. Sensing a national crisis in the making, the teams managers decide to take drastic measures and fly Paolo’s fiance ( played by the luscious Carmen Russo), into Naples in the hopes of making Paolo a little more relaxed in his new surroundings. After setting her up with a job as a dancer, Paolo finds he has a dead-ringer in the form of a lowly plumber, (also played by Alvaro Vitali).

Movie Review: Refinements In Love (1971, Impulse Pictures)

It's no secret that the '70s were an amazing decade for hardcore adult entertainment. Instead of just throwing a bunch of loops together or just producing a loop by itself, producers got smart - they made actual movies. Movies with plots and even engaging characters. The pseudo-documentary also became a way to get some XXX fucking on screen for the masses while "educating" the viewers a little before they spewed their mess on the back of the heads of unlucky patrons occupying the theater. Impulse Pictures has made a big dent in the sexploitation DVD market with their highly entertaining soft-core pseudo-doc flicks, The Schoolgirl Report series. Impulse's release of Carlos Tobalina's Refinements In Love has a similar charm; just expect lots of hardcore penetration and even worse acting.

Buy Refinements In Love on DVD

July 21, 2011

"Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore" and "The Blood Trilogy" coming to DVD and Blu-ray September 27th.

Chatsworth, CA – He’s been hailed as a visionary and as a provocateur. His films have legions of fans, and just as many detractors. In 1963, he introduced stunned audiences to a new kind of cinema with Blood Feast – and in the process single-handedly launched “splatter cinema.” He is writer/director Herschell Gordon Lewis and he is truly the “Godfather of Gore.” On September 27, Image Entertainment and Something Weird pay homage to a true cinematic legend with the DVD release of Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore, and the high definition premieres of grindhouse classics Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs and Color Me Blood Red with The Blood Trilogy Blu-ray™ Special Edition!

Buy Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore on DVD and The Blood Trilogy Blu-ray

With a $14.98 SRP for the DVD, and a $17.97 SRP for the Blu-ray™, fans will have a chance to not only explore the wild world of Lewis and his exploitation films, but they will be able to experience every splat, every slice and every drop of fake blood and guts in full 1080p glory! In addition, each release contains a crypt-full of special bonus features including audio commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes, original theatrical trailers and art galleries. Pre-book is August 30th.

July 20, 2011

Movie Review: Carter Stevens "Teenage Twins" Collection (1976-1977)

After Hours Cinema is back with yet another dose of their “Grindhouse Directors Series”. This time around smut film pioneer Carter Stevens has three of his finest films in a handy dandy collection with the Carter Stevens Teenage Twins CollectionTeenage Twins, Punk Rock and Rollerbabies.

Buy The Teenage Twins Collection on DVD

Teenage Twins is an interesting animal. It’s pretty much a one location sex film produced on a super low-budget. The budget and simple set doesn’t matter here because like other Carter Stevens films - it has a gimmick. This device may not sit well with some folks but it involves the two stars of the film who are identical twin sisters, Brooke and Taylor Young. There really isn’t much of a plot here but it does showcase these very “loving” sisters partaking in a sixty-nine position and one even masturbates with a Bible. Adult film legend, Eric Edwards (a frequent performer in Stevens’ films) is on hand for some of the fun.

"The Death of Andy Kaufman" coming to DVD on July 26

In 1984, Andy Kaufman Died. 20 years later, one filmmaker set out to find him.

The Death of Andy Kaufman takes on the many mysteries and theories surrounding Andy Kaufman's death, and through exclusive interviews with family and friends, rare performances by Kaufman, and the filmmakers own personal investigation, we are brought closer to understanding mind and myth of one of the most celebrated and mysterious performance artists all time, often with unexpected results.

Buy The Death of Andy Kaufman on DVD

Movie Review: Heartbeeps (1981)

I've always had an interest in watching Andy Kaufman's only leading film role. I heard about Heartbeeps here and there, but I never came across it until good old Netflix put it up to stream. I just couldn't believe my luck, so it went right in my queue. On a day in which I already watched two good movies and two bad, it really stunk to tip the scales toward the negative.

Buy Heartbeeps on DVD or Watch it Instantly

Heartbeeps screams 80s comedy from the first moment. The music, the bright colors and the wacky characters are all there. I will say that the robot make-up on Kaufman and Bernadette Peters was well done by Stan Winston. The two are products of a society that relies on robots, which is funny considering our attachment to smartphones and the Internet. They fall in love and decide to explore the outside world with a comedian robot named Catskills. He's loaded with bad jokes, and those seem to be the only jokes in the movie.

The Wim Wenders Produced "The Clone Returns Home" Coming July 26th From AnimEigo!

An astronaut dies on a mission, but never fear — he's got a clone, which has been imprinted with his memories. Unfortunately, the clone malfunctions, and fixates on a tragic memory from the dead astronaut's youth. The clone runs away to find answers and solace from his burdensome memories, much to the dismay of his wife and the clone company.

Winner: 2006 Sundance / NHK International Filmmaker's Award
Official Selection: 2009 Sundance Film Festival.
Winner: Jury Prize, 2009 Fantasia International Film Festival -- Best Cinematography.
Directed by Kanji Nakajima
Produced by Wim Wenders
Official Selection in 24+ Film Festivals

Buy The Clone Returns Home on DVD
Official Street Date: July 26, 2011

Movie Review: Frauleins in Uniform (1973)

Directed by Erwin Dietrich

Starring Elisabeth Felchner, Karin Heske and Renate Kasche

War is Hell, unless of course you're one of the Frauleins in Uniform, (which is actually a misnomer since these gals spend very little time wearing anything at all.)

For these German hussies its all about getting laid, volunteering from all over the country to join the war effort in an attempt to keep troop-morale and everything else standing at attention.

There's really no plot at all here, we follow a group of hot girls as they go through their physical exams and then out to the front lines. Along the way they’re getting naked at every turn, bedding down officers and soldiers alike and even dipping into a little lesbian fun along the way.

Movie Review: Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives

Wow. That's all I have. Wow. That was an... experience. Apparently, the heir apparent to John Waters' gilded, trashy throne is Israel Luna, the writer and director of Ticked Off Trannies with Knives. I'm a huge Waters fan, from Pink Flamingos to Pecker and beyond, and I haven't had this much fun with a faux seventies grindhouse rip since Black Dynamite. Luna gets it and, more importantly, those crazy trannies get it, too!

I'm never really sure in most cases when a filmmaker is truly channeling the seventies exploitation flick or some kind of production mishap caused the 'style' change, but Trannies delivers. It is apparent, right from the start, that we are in an exploitation revenge fantasy complete with sexy babes (relatively speaking), dastardly villains and excessive violence (complete with missing reels and grainy film, of course). Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing Ticked Off Trannies with Knives on DVD November 9th, and I can't wait for the rest of the world to experience this. The filmmakers have attempted to create a new genre... transploitation (not mine, I stole that from somewhere).

July 19, 2011

Movie Review: The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009)

Crazy white trash characters are great for movies. You can look at them and think, "Wow, they're fucked up," while patting yourself on the back for being at least a little better off. When the characters aren't fictional, though, it's tough to know how to react. Initially, you laugh your ass off, partially in shock. Eventually, you realize that these people are out there, and they're breeding.

Buy The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia on DVD or Watch it Instantly

Jesco White is the accidental star of the family. His dad D. Ray, the family patriarch, was a famous tap dancer until he was killed in a shootout. Jesco picked up the skill and ran with it. PBS made a documentary about him in 1991 called The Dancing Outlaw, and they made a sequel eight years later. They were both popular, and after seeing them, Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame decided that a follow-up involving the entire White clan needed to be made. He wasn't wrong.

Movie Review: Hora (2009)

By Travis G.

D: Reinert Kiil (Norway)

I got home this week to find a nice stack of DVDs waiting for me in the mail. After opening the two packages, I saw that I got I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE(yeah…),I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Remake( ergh….)Double Feature, HORA and some other DVDs. So I thought why not bust out the Cheese doodles because tonight’s movie theme is Rape Revenge !I wonder if my mailman knows how much of a filth distributer he is, ha!

Buy Hora (Region 2) on DVD

Impulse Pictures to Release "Wide Open" Starring Christina Lindberg!

Featuring the gorgeous Christina Lindberg in her final screen role in WIDE OPEN. Taxi driver Paul and his beautiful journalist girlfriend Marianne already have a strained relationship when things get crazier by Paul bringing his drunken father back to their apartment. As tensions rise, they decide to chill out at a wild movie party and things go from bad to worse (for Marianne anyway) when they both wake up in bed together with Marianne’s sister, Beryl!

Buy Wide Open on DVD

Marianne leaves, so Paul decides to spend some time watching strippers and taking Beryl along for some nighttime fun. Everything is going great, until Beryl gets picked up by the evil Mr. X and things turn dangerous. A stolen mink coat, drugs, and violent sex games lead Paul and Beryl to confront Mr. X during the film’s perverse stag party climax!

July 18, 2011

Movie Review: Anvil: The Story of Anvil (2009)

I grew up on metal. First it was Motley Crue and Iron Maiden. Then I got into Bands like Pantera and Sepultura. Most importantly, there was The Big 4: Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica. They defined thrash metal. Just before them, there was a band called Anvil that set the tone for them all.

Buy Anvil: The Story of Anvil on DVD

In Toronto, Anvil singer Steve "Lips" Kudlow works his way through life at an average job while working toward an exceptional dream. At age fifty, he and his childhood friend and bandmate Robb Reiner are able to keep hope alive when a European woman promises to manage the band through a small European tour. This is an insight into what originally caused the band to remain mostly anonymous to music fans. Poor management and worse decisions kept the band down, but they never gave up.

Ed Wood: King of Smut?

by David Hayes

Edward D. Wood, Jr. has been called "The Worst Director of All  Time" and is a winner of the Golden Turkey Award. He has made some of the most laughable, and entertaining, films to ever come out of the independent Hollywood  scene. With classics like the hastily constructed Plan 9 From Outer Space (1958) and the  surrealistically autobiographical Glen or Glenda (1953) Wood has placed an indelible mark on the art of film production resulting in a big-budget life story by movie giant Tim  Burton, titled Ed Wood (1994). There is a lesser-known sidelight to Wood's career as a  producer-writerdirector-actor, almost another career entirely. Edward D. Wood, Jr. is one of  America's most prolific short story writers and novelists.

Beginning in 1963, just to make meager ends meet for his wife Kathy and himself (insert: "booze"), Wood began to write for some of the major California smut publishers (this does not include Wood’s unpublished, 1948 novel The Casual Company, a Marine comedy that led to his disastrous stageplay of the same name). He would continue to write novels, short stories and essays for the next fifteen years, until his death on December 10, 1978. In that time, Wood, under quite a large number of pseudonyms, is known to have penned at least 80 novels, hundreds of short stories and a slightly lesser amount of non-fiction. There are more Wood-writings discovered every year, usually under another of his many pseudonyms. Publishers like Gallery, Pendulum, Calga, Pad and others would publish sex, smut and sleaze novels at a breakneck pace through the sixties and seventies, and Wood, by all accounts, was the largest on staff "producer," meaning the volume of his work was a great deal more than his fellow writers. At the same time, Wood wrote many soft and hard core porn screenplays for A. C. Stephen, Jacques Descent and Joe Robertson.

July 17, 2011

Voyage Trekkers Premiere Tomorrow Night

CHC fans in the Phoenix metropolitan area should be aware of the Voyage Trekkers premiere at FilmBar in downtown Phoenix tomorrow night (Monday, 17th July) at 8.00pm. Admission is $5.

Voyage Trekkers is a new webseries from Nathan Blackwell, creator of Zombie Team Building, which was a selection at both The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival and Phoenix Fear Film Festival, where it won for Best Short. He's also responsible for the awesome pulp serial episode Masters of Daring and the web series Normally This Weird, among others. Many of these can be seen online in the viewing room at the Squishy Studios website.

Voyage Trekkers delights in its geekiness. Obviously a spoof of the original Star Trek and the other shows that came along in its wake, it merely shows the incidents that wouldn't have made it into one of those episodes. As the tagline has it: 'These are the voyages that don't make the Captain's Log.' It even has a promo poster in Japanese, which is another stroke of genius on Nathan's part. He has a lot of those.

I've watched the first episode of Voyage Trekkers a couple of times now and it sits well with Nathan's other work. All the cast will be familiar to anyone who's seen his other work and the production values and humour are comparable too.

So if you're a fan, head on down to FilmBar tomorrow night to see the first three episodes premiered in the company of many members of the cast and crew. It is a bar, so it's 21 and over. If you're not a fan, check out the Squishy Studios viewing room and you will be. Your best bet would be to do that before tomorrow night. Episode 1 will go live online tonight at midnight, but you'll have to wait for the others if you miss the event.

By the way, while you're at FilmBar, check out the other shows upcoming at the venue, including Yuen Woo Ping's True Legend, which beguns a run on Thursday, 21st July. That's the same night The Royale in Mesa shows Franco Nero in Enter the Ninja and a day before Army of Darkness and the beginning of a run of The Troll Hunter. Suddenly the valley is a great place to go out and see movies on the big screen. With Voyage Trekkers you can support local filmmaking too. How can you go wrong?

Movie Review: Desert Son (2010)

I like a movie with a little suspense. Desert Son has exactly that. A little suspense. Very little. We start out with super pouty Phillip (John Bain), who sits in the back seat of his drunken and angry stepfather's car. Apparently, stepdad see's Phil as little more than a whiny bitch, and he's pretty much right. After he's had enough, stepdaddy ditches Phillip in the desert. At that point, good parenting aside, I was right with him, and I wanted to see what bar he was hitting next. Unfortunately, we have to watch Phillip for the next hour and a half.

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July 16, 2011

Movie Review: American: The Bill Hicks Story (2009)

Few comedians leave their impression on the craft the way Bill Hicks did. He started out like many, sharing observations about his own life, but he ended up deconstructing everything from pop culture to politics with a sharp wit and a vicious tongue. His life was short, but his legacy continues to grow.

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Like many people, I didn't discover Bill Hicks until years after his death. I've been fascinated with him since. I like learning about the lives of comedians. It helps me understand their material in different ways. Hicks started in his early teens as part of a duo. He was always funny, and he really didn't seem to have a fear about speaking his mind.