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December 1, 2018

Secondhand Smut #9: The Filthy Dump

Dark Dreams (1971)

Director Roger Guermantes’ (whoever he may be) feature is about a newlyweds Jack (Harry Reems, no introduction needed) and Jill (Tina Russell, again no introduction needed) that on their way to their honeymoon get involved with a bunch of hippies that are supposedly performing black magic rituals and loads of sexual encounters ensue.

The screenplay by one Canidia Ference (who is also credited as the producer) is pure pulp book-like gold, the cinematography by Werner Hlinka [camera operator of Teenage Tramp (1973)] is stunning (I believe that the film was shot on 35mm), and the score by Charles Morrow [composer of the additional music in Altered States (1980)] is – simply put – fantastic, so this is definitely one that you should not miss.

It all ends predictably with a gang rape, but before that you should look out for an interracial sex scene between star Harry Reems and June Dulu, which is something that wasn’t that common in 1971.