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May 31, 2012

Want A Blu-Ray Release Of "The Opening Of Misty Beethoven"?

Distribpix/435 Productions is hard at work on the 2-DVD Special Edition of "The Opening of Misty Beethoven" and aiming for a July release! But fans who wish they could be a part of bringing Misty to Blu-ray (or who would like to pick up the all-new poster, soundtrack or t-shirt to help fund the effort!) can head over to the "The Opening of Misty Beethoven Goes Blu-Ray" Kickstarter project starting today!

Get a sneak peek at the DVD's special features and take advantage of Kickstarter-exclusive pre-order bundles and discounts as we work to raise the funds needed for Blu-ray authoring, encoding, licensing and replication. If at the end of 21 days fans have pledged enough to make the Blu-ray possible, their credit cards will be charged, they'll get their cool discounted merchandise, and Misty will launch on Blu-ray as well as DVD. If not, no one pays a dime and the DVD release goes on as originally planned. It's win-win!

This is a community effort, so help us get the word out! Both the Blu-ray and the discounts ONLY happen if the project meets its funding goal! Like the project on Facebook, send links to friends, pitch it to friendly webmasters, and help Misty Go Blu!

Movie Review: Playback (2012, Blu-ray)

Directed by Michael Nickles

Starring Christian Slater, Ambyr Childers and Toby Hemmingway

Nearly 20 years after a family is massacred in their home, a group of high school kids decide to do a class project based on the murders. In the process of uncovering information on the event they unwittingly release the evil spirit of the murderer who has been imprisoned in the video tapes of the crime. Once set loose, the spirit hops from teenager to teenager, with the help of hidden cameras in the girls locker room, and students bedrooms, leaving a trail of dead bodies in its quest to find one particular soul to take over. That soul belongs to Julian (Johnny Pacer) and as the movie progresses Julian discovers not only how the evil spirit is able to take over those who watch the images on film but also discovers his own disturbing link to the murders.

Movie Review: Deadly Weapons (1973)

by David Hayes

Please, help me. This is not for the squeamish, or the easily offended. Or for those of us who need dwarf-porn to be sickened, for that matter. This film stars the incomparable Chesty Morgan. That name, and that image, is burned into my mind forever. You see, Ms. Morgan's breasts are freakish fleshbags. She tops out at a 73 EEE, although the rest of her body is "normal." Normal meaning: very skinny legs, a lazy eye and bad dental work. As you might have surmised, being the bright, literate readers that you are, Chesty's boobs are the title characters. Before I relate to you the "story" of this "movie," lets look at Chesty. Imagine the cold, windswept hills of Poland. It is around 1943 and Hitler had devastated your community. But look, there… a child is born.

Buy Deadly Weapons on DVD

May 29, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #48 - Atomic Head Cheese

Jeff, Dave and Kevin talk live at Phoenix Comicon with Abnormal Entertainment brethren David and Tony Sabal from The Atomic Fallout Society.

The five-headed monster talks comic book movies, why The Dark Knight was overrated and and the majesty of the Kaiju film genre, as well as its television counterparts. All this while the two Daves try to wrangle a drunken Dolniak.

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May 28, 2012

Movie/Music Review: Fix: The Ministry Movie (2011, Gigantic Pictures)

Directed by Doug Freel

Starring Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker and Trent Reznor

Rising from obscurity in the 90‘s, a band with a unique sound emerged to inspire an entirely new genre in the rock/metal scene. The genre is known as Industrial and the band was called Ministry. Their music was a mirror reflection of their lifestyle, chaotic and intense.

What this documentary captures are the lifestyle, musings, fears and hopelessly flawed coping mechanisms of Al Jourgensen, the lead singer for Ministry. Trapped within the confines of rock super-stardom, record contracts and life on the road, his only escape is his drug use.

May 27, 2012

The Endangered Art of Makeup FX

EDMONTON — Perusing through her Facebook photo albums you will find a sequence of images of Charlen Middendorf slowly transforming into an animated skeleton. In the first photo she appears as herself with a cap over her head that gives her the appearance of having gone completely bald. The next shot shows Middendorf smiling a vivacious smile as a white base-coat and black shading around the eyes are added. The skeleton design comes full circle in the next few shots as cheek and jaw shading are added, and finally a gaunt mouth of teeth is painted on over her real lips. Voila! A living, breathing, bright blue-eyed skeleton stares back from the mirror as Middendorf congratulates her classmate on her work.
Middendorf’s portfolio features photos of herself, friends and former classmates made over as grotesque ghouls, macabre monsters and trauma victims with facial wounds so realistic that you would think they were severely assaulted.

Rest assured, these outlandish beings are make-believe; they are the products of several tedious hours of makeup, prosthetics and faux flesh application, just as Middendorf was while sitting in as the guinea pig for her fellow classmate’s skeleton face design. These are the creations of a skilled makeup effects artist — a profession that is slowly becoming endangered in the realm of motion picture arts.

May 26, 2012

Movie Review: Premutos (1999)

Directed by Olaf Ittenbach

Starring Fidelis Atuma, Heiko Bender and Anke Fabre

Watching Olaf Ittenbach's Premutos was like taking a trip back to my childhood in many ways. Aside from the retro look and feel of it, I would compare it to walking down the aisles of a Toys R Us store as a 7 year old kid and getting sensory-overload from the sheer awesomeness of what I was immersed in. Only instead of shiny toys I was completely bombarded by shocking visual images and blood-soaked old school special effects. Premutos is a movie that reminds me exactly why I've had a love affair with horror movies for most of my life.

May 24, 2012

Movie Review: New York Grindhouse Avon 7 Triple Feature: Slave Of Pleasure/ My Mistress Elektra/ Prisoner Of Pleasure

To me, it really comes as no surprise when watching vintage porn, New York's Time Square was undoubtedly the Mecca of smut during the 80's. The filth historians at After Hours Cinema have been taking full advantage of the Big Apple's sleaze havens by releasing numerous film compilations highlighting 42nd Street's best. Here the famous (and infamous) Avon 7 Theater is given center stage along with porn pioneer Shaun Costello (Forced Entry, More Than Sisters, Pandora's Mirror). This particular smut palace was widely known for showing some of the nastier, cheaper, S&M themed adult cinema on the Deuce. The Avon Theater managed to become popular among many perverts - even for showing this niche brand of BDSM porn . Three films are featured here, all directed by Shaun Costello : Slave of Pleasure, My Mistress Electra and Prisoner of Pleasure.

May 22, 2012

CD Reviews: Old School Comedy Classics (2012)

As a fan of stand-up comedy, it always excites me to go back in time to old albums from the comedians I know, and it's great to go back and discover comedians I've missed. Cult Collectibles and MVD Audio have come together to re-release three classic comedy albums in their entirety, and they do a fantastic job. I don't usually review the material of a comedian, but in this case, I'll do it. You'll see why as you read on, but I think it's worthwhile with these classic albums.

Redd Foxx - I Ain't Lied Yet

We all know Foxx as the loveable jerk Fred Sanford, but I'll bet most people under forty have heard very little of his stand-up if any. I've heard some of his work prior to this, like You Gotta Wash Your Ass. It was much dirtier than I Ain't Lied Yet, which is dirty, but in a very subtle way. Foxx tells jokes more than anything, and I mean jokes you can read in a joke book. I don't know if he was just telling old jokes that he knew or if he wrote them and they've carried on through the years. Either way, his delivery is beautiful, and I laughed hard while listening to the album.

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! Phoenix Comicon Preview

Kevin gives a quick preview of this weekend's Phoenix Comicon and all of the Abnormal Entertainment and Cinema Head Cheese events.

Please come out and join us on Friday at 5pm for our panel, live podcasts and live commentary for Scream Bloody Murder, plus, we're hosting the screening of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp right after that. We promise good times. Also, if you're there for preview night on Thursday, check out our own David Hayes starring in A Man Called Nereus. Ticket and event information can be found at

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May 20, 2012

Movie Review: Ralphie May: Too Big to Ignore

I'm not always a fan of reviewing stand-up comedy. I love the medium so much, and it's hard for me to judge a comedian who is as successful as Ralphie May. Most people got to know him from Last Comic Standing, and his career has been growing ever since. While he's not on my list of stand-up favorites, I do always enjoy hearing him on podcasts or radio shows. Because of that, I've seen every one of his specials. Too Big to Ignore is definitely a little different from the others.

Buy Ralphie May: Too Big to Ignore at

Movie Review: Death Warmed Up (1984)

Directed by David Blyth

Starring Michael Hurst, Margaret Umbers and William Upjohn

As the film opens, an obviously mad-scientist, Dr. Howell (Gary Day) is having a hard time convincing his supervisor of the validity of his work. He is attempting to cheat death via secret serum injections and brain implants.

Fearing his supervisor will shut down his program, the mad doctor kidnaps the mans teenage son Michael (Michael Hurst) and brain-wash's him (via an injection to the ass cheek in an uncomfortably homo-erotic shower scene). Under the influence of the drug, the young boy kills both of his parents with a shotgun and ends up in a mental asylum.

Movie Review: Debauchery (1983)

Directed by Hidehiro Ito

Starring Mizuho Nakagawa, Shinsho Nakamaru and Tatsuyo Nanjo

This early 80's Japanese soft-core porn sat unreleased on dvd for decades. Fans of this genre have waited patiently, and now Impulse Pictures, with its acquisition of the Nikkatsu Collection, has brought it out of mothballs, spruced it up (just a little) and is now re-pimping these retro BDSM soft-core gems from The Far East for our viewing pleasure here in The West. Break out your popcorn and paper towels kids, Debauchery is finally here!

Ami, (Ryoko Watanabe) is a frustrated housewife with a loving and caring husband who wants nothing but the best for her. Unfortunately for him though, a loving husband is not what his wife craves. Bored with the routine sex she is getting at home, Ami plunges herself into the decadence of the Tokyo underground sex scene. She applies for and gets a job as a prostitute working for the elite Madame Machiko Society Club. Here she experiments with discrete (and ultimately not-so-discrete) sex games and discovers she enjoys the thrill of sex and humiliation at the hands of anonymous men. The sexual perversions she allows herself to be subjected to become more and more sick and depraved with each client. Bondage, whips and beads are just the beginning as she is completely consumed by the new secret life she has chosen. As the danger level rises, it becomes apparent that not only is she putting her reputation and marriage on the line, but her very life as well.

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May 19, 2012

Movie Review: Cosmic Monsters (1958)

Director: Gilbert Gunn
Stars: Forrest Tucker and Gaby André

I think my favourite hobby is listening to Robert Osborne introduce monster movies on TCM. It may be that he secretly loves the things but I don't think so. I think he feels embarrassed every time they come up, but he's a professional and he does his job well with just a hint of a smile at the realisation of what sort of material he's introducing. Then again this one begins as a pretty intelligent monster movie as such things go, made in the UK by Anglo-Scottish Pictures, sourced from a story by René Ray. Sure, the introduction is more than a little melodramatic ('Man goes forward into the unknown but how does the unknown react?'), but it settles down quickly into a thoughtful movie. It's actually hilarious to hear such rationality about science juxtaposed with a rampant sexism. 'A woman?' cries Dr Laird when he's told that his new computer operator is a member of the fairer sex. 'This is preposterous! This is highly skilled work!'

Buy Cosmic Monsters [VHS]

May 17, 2012

Movie Review: The Theatre Bizarre (2011)

There's been much talk over the past six months on how the horror anthology has made its triumphant return.  The 70’s and 80’s, for me, had some of my favorites: Vault of Horror, Tales From the Crypt, Trilogy of Terror, Creepshow and From a Whisper to a Scream were all titles that I enjoyed viewing. When approached correctly, the anthology film can be like a tremendous food sampler at your favorite hole-in the- wall-bar; when it isn’t, it’s a shitty appetizer dish at Applebee’s.

David Gregory of Severin films is an obvious admirer of the format. So much so he brought together the talents of six fine genre film directors: Karim Hussain (Subconscious Cruelty), Douglas Buck (Cutting Moments) , Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock), Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead), Richard Stanley (Hardware) and Jeremy Kasten. Gregory even contributes his own entry to this strong group.

Movie Review: House of Flesh Mannequins (2009)

Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo

Starring Domiziano Cristopharo, Irena Hoffman and Giovanni Lombardo Radice

It really is hard for me to sum up a movie that tries to be 5 different styles of film at the same time. It wants desperately to be an art-house movie, filled with bizarre images and undecipherable symbolism. It all too often wants to be a porn movie, indulging in acts of masturbation, penetration, oral sex and tons of nudity, (think naked masturbating clowns ejaculating on themselves and sex scenes involving blow-up dolls). There are times it wants to be a love story, a horror movie and ultimately a snuff film.

Buy House of Flesh Mannequins at

Now, you would think with all that juicy subject matter this flick would be over-the-top awesome, right? Well, the answer is yes(at times).....and no (most of the time). I walked away with a feeling that the makers of this film probably started out with a list of shocking images they wanted to convey and then as an afterthought tried to create some sort of story-line in an attempt to tie it all together.

May 16, 2012

"The Dr. Midnite Show" Coming Soon!!

The Dr. Midnite Show to debut online Friday July 13th 2012

Local Horror Movie enthusiasts Jeremiah Wilkerson and partner Andrea Beesley (Midnite Movie Mamacita) both formerly of The Royale Cinema in Mesa, along with critic/writer Mark Moorhead are teaming up to create Phoenix’s newest Horror Host Show.  Horror Hosts have been void on the scene in Arizona since Ghoulia (KOLD-TV) and Dr. Scar (KGUN-TV) in the 1950s-1970s and Edmus Scarey (KNXV-TV) in the 1980s.  Dr. Midnite (Wilkerson) and Nurse Nocturna (Beesley) will launch their venture with a panel at the Phoenix Comicon on Saturday May 26th (Room 131BC) 6-7pm at the Phoenix Convention Center.  The Dr. Midnite Show will premier online via on Friday July 13th

The format of the show will follow a traditional Horror Host layout (e.g. Elvira, Svengoolie) with wrap-around segments filmed in the Doctor’s laboratory (Monsterland Bar & Grill) accompanying a classic B-Movie.  Viewers will be able to experience the complete show online via the website or join the motley crew at various Valley locations where they will perform the show live.  After programming Film Events in the Valley since 2006, Beesley is excited to take the experience to a new level.  “Following the closure of The Royale we wanted to continue doing Community Events to stay involved with the loyal following we have established over the years.  Reviving a beloved American tradition like Horror Hosting seemed a natural fit for our mission”.

Movie Review: The Vampire (1957, Cheezy Flicks)

Directed by Paul Landers

Starring John Beal, Coleen Gray and Kenneth Tobey

50's sci-fi and horror movies, of the low-end drive-in variety, have always held a special place in my heart. This is the era when no matter how horrendous the movie may have been, I always seem to find something about it that appeals to me. This was the era when not only the film the movie was shot on was black and white, but the stories were as well. It was the scientists and the cops vs. the aliens, monsters and beasties. And no matter how bad things got, the good guys always triumphed in the end with a well placed bullet or an ingenious plan that someone pulls out of their ass in the waning seconds before the credits roll.

May 15, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #47 - Big Bad Mamas

Dave and Kevin talk about the best, worst and most interesting moms in movie history.

Kevin also talks about the upcoming Phoenix Comicon and some new comedy album rereleases from Redd Foxx and other classic comics, and he reviews Ralphie May's latest DVD.

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May 13, 2012

Abnormal Entertainment takes over Phoenix Comicon!

The schedule is set, and we're ready to rule Phoenix Comicon this Memorial Day weekend!

Join us for a panel, live podcasting and an all new Cinema Head Cheese live movie commentary on Friday, May 25th!

5:00pm - Panel: Podcasting... The Abnormal Way!

6:00pm - Live Podcast: Cinema Head Cheese meets The Atomic Fallout Society

7:00pm - Live Podcast: Put It Together with The BS Carnival

8:00pm - Live Podcast: Raise Your Spirits with Future of Man

9:30pm - Cinema Head Cheese presents a live movie commentary with a cult classic film!

Get tickets and event info at

To sponsor us for the event, email Kevin at

See you there!

Movie Review: Nightbeast (1982)

Let me start by saying, Nightbeast is an awful film. The acting is atrociously over-the-top. The majority of the night scenes are poorly shot and just way to dark . With that said, it's gory, hilarious and it has George Stover (Desperate Living, Female Trouble). The late Don Dohler (Blood Massacre, Fiend, and The Alien Factor) struck cinematic gold with this 1982 extra-terrestrial splatter film. Troma grabbed the rights to Nightbeast in the early 90's so that fans of quality crap could revisit this unforgettable slice of goofy 80's independent horror. Come feast with the beast!

Buy Nightbeast on DVD

The Movie Burrito: Volume 4 - Cultaminated

by David Hayes

Gigantis:The Fire Monster (1955)

This is the oft-ignored follow up to the original Godzilla! In this piece of foam rubber brilliance, Anguirus (a spiked turtle-type monster handily ripped off by Gamera) fights Godzilla. Tokyo is leveled again. Roll credits and get cracking building the next giant creature.

The Woman Eater (1957)

Follow me here. A mad scientist has a giant carnivorous tree. In order to keep it happy he feeds it slutty half-clothed women. The tree gets so happy it makes a serum that can raise the dead. I have a sin to admit. I really enjoy giant plant movies. That said, The Woman Eater needs help. It’s sad when Ed Wood’s Venus Flytrap does it better. It’s sad that I can say that anything Ed Wood did was better.

May 12, 2012

Movie Review: Murder Obsession (Blu-ray, 1981)

Raro Video is quickly asserting itself as one of the top genre DVD/Blu-ray labels around. If you’ve seen their releases Fellini’s Clowns and Fernando Di Leo’s crime masterpieces and have taken a glance at their current slate of upcoming titles – Night of the Devils, Waves of Lust and Madness, as a Euro-cult fan you should be excited. Murder Obsession was an obscure Riccardo Freda film that surprised the hell out of me at how much trashy fun it was. Now, we have a Blu-ray release of Murder Obsession in High-Definition, packed with even more extras.
Michael (played by the incredibly wooden, Stefano Patrizi) is a successful actor with a dark secret in his past that involves his parents. For one, he has a strong Oedipus complex which he shares with his surprisingly sexy mother, Shirley (Martine Brochard) and he's also murdered his pappy. It's been years since Michael murdered his dad but even then he still experiences nightmares about the incident. Although Michael gets the jollys for his mum from time, he's found a girlfriend named Deborah (Silvia Dionisio) to share his life with. The couple decides to visit Michael's mom at her creepy old mansion where all of Michael's memories come full circle.

May 11, 2012

Movie Review: The Aggression Scale (2012, Anchor Bay)

Directed by Steven C. Miller

Starring Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook and Ryan Hartwig

I'm just gonna start this review by saying I absolutely loved this movie. Director Steven C. Miller dialed up the perfect combination of brutal action and suspense with The Aggression Scale. A mob boss, (Ray Wise) has a team of ruthless assassins leaving a bloody trail behind them as they search for his stolen money. One by one they are going down a list and everyone on the list is ending up a greasy stain. When they get to Bill's name they assume he will be an easy mark. And although Bill was involved in stealing the mob boss's money, what the assassins didnt count on was the fact that Bill used some the stolen money to get his mentally disturbed son Owen, (Ryan Hartwig) released from a maximum security institution, so he could come live with his family in their newly bought home. Owen's Aggression Scale test scores are 99.5 out of 100. That makes him one dangerous kid, and the hit-squad's worst nightmare. After Owens parents are murdered by the hitmen, he and his mousey, suicidal step-sister escape into the woods, and thats when the deadly cat-and-mouse game begins.

May 9, 2012

Interview: Director Sid Pink

by David Hayes

David Hayes interviewed the late great Sid Pink over a decade ago. Sit back and enjoy his discussion with the cult legend.

“Might as well do this now, I don’t know how much longer I’ve got left,” jokes Sid Pink. Heralded as one of the industry’s most daring, innovative and overlooked writer/director/producers, Sidney Pink sits back in his Florida home not even hinting that the man behind Angry Red Planet (1959), Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962), Bwana Devil (1950) and Reptilicus (1961) is anything but your average retiree. As one of the first truly successful independent film producers in the United States and abroad, Sid Pink is in a league all his own.

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 1936 with a degree in business administration, Pink traveled to the starry-eyed land of Hollywood. He eventually landed a job as Production Budget Manager with Phil Krasne’s Grand National Pictures. While there, Pink worked with the great James Cagney and Tex Ritter. His first production for Grand National, and with James Cagney, was Something to Sing About (1937). “I learned a great deal from Jimmy Cagney. He was an “Old Show Business” kind of guy… undefeatable. He taught me things at Grand National that I used up until my last few pictures.” When Cagney resigned from Grand National, the ship was quickly sinking and Pink found work as a Production Manager with Harry Cohn’s Columbia Pictures. Pink created the Production Budget Department at Columbia that would keep track of the production budget on every picture, with a detailed report delivered to Cohn everyday. Cohn, a notorious blow-hard that treated people like dirt, called Pink into his office one day and threw a tantrum concerning the latest budget report (that Pink had not gotten to review yet). “In my own colorful language, I proceeded to tell Cohn off. He shut his mouth and stared at me while I outyelled him. By the time I got to the second floor I was met at my office with my paycheck and my employee pass was pulled.” Pink said goodbye to Columbia Pictures and Harry Cohn over a misplaced decimal point. Pink stayed out of filmmaking until 1950, and then came back with a vengeance. He made Bwana Devil, with Robert Stack, the world’s first 3-D color movie. This would be just the tip of the iceberg for Sid Pink’s role as a “film innovator.”

May 8, 2012

Movie Review: Grindhouse Collection - Sex Mad Family

After Hours Cinema has done an admirable job for us perverts by continuing to dig deep into their massive vault of vintage hardcore porn with their various themed "Grindhouse Collections". The theme in the trio of titles on their Grindhouse Triple Feature: Sex Mad Family is aimed at only the true pervert - the kind that doesn't mind seeing family members do some screwin'. Cousin Pauline, Curious Women and Sex Mad Family are the three films included, and folks they're some crazy, cheap pre-Taboo filthiness.

The very first dose of dangling dicks and sloppy seventy’s tits is the delightful, Sex Mad Family. Here we have a father resembling Art Garfunkel, with a penchant for S&M and slightly uncomfortable discussions with his daughter. He can’t seem to get any lovin' from his wife so it’s off to his mistress for some slap ‘n’ tickle and good old fashioned fucking. Meanwhile, his very curious but dumb as a rock daughter stays at home with her cousin exploring their bodies. Sex Mad, they are, but attractive they ain’t. A lot of funny lines are thrown around in this flick, even though there really isn’t much to look at on the screen.

Movie Review: Mother's Day (2010)

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman

Starring Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King and Shawn Ashmore

Mother's Day begins by showing us a scene where a woman walks into a hospital and steals three babies out of a hospital nursery, her evil intentions are made known quickly when a security guard isviciously killed with a knife, (although we never find out who it was that killed that security guard). It then cuts to three brothers who are on the run from the law after a botched bank robbery. One of them has a nasty shotgun wound and is barely clinging to life. In a panic, they decide as a last resort to head back to mother's house for refuge. When they get there though, they soon realize that their house is occupied by strangers. Apparently the house was foreclosed on and mother is nowhere to be found.

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #46 - The Fant-Ass-Tic Four

Before they get into movies, Jeff, Dave and Kevin decide what superheroes they'd be if they had a fantastic foursome along with Abnormal Entertainment alum Camm Harston.

Kevin starts off with high praise for Joss Whedon and The Avengers. He talks about the trailers he saw for Prometheus, Brave and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Jeff reviews the director's cut of Commando and the anthology The Theater Bizarre. Dave gives his take on The Human Centipede 2 and the Masters of Horror Showtime series.

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May 6, 2012

Movie Review: The Wicker Tree (Blu-ray, 2012)

Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man was one of those unique genre films that defined what was so great about seventies horror; it was atmospheric, disturbing and more importantly had the legendary Christopher Lee (Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Rings). Movies that good seem to get remade nowadays, which is exactly what happened in 2006 when Nicolas Cage starred in Neil LaBute’s remake of Hardy’s film. Now we have The Wicker Tree, with Hardy returning, a fresh young cast and Lee reprising his role as Lord Summerisle.

A popular young gospel singer, Beth Bootheby (Brittania Nicol) decides to take her talents along with her cowboy boyfriend (Henry Thomson) across the world to the Pagan worshiping Scottish town of Tressock. Both are strong, celibate, promise ring wearing Christians who would just like to take their religion and very gently shove it down the throat of the pagan villagers. Not a good idea, especially with the towns history of treating outsiders.

May 5, 2012

Movie Review: Stiffed (2012)

It's always interesting to see genres that cross. The first time I saw gangsters and zombies meshed was the French movie The Horde. I absolutely loved that movie. The way the story shifted was amazing. Stiffed tries to do something similar with some comedy thrown in. It starts in one direction and shifts into horror. It's not a bad attempt, but it still could have used a few things and done without a few others.

The three gangsters in our story are a fat greasy Italian-looking guy, a rich kid preppy type and a Mexican guy who says "homes" way too much. The fat gangster gets involved with a Satanic stripper, and that's when things start to turn for the worse.

May 4, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese on Creep Show Radio!

Cinema Head Cheese creep Jeff Dolniak was invited to be on Brian Harris' "Creep Show Radio" today. It's a fun listen if you dig the Cheese. Brian's site Wildside Cinema is a must for any fan of cult cinema. Check it out at!

If you'd like to listen to the interview just click on this link:

May 3, 2012

Movie Review: The Innkeepers (Blu-ray, 2011)

Next to vampire films, the one sub-genre of horror that entertains me the least are films centering on ghosts or paranormal entities. It's not that they're bad. I've seen some enjoyable films throughout the years like The Changeling, The Shining and Poltergeist; it's just they rarely scare or hold my interest. Two years ago, Ti West surprised a lot of people with the superb House of the Devil, now his most recent project, The Innkeepers, makes its way to both Blu-ray and DVD.  Did The Innkeepers put me to sleep, or was it one of those rare supernatural features that passed the test? Let's have a look!

Claire (Sara Paxton, Shark Night, and The Last House on the Left) and Luke (Pat Healy, Ghost World) are a couple of slackers working at the soon-to-be closed Yankee Pedlar Inn. Before the inn closes these ghost enthusiasts want to perform their own ghost hunting on some supposedly haunted sections of the inn.

May 2, 2012

Movie Review: Produce Your Own Damn Movie (2011, Troma)

Directed by Lloyd Kaufman

Starring Lloyd Kaufman, Roger Corman and Hershel Gordon Lewis

At one time or another, each and every one of us has watched a great horror movie and wondered how cool it would be to make one ourselves. And we've all watched stinkers that were so horrible we were certain we could of done it better had we been the one sitting in the directors chair. Modern day B-movie icon ( and master of turning shit into a cash profit), Lloyd Kaufman is no dummy, he knows this, and in the process of coming out with yet another straight-to-video release he has inadvertently created what could be one of the most important, informative and cost effective tools available, for helping aspiring film makers succeed in their dreams of creating a movie of their own.

May 1, 2012

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #45 - The Avenjerks

Jeff and Kevin start off this week a slew of reviews including Pucca, I Love You Phillip Morris, The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, The Innkeepers, and the collection Three Filthy Detective films.

Kevin and Dave discuss superhero movies and television in anticipation of The Avengers.

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"Twins of Evil" Double Your Pleasure on Blu-ray and DVD July 10th From Synapse Films!






Luscious Playboy centerfold twins, Mary and Madeleine Collinson, bring new blood to the legendary Hammer Films fold in this new transfer of a most elusive film in horror history, John Hough's TWINS OF EVIL, now on Blu-ray and DVD from Synapse Films!


Two beautiful orphaned identical twins, Maria and Frieda Gellhorn (Playboy centerfold models Mary and Madeleine Collinson), move to the village of Karnstein to live with their uncle Gustav Weil (played by Hammer horror favorite, Peter Cushing), a fanatical puritan and leader of the local witch-hunting “Brotherhood.”        
    The village Count (Damien Thomas, Never Let Me Go), is an evil man who secretly practices Satanism, uses black magic and transforms into a bloodthirsty vampire.  Unhappy with her new life, Frieda seeks escape and tragically falls under the spell of the Count. Now overcome with an insatiable delirious hunger for fresh human blood, Frieda has to hide her secret from her sister, and escape her uncle’s killing grasp!
    The wait is over! The Hammer horror classic TWINS OF EVIL is now available from Synapse Films in an all-new 1080p high-definition transfer and loaded with intoxicating exclusive special features. Also stars Kathleen Byron (Black Narcissus), David Warbeck (Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond) and Dennis Price (Jess Franco’s Vampyros Lesbos)!



  • THE FLESH AND THE FURY: X-POSING TWINS OF EVIL (84 mins.) - An all-new, feature-length documentary exploring Hammer's infamous 'Karnstein' trilogy from the origin of Carmilla, to the making of TWINS OF EVIL! Featuring exclusive interviews with director John Hough, star Damien Thomas, cult film director Joe Dante, Video Watchdog editor Tim Lucas, and more!
  • Motion Still Gallery (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Deleted Scene (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer & TV Spots (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Isolated Music & E ffects Track (Blu-ray Exclusive)

Run Time: 87 minutes
Release Date:
July 10, 2012
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1
DVD/Blu-ray combo
All Regions
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Catalog No.: SFD0117

Synapse Films

Movie Review: Of Dolls and Murder (2011)

Movie review by Greg Goodsell

Directed By Susan Marks

Frances Glessner Lee (1878 – 1962), was a dear little old lady born of the Victorian era. A millionaire heiress, her parents sent her brother off to Ivy league schools while she was expected to stay home and marry the right man. Marrying at the ago of 20, Lee mothered three children but ultimately divorced her husband. It was during this time she begun to indulge her passion for crime and punishment -- and murder. 

Introduced to George MaGrath, he introduced Lee to the reality that police detectives weren’t properly trained to process crime scenes for medical evidence. In the Gay Nineties, forensic crime investigations were still in their infancy. recalling her childhood passion for dolls, dollhouse and miniaturizations, Lee began in earnest a series of ghastly tableaux that were to be later called the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. Incredibly elaborate and detailed dollhouse scenes, using store-bought dollies -- who were then customized to show expressions of alarm and death -- these nutshells were used as a training tool that allowed budding detectives to arrive at crime scenes to arrive at their own conclusions about the dolls' demises.