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December 28, 2010

Movie Review: Kingdom Of The Spiders (1977)

by Hal Astell

There can never be too many reasons to want to watch a particular movie but this one has even more reasons than most. It's a horror movie set in Arizona, shot in Camp Verde. It's a William Shatner movie, towards the end of the period when he was building one of the most fascinating film careers around, a period that ended two years later with Star Trek: The Motion Picture. His co-star is Tiffany Bolling, an interesting actress who I've seen recently in Wicked, Wicked and The Centerfold Girls. And of course it's full of spiders, real spiders, no less than 5,000 of them who constantly steal the show from everyone.

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Camp Verde is a rural farming community, as it should be, even though I've spent five years living in Arizona and not seeing any such thing. Almost everyone here lives in the Phoenix Metropolitan area where we don't have the space that folks like Walter Colby have at their cattle ranch. Woody Strode is a strange choice to play Colby, not because there aren't any black ranchers in Arizona, but because they're perhaps deliberately the first people we see and yet we don't see a single Mexican or Native American at any point throughout the entire film. The first victim of the spiders is one of Colby's calves that he expects to win prizes at the imminent county fair. The next is his dog and then his bull, which pretty much wipes him out.

December 27, 2010

Interview: Israel Luna

By Lacey Paige

Independent filmmaker and proud member of the gay film community Israel Luna recently stirred up controversy with the 2010 release of his latest film—a throwback to ‘70s grindhouse/
exploitation/revenge flicks titled, Ticked-off Trannies with Knives. With several successful screenings across the States, Luna’s latest proved him to be the type of guy who takes no slack when it comes to his openness about his sexuality. A strong believer and supporter of homosexual rights, his films and audacious personality have helped him build a strong reputation in Dallas’ independent-gay film community. Breaking Glass Pictures recently released news of an official DVD release of his 2008 Slasher film, Fright Flick. Upon having recently returned from scouting for locations for his upcoming zombie film project, Luna took some time to share a bit about himself and his experiences with Cinesploitation.

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December 26, 2010

Hollywood Roadkill: The Ghost of Christmas Failure

Ah, the holidays. They bring out the best in people and the worst in movies. Think about all the horse shit you've seen across your basic cable listings this month. Sure, you get a few classics, but you also get to see Jim Carrey in a Grinch suit. Not good. You might think that's the worst of the worst, but I decided to dig up a few things we never got to see.

 Santo Claus

After our Luchador hero is challenged to a match by the one and only St. Nick, Santo defeats the jolly toy maker. Once Santo removes Santa's hat, he must wear it and take over the role of Christmas delivery man for the holidays. Good boys and girls receive presents, while those on the naughty list get a ho-ho-horrible ass whooping from Santo and his midget wrestler elves.

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December 23, 2010

Movie Review: Deadly Little Christmas (2009)

Day 10 of the David Hayes 12 Days of Christmas Crap Review-a-Palooza and, boy, the holiday shenanigans just don’t seem to end. Today, holiday shoppers, we will be visiting one in the long line of David Sterling crapics. A film so daring, that it manages to not only rip-off a genre classic but also rip off it’s head and crap down it’s neck even better than Rob Zombie did.

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Head Cheese gave to me… nine lame-ass characters and a tranny plot twist.

Oh the horror. Oh the snowy, festive horror. Remember when Gus Van Zant was on everyone’s naughty list for making a shot for shot remake of Hitchcock’s Psycho? Apparently, David Sterling (he of Curse of Pirate Death, Camp Blood, Blood Legend, etc. fame, so we know where this is going) took a page out of Gus’ book and threw a little dash of b-movie auteur onto a classic storyline. Let me shake up my magic b-movie snow globe and peer with me into a A Deadly Little Christmas!

December 22, 2010

Movie Review: Behind The XXX (2010)

As an avid watcher of adult film features, one thing that has always made me curious is what does it actually take (besides a reliable boner) to make a movie? It’s good to have someone who can turn-on a camera, edit ,wrangle some women eager enough to nail the generally ugly fellows, and of course write a story. Ok, kidding on the last one. Behind-the-scenes are nothing new to XXX DVDs, you see all the big companies using them in their supplementary materials, but rarely are they put out into a feature-length package like Brookland Bros. Behind The XXX.

First Book in America on Japan's Famed Godzilla Director!

For the first time in America, a book has been published on Japan's foremost director of Fantasy Films: “MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda” (AuthorHouse, ISBN: 978-1-4490-2771-1).

Buy Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men in Paperback

Known primarily for directing such classic Japanese monster movies as Rodan, Mothra, Attack of the Mushroom People and the original Godzilla, Honda has been a much-overlooked figure in mainstream international cinema.

MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is the first book to cover in English print Honda’s life as well comprehensively evaluates all 25 of his fantasy films. It is also gives objective and critical analysis of Honda's filmmaking methods, themes and relationships with actors and technicians.

Making use of extensive interviews from Honda’s colleagues, as well as a wealth of original source material never before gathered into one volume (including previously-unpublished essays), MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is an affectionate tribute to the most-prolific and influential director in the history of fantasy films.

December 21, 2010

Chainsaw Sally coming to Troma DVD!!

December 21, 2010 (New York, NY) – Are you fed up with the philistine who takes a full shopping cart through the express checkout lane? What about the one who parks in handicapped spaces? Sally (April Monique Burril) is and she’s not going to stay quiet! With the hum of her trusty chainsaw to announce her return, she is picking up where the movie of the same name left off, repurposing the use of power tools for every disgruntled member of society!

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In season 1, Sally continues to dispense her raw and ruthless renegade justice even as investigators close in on her for a previous ghastly murder. With her brother Ruby (Azman Toy) at one hand and her new friend Poe (Lilly Burril), the goth high school reject, at the other, Sally continues to be a formidable and frightening force of nature, cutting straight through legs, torsos and the long arm of the law!

App Reviews: Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons

I'm not sure why I even downloaded this app. I am a person who becomes obsessed with games. I have far too little time to deal with such tomfoolery, but yet, here I am writing about this thing that has become my crack cocaine. Angry Birds, ladies and gentlemen, is my new toilet game.

Find Angry Birds on

Toilet game? Yes, toilet game. The bathroom used to be a place for newspapers and magazines. It then became a place for little handheld games like solitaire or blackjack. Now it is the realm of the Android and the iPhone. Ladies, you may not understand this, but for a man the only true place of peace and serenity is his bathroom. That is where he may think, and that is where he may stink. That is where he cleans and dirties himself. That is the only remaining place that he can go in which no living soul will bother him. You can have your den or retardedly named man cave, but for me, I am always king when I am upon my throne.

December 19, 2010

Best Of 2010: Top Ten DVD Releases

Cinema Head Cheese has compiled a list for the Top 10 DVD releases of 2010. These are the cream of the crop folks and highly recommended purchases for cult film fans.

10. The Vengeance Trilogy (Tartan Video)

9. Forced Entry (Pink Flamingo Entertainment)

8. Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives (Breaking Glass Pictures)

7. Long Pigs (R-Squared)

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Movie Review: Christmas in Connecticut (1992)

Oh my. My oh my. I think I’ve actually crossed over into an alternate reality… oh, wait. It’s just another remake. Alas, Day 7 of the David Hayes 12 Days of Christmas Crap Review-a-Palooza is now boarding. Where we headed, Cap’n? To Connecticut!

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Head Cheese gave to me… seven has-been talents.

In 1945 Barbra Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan starred in a charming little holiday film about a deceitful television cook, a bona fide hero and how love is a powerful thing. Jump ahead 47 years and that charming little story is tacked out like a frog meant for dissecting. We’re in remake land and in remake land the rules of common sense just don’t apply. That satirical and romantic tale from 1945 is now directed by the Austrian Weed Machine himself, the slayer of all things nasty and soon-to-be former Governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. See what I mean about remake land? It’s like physics just don’t apply. When Ah-nold is joined by, quite possibly, the recipient of the first facelift and Blade’s assistant not even the tenuous hold that remake land has on reality is enough to protect us from Christmas in Connecticut.

Rickshaw Sideways: The Amero Brothers Blonde Ambition

by Heather Drain

There are moments in film history where a tag line serves not only as the greatest bait but also as the perfect description. Keep in mind this sort of creative/promotional kismet is about as rare as contraception at the Duggars', but unlike that poor-taste metaphor, it does happen. Vid-X-Pix's latest Platinum Release of BLONDE AMBITION is a fantastic example of this. The tag line in question...

If you liked Singing in the Rain and Deep Throat, then you will love Blonde Ambition!

Funny, yes, but incredibly accurate. Both films actually have the same light-hearted zaniness, but despite Damiano's brilliant theme song (Deeeep Throaaatt....deeper than deep your throat....don't get your goat...that's all she wrote...), DEEP THROAT doesn't really qualify as a proper musical. And unless there is some kind of hidden reel rotting away in some billionaire's attic in Zurich, there is zero sex and nudity in SINGING IN THE RAIN. (Too bad though. Gene Kelley in his prime is a beautiful, beautiful thing y'all.)

December 18, 2010

Movie Review: The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (2002)

Day 6 of the David Hayes 12 Days of Christmas Crap Review-a-Palooza is in the books and I just had to take a break. I couldn’t wade through anymore holiday dreck and so I thought I’d expose y’all to a little comic book-inspired awesomeness.

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Head Cheese gave to me… six fraggin’ bastiches!
For those of you who are unaware, I am a HUGE comic book fan. Personally, I think it is the perfect medium. You don’t have to deal with diva actors and giant budgets. If I want to blow up Jupiter, I can blow up Jupiter. If I want a zombie attack in the middle of the Battle of Gettysburg… I get what I want without any issues. That is why the comic book is so freaking cool. With that said, the comics I tend to read are a little, well, they are equally as off as I am. In the 1990s and early 2000s, though, no other character took root in my heart like Lobo. The last surviving member of his race (because he killed the rest), professional ass-whooper for hire and all around hip psychopath. Originally a part of the Omega Men series, Lobo found a home in L.E.G.I.O.N. before he proved far too popular, and got a revamp by writer/artists extraordinaire Alan Grant and Keith Giffen. Lobo’s solo comic book debut was in a single issue one-shot called The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special.

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December 17, 2010

Movie Review: G.G Allin and The AIDS Brigade: Live in Boston 1989 (2010)

Back in the early 90’s, there was a Tower Records not too far from my home that I'd occasionally try to hit after school. I would always find myself picking up VHS rentals of stuff I couldn’t find in the Blockbusters littering my neighborhood. This place had everything: graphic Italian horror ,exploitation from Something Weird Video and shocking art-house flicks like Salo and Man Bites Dog. It was my one-stop shop for everything that would eventually corrupt my innocent little cabesa…oh and there was G.G Allin's documentary, Hated, too. Here, at Tower Records in Mesa, Arizona, I became fascinated with this fairly untalented punk-rocker. If you haven't yet been exposed to the brilliance of Hated, in short, it's a very well produced documentary; one of the best of its ilk . It wasn’t long after this that I was buying bootlegs of this real-life freak show’s sparsely attended but rarely boring concerts.

The pride of Lancaster, New Hampshire now has a new DVD from MVD Visual called, G.G Allin and The AIDS Brigade: Live In Boston 1989, which highlights his surprisingly tame years (for G.G, at least) with his band the AIDS Brigade. Don’t get me wrong about it being tame, this DVD also contains two of his most shocking live-performances in its bonus features section - post-AIDS Brigade with The Murder Junkies . Much of the songs you may come to know and love from G.G Allin and The Murder Junkies are present in the “AIDS Brigade” performances: I Wanna Fuck Myself, Kill the Police, I Wanna Rape You, Cunt on The Loose, I Live To Be Hated and of course, G.G’s classic ditty, Expose Yourself To Kids. If you haven’t heard Expose Yourself to Kids, you’re in for a treat. It’s a little infectious after a while, kind of like G.G fapping his famous microscopic tackle - that he so lovingly flicks at the audience.

The AIDS Brigade footage is enjoyable enough in it's simplicity( minus the antics ), but it’s just a precursor to the inevitable poo-flinging, piss-guzzling, concert-goer-blowing G.G, we know all too well. Let’s just call it “The Calm Before the Shit-Storm”. The bonus features contain two shows from 1993: Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. These shows are prime examples of what transformed G.G Allin into the infamous, destructive persona that he relished in the final years before his death. Soon we see G.G defecating like a rhesus monkey after a Starbucks and broccoli binge. And yes, much like said primate, throwing his butt-mud at the audience. Liza Minelli never did that..or at least, when I went. It’s gross stuff folks. Add a turkey-baster into the mix, amateur pyrotechnics, self-mutilation via microphone, and you soon forget how lousy a singer he is. Are we really listening though?

If you’ve made it past the third paragraph, you may just have an interest in G.G Allin and The AIDS Brigade: Live in Boston 1989. I will say, this is indeed strong stuff, but, with that said, anyone with any curiosity of this truly one-of-kind performer needs to check this DVD release out. Just remember to duck.

Vampire Circus (Blu-ray, Synapse Films)

Shamefully, this is the first Hammer Horror film I have ever seen. I know, take my horror geek credentials away now. I've just never had the chance to see any of them. With this stellar release from the awesome cats at Synapse Films, I couldn't have picked a better foray into Britain's legendary production company. Read on for my review on the film, extra's and all around quality from this new Blu-ray. Hint, it's bloody phenomenal.

Buy Vampire Circus on Blu-Ray!

The Film:

As said previously this was my first Hammer Horror viewing, I didn't quite know what I was in for. I've seen my fair share of vampire films, but nothing like this. Vampire Circus oozes with atmosphere and I loved every minute of it. The film begins with head vampire, Count Mitterhaus (Robert Tayman) feeding off a small girl in his castle. That scene establishes the dark mood for the rest of the movie. I was actually shocked that that the filmmakers decided to use a young girl as vamp food instead of a buxom blonde. As topical as it is, it's what makes Vampire Circus stand out amongst the rest and righteously a cult classic.

The Dark Lurking (DVD, Cinema Epoch)

Ugh, this was tough. I went into watching this optimistic and thinking it'd be a fun, low budget monster flick. Low budget, yes...extremely. Fun, only because I was laughing at what I was subjecting myself to. I love bad, B horror flicks, but this is on it's own level of dreck. Why did I dislike it so much? Read on dear Cheeser, if you dare...

The plot (if you wanna call it one) is one that's been used and exhausted for years. Mutated experiments escape, kill and hunt for the remaining survivors on a spaceship. Our survivors are cliched to umpteenth degree. You have the token girl with a connection to the aliens. The beefy Commandos that have no idea whats going on. The scientists that may or may not know what the creatures are. Oh, don't forget about the random characters that serve no purpose other than to be eaten. Their plan is to escape the ship before they become monster food. And, that's it. There is zero characterization for me to even care if these people come out alive. I understand you don't watch flicks like this for characterization, but if there was anything remotely cool to keep my interest piqued I wouldn't be so harsh. It's not the low budget that bogs this flick down. 95% of my favorite films are low budget B goodness. It's the overall lack of care that went into the making. The dialogue, cinematography, acting and Windows '96 CGI and more make this a complete stinker.

Cinema Epoch brings The Dark Lurking to DVD in an anamorphic widescreen presentation. It doesn't look to good but I blame that on the films low budget production. Audio is a Dolby Digital mix which does it's job, no problems in that department. Extras include a stills gallery, trailer, 25 minute "making of" and a short film from the director titled "Netherworld". Also promo gallery for other flicks from Cinema Epoch.

The Dark Lurking is a drivel of a flick, a definite pass.

Movie Review: Wasteland Tales (2010)

Another World Entertainment has made a steady impression on the genre DVD market in Europe. Many of their titles don’t yet have region one releases, but that shouldn’t keep anyone here in the states from checking out their very eclectic product. Wasteland Tales, is just one of those releases that you may want to take a gander at if you’re into exploitation and grindhouse cinema . The DVD is a compilation of some incredibly campy and surprisingly well shot Danish short-films (The Last Warrior, Eastern Army, Connected, I Barbari Dei Cph, Max Fury og Tutorial - How to Kill a Racist).

December 16, 2010

Movie Review: Tromeo and Juliet (Blu-Ray)

What’s a better way to learn the famous words of Bill Shakespeare than through a visual medium produced by the great B movie pioneer, Lloyd Kaufman? In 1996, Romeo and Juliet was brought back to the screen by Baz Luhrmann, starring teen-idol ,Leonardo Dicaprio. Not long after, James Gunn (Slither, Dawn of the Dead), a young up-and-coming screenwriter, penned his own take on the historical story of two “Star-crossed lovers” titled, Tromeo and Juliet. Baz Vs. Lloyd… who can give Shakespeare the justice he most certainly deserves? If you know my taste, you can guess who I picked.

Will Keenan and Jane Jensen both star as the ill-fated couple . Tromeo and Juliet is about two rival familys named; the Que's and the Capulet's. These families stopped getting along ever since, Cappy Capulet (William Beckwith)had a falling out with Monty Que(Earl McKoy) over their unique filmmaking endeavors. Both families grow apart over time, until Tromeo and Juliet find an undying love together. It doesn’t take to long before we're witness to the usual Troma strengths: Graphic nudity, potty humor, gigantic angry penis monsters and gratuitous acts of violence. Troma scream queens, Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon are also, thankfully, on board this sleazy ride, and put on they’re typical over-the-top sexy performances in - that will surely make fans of these beauties, gitty with school-boy masturbatory enjoyment. Did I mention Joe Fleishaker yet? Yes, everybody’s favorite Troma blob, literally eats the scenery any time his magnificent figure is on screen.

Buy Tromeo and Juliet on Blu-Ray!

Cinematic Hell: Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

Director: Dick Ashe
Stars: Chase Cordell, Donna Leigh Drake, Gregorio Sala and Patrick Wright

Track of the Moon Beast is one of those unfortunate films that are doomed to be remembered for the wrong reasons, not that there are any good reasons to remember it. Unlike many of the films I've reviewed for Cinematic Hell, it's not 'so bad it's good', it's so bad it's just bad. Shot in 1972 but not released until a distribution deal could be reached in 1976, that perhaps explains why Dick Ashe never made another film. He'd moved up from assistant director positions on a couple of other films to helm this solo, but then... nothing. His work is no worse than what you'd see on any random TV movie in the seventies, just as the cast easily fit that bill too. None of them seem quite right but they're not really awful. In almost every way this film is just forgettable, but it has a way of striking a nerve for people as something more. In particular, Kevin Murphy, a writer for MST3K, explained that the character of Johnny Longbow was one of the best they'd encountered.

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December 13, 2010

Movie Review: Straight Up - Helicopters In Action (Blu-Ray)

We have yet to do a review of any of the several IMAX DVDS or Blu-Rays here at the Cheese. That however, is going to change, as we in our ever changing journey to be the versatile and unique haven for film aficionados, are taking a break from the many horror and cult titles(for at least this review)that you see so often as the focus on the site. Today, it’s Straight Up : Helicopters in Action (Blu-Ray edition) from Vista Point Entertainment in association with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Legendary actor, Martin Sheen lends his voice to the narration of this IMAX feature, directed by David Douglas. Sheen is solid, and the narration is very simple and devoid of too much technical details that may leave those unfamiliar with the inner workings of Apaches and Cobras scratching their heads. Viewers are treated to a rich variety of helicopters in this documentary( more than a dozen total) that fly on rescue missions, deliver aid to people in need and even repair power lines; at the same time putting the viewer, right in the action.

Buy IMAX Presents - Straight Up: Helicopters in Action!

Movie Review: Tetsuo - The Iron Man

by Dineh Tom

I finally watched it. After a few weeks of having the DVD sitting around, I have at last seen what cannot be unseen! What, you may ask? Tetsuo, the Iron Man. Yes, that film directed, written, and even starring Shinya Tsukamoto. I must say those 67 minutes were a time of shocking, disturbing, squirming, inspirational, and beautiful piece of cinema I have seen for quite some time. I do not mean beautiful in the sense of a landscape perfectly lighted by the rays of the sun, and humans with animals enjoying the fruits of the earth. What I mean by beautiful is more along the lines of a piece of art crafted in a way that not many people dare to go. Creating something we may perceive of sure ugliness, but also creating it in a way that echoes how we struggle, destroy, and continue to live.

Buy Tetsuo - The Iron Man on DVD!

The Henry Paris Library coming soon from VIDEO-X-PIX!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

December 12, 2010

Movie Review: Zombie Girl: The Movie (2009)

Directors: Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall and Erik Mauck

In August 2005 the Texas Filmmakers Production Fund granted $1,000 to a filmmaker making a zombie movie in order to aid with the post production work. That's not too surprising, given that everyone and their dog are making zombie movies nowadays, but this particular filmmaker was only twelve years old at the time. She's Emily Hagins, a sixth grade middle school student in Austin, TX, so hardly your average film buff, let alone your average writer/director/editor. The only thing not surprising is that when she progressed at the age of ten from a set of short films to her zombie feature, Pathogen, a team of documentarians made their own film about her. This is that film and it does a reasonably good job of explaining who Emily is and what she's like as both a person and a filmmaker. It succeeds best in capturing the change between the ten year old girl who has the crazy idea of shooting a feature and the thirteen year old premiƩring it.

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December 11, 2010

Coming Soon: Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong

Charles Band is proud to announce the Full Moon 3-D theatrical presentation of Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong, the latest entry in his smash hit stoner “EVIL BONG” series. The theatrical release of Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong will be presented in 3-D and “Sniff-O-Rama”.

Charles Band, the Chairman and Founder of Full Moon Features was a leading force in the 1980’s rebirth of 3-D. Charles knows what the audience wants out of 3-D, having directed the 3-D features “PARASITE” starring Demi Moore (1982) and “METALSTORM: THE DESTRUCTION OF JARED-SYN” (1983).

December 10, 2010

Dark Moon Digest #2 - Available Now!

Well, David Hayes is on a roll (figuratively). Hot on the heels of his fiction in Pill Hill Press' Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 comes a little bit of horror film theory! Dark Moon Digest #2 features his article "Scare Tactics: The Horror Film and Viewer Desensitization."

Buy Dark Moon Digest - Issue 2!

The second issue of Dark Moon Digest is a "killer". Packed with page-turning tales, you won't be disappointed with this horrific issue. Dark Moon Digest (The Horror Fiction Quarterly) is geared toward horror fans and authors alike. Published four times a year, this 100-plus page literary anthology is a solid addition to any horror enthusiast's library. Dig through this issue and uncover new stories by Craig Garrett ("I Married a Zombie"), Steve Scott ("The Sidehill Toggler"), Tracie McBride ("Barking"), Jeremiah Dutch ("Down Cellar"), Chris Doerner ("Family Ties"), Frances A. Hogg ("Miss Webster's Little Arm) and Graham Williams ("The Book of the Month Club"). Columns and articles include "There's More To Vampires Than Dracula: A Short History Of English Vampire History" (Araminta Star Matthews), "Monster Mythbusting: Haitian Zombies" (Rhonda Parrish), "Chattering Bones: Dr. Strangebite or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Suck" (Manny Frishberg), "Scare Tactics: The Evolution of the Horror Film & Viewer Desensitization" (David C. Hayes) and "Under the Stairs: Dripping with Bloody Gore & Other Not-Scary Mistakes Writers Make" (Michael O'Neal). And you won't want to miss the kick-ass first installment of "Tenants", a 4-part serial novella written by up-and-coming horror writer Kevin McClintock. Or the exciting introduction of our 4-part graphic novelette, "Slaughterhouse", written and inked by Marc Olivent. Or two cool flash fiction horror tales, "Thirteen Seconds" by George Morrow and "Running with the Pack" by Graham Williams. If you missed the first issue of Dark Moon Digest, don't miss this one.

December 8, 2010

Book Review: Bye, Bye Broadie & The Olympic FotoReaders by Ed Wood

Bye, Bye Broadie. Raped in the Grass. The Svengali of Sex. These three volumes (possibly joined by The Erotic Spy written under the name Abbott Smith) are a unique testament to the gullibility (or suspension of disbelief) of the average porn connoisseur in the late sixties and early seventies. The concept behind these books was the same as the Olympic Fotoreader. Stills from a movie would be inserted on opposing pages of text, illustrating the pornographic story. From The Svengali of Sex, “This paperback novelization was taken from the original screenplay. And all the photos are taken from the film track.” Only, there doesn’t seem to be any film associated with these “film track” photos. It looks as if a series if stills were taken, and look to be completely posed, to match the story and the books were printed as a “novelization” of the film. Maybe exploiting the popularity of other film books, like the Olympic Fotoreaders, aided the sales.

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December 5, 2010

CHC Don't Hate, Participate Contest!

All right, Cheesers, here is our latest contest. For the next week (until 12/13) post on our Facebook page your WORST movie viewing experience. Give us all the vitriol and venom you can... in detail. The CHC Fan with the absolutely most horrific experience watching a film will win DVD copies of: