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The Men (and Woman) of Steel: A Retrospective 08/20/2014
David Cronenberg: A Halloween Love Letter by David Hayes 10/30/2012
The Endangered Art of Makeup FX by Lacey Paige   5/27/2012
Machete Scavenger Hunt by Kevin Moyers   5/31/2011
Independent Shops Survive Video Rental Holocaust by Lacey Paige   4/29/2011
Death of the Video Store by Kevin Moyers   4/28/2011
Beyond Silent Bob by Kevin Moyers   11/24/2010
First Annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival by Corby Kennard 11/22/2010
Return to The Angry Red Planet by David Hayes 10/25/2010
Intercultural Barriers in Machete by Neal Trout   9/26/2010
The Room by Jessica Conditt   9/7/2010
Yoko Oh No! by David Hayes   8/6/2010
Defending Mel Gibson... Sort Of by Kevin Moyers   7/17/2010
Disaster: Mexican Style by David Hayes   7/8/2010
The Ed Wood, Jr. Acting Method   10/24/2010
Ed Wood: King of Smut?   7/30/2010


D. J. Perry 4/20/14
Todd Freeman 8/14/12
Gary Friedrich 2/27/2012
Adrian Garcia Bogliano 1/17/2012
Keith Crocker 7/11/2011
Zach Green 6/2/2011
Tom Byron 5/29/2011
Shawn Cain 5/14/2011
Eric Stanze 4/21/2011
Tom Norman 4/7/2011
Denise Gossett 3/30/2011
Ryan Nicholson 3/17/2011
Charlie Ruckus and Rick Kelley 3/15/11
Charlie Maib 3/11/2011
Heidi Martinuzzi and Shannon Lark 3/10/2011 
Ace Jordan 3/10/2011 
HG Lewis 1/21/2010
Israel Luna 12/27/2010
Mink Stole 11/24/2010
Lance Henricksen   10/25/2010
Film Ranch   9/24/2010
Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero   9/10/2010
Darren Smith   8/17/2010
Joel D. Wynkoop   8/13/2010
Sid Pink   7/25/2010
Marcus Koch   7/16/2010
Jim Van Bebber   7/1/2010
Cory Udler   6/23/2010
Vito Trabucco   6/11/2010


Movies Battle for Supremacy in the Mind of a Lunatic
by Kevin Moyers

The Golden Girls vs. Sex and the City   4/28/2011
Innerspace vs. Osmosis Jones   10/29/2010
Jerry Lee vs. Hooch   8/29/2010
Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman   8/15/2010

Silent Screams/Talkie Terrors

by David C. Hayes

Waxworks (1924) 07/06/2014
Haxan (1922) 06/22/2014
The House of the Devil (1896) 04/10/2012
Edison's Frankenstein (1910) 03/29/2012
Wolf Blood (1925) 03/21/2012

Six Degrees of Cheese

Our Top Six Lists

Dads You Didn't Know Were Great by Kevin Moyers    6/19/2011
Worst Sequels Ever Made by Kevin Moyers    4/13/2011
Christmas Break by Kevin Moyers    12/10/2010
Best and Worst Kevins by Kevin Moyers    11/15/2010
Six Films to Watch on Halloween by Justin Edwards    10/30/2010
Six Comedians Gone Too Soon by Kevin Moyers    10/17/2010
Six Lost Albums by Lane Smith   9/7/2010

Hollywood Roadkill

Movies That Should Have Happened, But Didn't

The Ghost of Christmas Failure   12/26/2010
Monster Mashups   10/31/2010
Star Wars: The Lost Episodes   10/5/2010
SNL Movies That Never Happened   10/2/2010

Cinematic Hell

Comprehensive Reviews of the Worst Movies of All Time
by Hal Astell

The Pink Angels
Blood Feast
The Brain From Planet Arous
The Wild World of Batwoman
The Monster of Camp Sunshine
Chained for Life
Mesa of Lost Women
Robot Monster
Test Tube Babies
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
Hercules Against the Moon Men
Monstrosity aka The Atomic Brain
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
The Giant Gila Monster
Santa Claus
Zontar, the Thing from Venus
Horrors of Spider Island
The Creeping Terror
White Pongo
The Wild Women of Wongo
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death
The Brainiac
The Crippled Masters
The Terror of Tiny Town
Child Bride
They Saved Hitler's Brain
Reefer Madness
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Manos: The Hands of Fate
The Beast of Yucca Flats

Altered Views

Reviewing the Same Story in Different Formats

Session 9 / The Eye of Danvers: A History of Danvers State Hospital   Movie, Soundtrack, Book

Doing the JOB… with Joe Broni

Road Stories from Pro Wrestler Joe Broni

Navajo Warrior 11/10/2010
Des Moines, IA   9/25/2010

The Burrito

Themed Groups of Reviews That Are Short and To the Point

The Movie Burrito: Volume 7 - Full Moon Fever
The Movie Burrito: Volume 6 - Schlock and Awe
The Movie Burrito: Volume 5 - Overrated by Kevin Moyers
The Movie Burrito: Volume 4 - Cultaminated by David Hayes
The Movie Burrito: Volume 3 - Cultastrophe by Jeff Dolniak
The Movie Burrito: Volume 2 - Documandatory by Kevin Moyers
The Movie Burrito: Volume 1 - Hilaritardity by Kevin Moyers
The Movie Burrito: Volume 0 - Mamba Jamba Kick Yo’ Ass Blaxploitation by David Hayes

The Podcast Burrito: Volume 1 by Kevin Moyers

The App Burrito: Volume 2 - Getting Schooled by Kevin Moyers
The App Burrito: Volume 1 - Fightin' Words by Kevin Moyers