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October 8, 2010

Movie Review: Monamour (2005)

Directed by: Tinto Brass
Cult Epics

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What Russ Meyer was to curvaceous mammaries; Tinto Brass is to luscious derrieres. If you've seen a Tinto Brass film, you'll notice the man truly loves a lady's bottom and how it is presented artistically on film. Framing a pair of butt-cheeks is paramount in the presentation of Tinto's many beautiful subjects he puts in one of his films. Tinto has an amazing eye for the suppleness of a round derrière as well as those other womanly features -such as boobage-, much like Russ' ability to catch that appropriate jiggle. "Real" woman are highlighted -don't expect scrawny girls, mosquito bite breasts or shaved privates- in most of Tinto's cinematic entries, and celebrated. Cult Epics' newest release of director, Tinto Brass', Monamour is (thankfully) not a departure from his other creations. Cult Epics' growing Tinto Brass library includes many films from the Italian king of erotica: The Voyeur, I Am What I Am, The Howl and the recently released, Kick The Cock (just to name a few).

Marta (Played by the gorgeous and very horny, Anna Jimskaia) and her husband, Dario (Max Parodi) are having some marital issues. Only 6 months into marriage and the sex has hit a wall. Dario has turned into a complete bore with his 30 second love-making sessions. What's a girl to do when her man can't get her off anymore? That's where Leon (Riccardo Marino) comes into the picture to take Marta off her worries about Dario's inadequacies -Having a soup-can sized frankfurter helps too-. Leon now becomes the object of Marta's non-stop fantasies following they're meeting at a party. The fantasies range from: Anal in a bathroom(with plenty of liquid soap), fingering in an Italian eatery -complete with roaming opera singers dressed like Schneider from "One Day at a Time"- and a very wet outdoor sexcapade in a forest; while pouring rain comes down on the fornicators. Marta puts all her fantasies down in written form in her diary (right where hubby Dario can see it). He becomes filled with jealousy and'd think, but no, Dario is insatiable...for 30 seconds, again.

Soon it becomes certain to Marta that, that one-time romp with Leon needs to become more consistent. But the real question is: Does Leon want more of Marta or does he just wanna share his Tibetan yak dong with other lovely lasses? If Marta doesn't get Leon, one thing she can thank Leon for is empowering her, with his member. It's a win, win for the lovely Marta.

Monamour, at the very least, is powerfully erotic. The sexual content is borderline hardcore - you see just about everything, sans a cum-shot- . Sex and graphic nudity are rampant but, strangely enough, there are a few scenes where an obvious fake penis is used. Maybe, Tinto demanded throbbing boners and all our lead actors could deliver were taffy. Just my guess. However, our star, Anna Jimskaia's presence is overwhelming -the fact that she is naked ,nearly 90 percent of the films running time certainly helps- and she clearly plays to the camera; with even the slightest little gyration from her body becoming very evident. I think she knew I was watching. It was that convincing. Of course my curiousness got the best of me, so I proceeded to knock on the screen of my 40' Toshiba and no, it was my imagination. It really does fool you, but that's where you need to give Tinto the credit. The man truly brings Monamour to life with his masterful eye. The sets are limited and not very flashy but he makes the most of every centimeter in his frame. One scene in particular that I thought was very visually appealing, was the aforementioned, "Forest Sexcipade". It's almost blinding how it's lit; but still has this indescribable look that just amps up the heat in the scene.

Cult Epics' presentation is anamorphic wide-screen as well as hi-definition, and it shows. The detail (even for a 2005 film) and richness in colors are first-rate. The audio is very good as well, though, I encourage folks to avoid the English audio track. It's nice to have that extra option, but the Italian language track does the film justice, and doesn't give it a "Skinemax" ridiculousness. I really enjoyed the soundtrack too; which is also pleasing to the ears. The music is just fun, upbeat and placed appropriately -especially when Anna decides to shake all her wonderful goods-. Also included on the DVD, is an interesting trailer for another recent Brass film, Kick The Cock. It appears to be about beautiful Italian women playing the role of maids and teasing the home-owner (Tinto Brass), with their ass-cheeks exposed. SOLD! We also get a behind-the-scenes for Monamour. Tinto talks a little about the story, there's also a lot of footage of Tinto in action and Anna Jimskaia is interviewed as well. She seems very pleased with her performance and loving every minute of production. Trailers for Monamour and the highly anticipated, Score, from Radley Metzger round out the remainder of the extras

This American release of Monamour is a fine all-around package from Cult Epics. As of writing, Tinto Brass is apparently still hospitalized after a brain hemorrhage. Let's hope Tinto can recover, and bring fans more top-notch erotic films such as this excellent Cult Epics release of Monamour.

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