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February 21, 2017

Cinema Head Cheese: Podshort! - Girlfriend's Day (Netflix, 2017)

A noir style mystery happens inside the greeting card industry in Netflix's latest movie.

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February 14, 2017

Cinema Head Cheese: Podshort! - Santa Clarita Diet: Season 1 (Netflix, 2017)

A couple deals with some serious life changes in this horror comedy from Netflix.

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February 13, 2017

Official Press Release: Production Moving along on ROTTENTAIL Movie!


The upcoming horror film Rottentail has begun principle photography and is currently shooting in Phoenix, Arizona.

             Source Point Press, the publishing arm of Source Point Productions, previously announced that their horror graphic novel Rottentail would soon be made into a feature film and cast Corin Nemec (Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda) in the lead of Peter Cotton, and the monstrous form of Rottentail. Now further casting has been done and the production of the film is underway.

Director Brian Skiba (Blood Moon Rising, Anatomy of Deception, .357) and Director of Photography Patrice Crochet have already wrapped some successful scenes in the first couple days, including a gore-heavy scene. Producer Travis McIntire says “We blew up someone’s head in a scene today, splattered it across the room, and it went incredibly well. All of the sets here look fantastic and are loaded with neat details.”

February 7, 2017

Cinema Head Cheese: Podshort! - Crazyhead (Netflix, 2016)

Two young women become demon hunters to prevent a complete takeover of Earth.

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February 6, 2017

Movie Review: Muckman (2009)

While I’m not entirely convinced I’ve not incurred the wrath of someone over at Cinema Head Cheese, I have to say this latest film was not all that shitty. So that gives me hope.
Muckman is the story of a disgraced reality show host, Mick. While trying to prove the existence of a mythical monster, he was exposed as a fraud. Now he’s got a new idea, though not really because it’s just the same shit as before. But the station producer wants proof of a REAL monster, not some crap legend. 

His new crew, and the hot reporter chick from his original show who is a raging diva beeyotch, road trip out to Pennsylvania to find proof of The Muckman, a local legend. After meeting their contact, Hobbs, they go in search of the elusive creature.

Unbeknownst to the new crew, everyone else is in on yet another hoax. They set up ‘proof’ around the forest of Muckman’s existence. Though one member of the crew, Billie, is a hell of a lot smarter than the rest of these bozos and can see through the set-up, it turns out the Muckman might not be such a hoax after all.

You’re shocked, I know. But it’s not just the Muckman these yahoos have to worry about. Something else is lurking in the marshes of Muckman territory.

Nope, not joking.

February 5, 2017

Movie Review: The Lesson (2017, Blu-ray)

                 Review By:
                 James D.

”The Lesson” centers on Fin and Joel who are juvenile delinquents. They are every parent’s worst nightmare in the way that they conduct themselves daily. Fin lives with his negligent brother Jake and Jake’s girl Mia. Fin views Mia like a mother figure. Their teacher one day has enough and snaps. Mr Gale decides to abduct Fin and Joel. He straps them into chairs at a desk containing two dictionaries. This desk is the setting for the majority of the film as Mr. Gale is out to teach them the lesson he has been trying to teach them in class.

This film tackles how unruly the youth have become and how teachers are reaching their breaking points trying to handle them. The education system constantly comes under fire for the abuse teachers deliver on kids, but we never hear what could have provoked a teacher to do it. As a former “ class clown” in school and general screw up from 3rd grade to 12th, I can attest that teachers get a bad rap and deserve more credit for their jobs. This film opened my eyes to what torture a teacher does go thru, and it also opened my eyes that in a situation that could cause harm, who knows if a child can change. The acting by Hands as Mr Gale is extraordinary. He plays this very unhinged character that we are also scared of snapping even worst. There is a tinge of torture porn thrown in, but nothing too gratuitous or obnoxious. This film centers on a teacher wanting two students to learn their lessons and try to be better people.

February 3, 2017

Jess Franco's Sleaziest Coming Soon From Full Moon Features!!

From the fevered, wonderfully perverted minds of Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco and Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich (JACK THE RIPPER) comes the notorious women-in-prison shocker WOMEN IN CELLBLOCK 9 (aka Frauen für Zellenblock 9 and Tropical Inferno). The controversial film (it was and remains banned in the U.K.) stars Franco regulars Susan Hemingway, Howard Vernon and Karine Gambier and tells the tale of a gaggle of female freedom-fighters who are taken to a secluded women’s jungle prison where they endure all manner of violent and sexual humiliations.

Like all of the productions in the prolific Franco/Dietrich collaborative cannon (most of which are represented in Full Moon's limited edition Jess Franco DVD Collection), WOMEN IN CELLBLOCK 9 is a visually lush, erotic and explicit exploitation masterwork, armed with exotic locations, weird performances and a great, dreamy score by composer Walter Baumgartner.

February 2, 2017

Movie Review: Train to Busan (2016)

Reviewed By: James D.

South Korea gives us a zombie film that I feel people are really going to be talking about. “ Train to Busan” is the story about Seok-woo who is a fund manager in Seoul. His dedication to his job has made him oblivious to his little daughter Soo-an. She wants to see his ex wife in Busan so they take a trip that will change everything for them. The train they get on has an infected passenger who as the film goes, the virus spreads. Train to Busan comes up with very clever ways not only to introduce us to this plague but the way it spreads. Think of this as maybe (REC) on a train. The film while the opening does drag for a few minutes, when the train gets going, this film is non-stop. It could be seen as South Korea’s answer to our “ World War Z” film just more fun and exciting. 

February 1, 2017

Cinema Head Cheese: Podshort! - One Day at a Time (Netflix, 2017)

Kevin looks at a reboot of a 1970s television classic.

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Movie Review: Paranormal Sexperiments (2016)

Week after week, I see reviews from our wonderful writers. Sometimes they love the movies they're sent for review, and sometimes they struggle through some of the worst pieces of garbage a human being can lay eyes on. That's the nature of this movie review business. Some great, some good, and so much bad. Most of the movies land on my doorstep, and I'll admit to fishing through for titles I may want to watch before passing them along for Jeff to dole out. I don't keep all of the good ones. That would be selfish, and I don't have enough time to get through them all. It would also be selfish to avoid all of the bad ones, so occasionally, I bite the bullet. This time, I choked down a big pile of shrapnel.

I have to say that I'm baffled to see movies like this still being made. I don't know who still watches softcore porn. Don't be fooled. That's exactly what this is. I didn't realize that when I decided to watch it. I truly didn't know this stuff still existed. I just thought it was some kind of stupid parody. Does everyone know about the internet? I assume so, if you're reading this. They have real adult films on real easy to find websites. In fact, two days after I watched this, I saw the lead actress on the front page of one of those sites. Don't worry, my wife approves. We're a progressive couple, and I frankly prefer her to anyone I see in any video. Anyway, when you can see the actors you want to see on the adult sites... forget it. Someone is obviously buying this stuff.

The Ed Wood, Jr. Acting Method

Edward D. Wood, Jr. The name alone implies a B-grade director, hack screenwriter and novelist (no matter how prolific) and inept producer more concerned with bringing his pictures in for paltry sums than making quality films. Another phrase applies to the illustrious Ed Wood Filmaking Process... good character actor. What the... ? Is he insane, you ask yourself? No, I am not insane. A critical examination of Wood's performances will more than explain the claim that Ed Wood Jr. was a good, effective character actor (with a few exceptions).

Upon arriving in Hollywood in 1948, Wood's first "showbiz" job was, believe it or not, as an actor. He played the role of the Sheriff in a dinner theater production of The Blackguard Returns. By all accounts, Wood performed admirably working only for beer and pretzels. This is where he made the acquaintance of Crawford John Thomas, who was also a performer in The Blackguard Returns. The two actors turned themselves into film producers almost overnight and created Wood-Thomas Productions. Their first project was The Streets of Laredo (1948) and became not only Ed Wood's writing anddirectorial debut, but also his debut as a movie star, playing a cowboy. The project was never finished. In what available footage there is of Laredo , Wood performs admirably. He is upstaged by his horse, but dies when shot in the belly very convincingly. Moving on.