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March 30, 2014

Movie Review: The Medusa Touch (1978, Hen's Tooth Video)

...the late, great Richard Burton...mentioned in the same breath as this titular webpage...Really?? Come on...really?? That might well be the reactionary consensus of most run-of-the-mill mainstream film fans; however, for those of us devoted cinemaphiles...the loyal disciples of the film fantastique...those who embrace the odd, the strange, the misfit, the unconventional...well, heck, Richard Burton, despite countless revered, praised and respected performances...a classical renaissance actor, to be hardly out of place, in the cult film genre. "Where Eagles Dare"..."Night of the Iguana"..."Cleopatra"..."Anne of a Thousand Days"...Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"...not to mention, his many grandeur contributions to Shakespeare, both film and stage...really, shall we go on?? However, surprisingly enough, his contributions to cult films, has definitely proven somewhat lacking, as far as the more arcane, sinister and diabolical, in the sense of the more easily dismissed 'junket' type of films, for lack of a better word. Time and time again, one sees and hears of actors, past their prime...still being sought for what might be considered 'less than desireable' roles; and yet, for good or for bad, Richard Burton never really let such a thing restrict himself from taking on roles, which he perhaps might have found interesting, and yet which for the status quo masses, might be considered unusual and wholly unexpected, in this quaint and sinister little ditty of a thriller...a melding of the classic 'disaster' movie, with the paranormal...

Movie Review: Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers (DVD,1985, Nikkatsu)

Review By: Rob Sibley

Ah, Nikkatsu.... you can never really go wrong with anything from this company can you? A Japanese company that specialized in producing erotic films shot on 35MM. Every-time I review a Nikkatsu film I'm never sure on what I'm going to get. It's like the prize at the bottom of a cracker jack box.

"Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers" despite the lurid title is maybe the most tame film from Nikkatsu. Now that's not a bad thing, in fact now and then Nikkatsu is a bit much for me. But this film is a straight up sex-comedy. You could easily replace the Asian cast with an American cast and you'd feel like your watching Porky's. My guess is American sex comedy's were big in Japan in the 80's and Nikkatsu wanted part of that. So we get Nurse Girl Dorm.

March 25, 2014

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #134 - Let It Go

Kevin and Jeff talk about Kevin's experience with Frozen and racism in Disney movies. They go into a few series including BET's Real Husbands of Hollywood, the horror anthology Monsters, and the web series The Guild. Kevin talks about the Buck Angel documentary Mr. Angel, and they talk about the passing of GWAR's singer Dave Brockie.

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March 23, 2014

Movie Review: We Are What We Are (2013)

I think because I had built this movie up so much in my mind I ended up somewhat disappointed. Don’t get me wrong - it’s a good flick. I may even watch it again in case I missed any little nuances. But I wasn’t blown away like I expected. I also discovered it’s yet another remake so I’m interested in seeing the original Mexican flick to do a comparison.

We Are What We Are is about a backwoods small town family, The Parkers. The movie opens with the mom’s death. It’s clear she’s been sick for a while: hand tremors, grey pallor, coughing up blood. You know, the usual.  Now the distraught father, two daughters, and one son, are left behind to pick up the pieces.  And carry on the tradition (dun dun duuuuuuuun!).  Apparently that begins with the first day of Abstinence (not from sex - that would have been an entirely different flick): no solid food for 3 days. When the little boy, Rory, tries to sneak a paltry raisin, dad nearly tears his arm off.

Fright Nights: Horrorant Film Festival, 2014 – Part 4: Melissa Mira interview!

Horrorant International Film Festival, in its 1st year is holding screenings both in Athens (13th to 19th of March) and Thessaloniki (20th to 26th of March). The screenings are superb when it comes to image and sound quality. Each feature is accompanied by a short. We are talking about 19 features and 18 shorts. All of the films are Greek premieres and four of them are European premieres as well. Horrorant is the only European Film Festival happening in two major cities. I tried to watch as many films as possible from Horrorant’s program and reviewed them exclusively for Cinema Head Cheese.
One of my favorite films was Pinup Dolls on Ice (2013) and I think many will agree with me that its balance of violence and humor was excellent. I had the opportunity to exchange e-mails with director Melissa Mira. Here’s what she had to say. Enjoy!

March 22, 2014

Movie Review: Brutalization (AKA Beware of the Cats, 1973)

Movie Review by Greg Goodsell

Directed by Fons Rademakers

The exploitation never ends! Featuring a graphic of a naked, humiliated brunette crouching in a corner, the title Brutalization in stark lettering, one is led to believe that this is yet another outing in “torture porn.” Those tricked into renting or purchasing this film will find a 40-plus-year-old exploitation chestnut from the Netherlands/Belgium, Because of the Cats. Then again, maybe no one will complain. In the very first ten minutes a group of male teenagers in suits and ties, their faces obscured with nylon stockings, gang rape a 40-year-old woman while her husband watches. It’s really brutal in the way it’s filmed: casual, no shock cuts, just straight up and ugly.

Movie Review: Scorned (2013; Anchor Bay/Horse Head Pictures)

...crazy-insane femme fatales in the movies...ya' just gotta love 'em. Yep...they be oh-so batshit crazy, though often quite clever, intelligent, cunning and resourceful...their world, skewed in the matters of right and wrong...perhaps not even caring about such petty and trivial things. You know them quite well, as well as their infamous and horrifically reciprocative acts. Hey, how about that silver platter of rat tartar, dished out to the invalid? Eh, perhaps a little diversionary touchie-feelie in the tub, followed by a quick underwater flick of the blade, on those oh-so sensitive parts? Or maybe a tasty pot of bunny stew, as a gruesome and shocking reminder of a spurned one-night stand? And let's not forget about a certain deftly applied sledgehammer to the ankles, all because...well naturally, that's what one does, when one is another's 'number one fan'. Yes, we all know them, as well as their brand of vengeance...perhaps a bit too well; after all, such unflinching scenes in films like "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane", "I Spit on Your Grave", "Fatal Attraction" and "Misery", amongst others, have long since become the stuff of movie thriller legend...often emulated and parodied...quite literally to the point of being cliché, these days. So, when the 'new kid...or rather, new psycho on the block' come along...such as the mentally twisted and diabolical, albeit beautiful protagonist of director Mark Jones' latest film, "Scorned"...and purports to pull the same tricks out of the hat, not unlike her famed 'femme fatale' predecessors...well, as much as 'beating a dead horse' could conceivably drag a relatively good thriller concept down, it most assuredly does, in this case...

March 21, 2014

Movie Review: Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011)

Since I'm not into sports outside of pro football, I could find nothing to watch the other night as every fucking channel in the free world is broadcasting the NCAA basketball championship (March madness, indeed). To the Netflix cue! I put movies on my waiting list for different reasons: I like the actors, the premise, it’s simply horror, or a classic I’ve never seen before. But the movie I’m reviewing today had Cinema Head Cheese written ALL over it.

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead comes to us via Japan. Helmed by former porn director Noboru Iguchi (this IS my shocked face), ZA begins with a young girl suffering from unbearable stomach pains. Her father/doctor tries to help her as best he can by punching a zombie in the stomach until it throws up some wriggly stuff into her mouth.

Wow, the Japanese really ARE different.

March 20, 2014

Fright Nights: Horrorant Film Festival, 2014 – Part 3: Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of March

Horrorant International Film Festival, in its 1st year is holding screenings both in Athens (13th to 19th of March) and Thessaloniki (20th to 26th of March). The screenings are superb when it comes to image and sound quality. Each feature is accompanied by a short. We are talking about 19 features and 18 shorts. All of the films are Greek premieres and four of them are European premieres as well. Horrorant is the only European Film Festival happening in two major cities. I tried to watch as many films as possible from Horrorant’s program and review them exclusively for Cinema Head Cheese. Enjoy!

Movie Review- Amateur Porn Star Killer (2006)

Review By: Rob Sibley

So remember the sequence in Henry: Portrait of a serial killer, they steal a camera and decide to film the their exploits? Imagine an entire film like that. The director once mentioned 8MM the highly underrated gem of a film as an influence. He was interested in the girl in the footage in that film. He was interested in her story. So Shane set out along with Michiko Jimenez to make this film. This film is horrifying, disturbing and disgusting. But it does it all without resorting to gore gags and this certainly IS NOT a torture porn film. This is a sick slice of life. A glimpse into true evil, more troubling then a serial killer in a hockey mask.

It's interesting when you watch a filmmaker mature over a period of about two months. Shane Ryan is currently the most exciting independent filmmaker's around. First the history, I befriended Shane when he was looking for people to review this film. It was impossible to find at the time and I was curious and looking for films that pushed boundaries. I contacted him and he was more then happy to send me a screener of this film.

March 17, 2014

Fright Nights: Horrorant Film Festival, 2014 – Part 2: Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of March.

Horrorant International Film Festival, in its 1st year is holding screenings both in Athens (13th to 19th of March) and Thessaloniki (20th to 26th of March). The screenings are superb when it comes to image and sound quality. Each feature is accompanied by a short. We are talking about 19 features and 18 shorts. All of the films are Greek premieres and four of them are European premieres as well. Horrorant is the only European Film Festival happening in two major cities.

I am trying to watch as many films as possible from Horrorant’s program and review them exclusively for Cinema Head Cheese. This is what happened in Greece’s 1st International Horror Film Festival on 15th & 16th of March. Enjoy!

Saturday 15th of March 2014
Do you wanna know what I really love about this festival? The fact that it doesn’t rely on Trash. Don’t get me wrong, I like Trash as much as the next guy, but to make a film festival that focuses on quality horror is rare and you need to have balls to take the risk and pull it off.

The Tale of the Wall Habitants (2012)
Other than A Serbian Film (2010), this is probably the country’s only film that I’ve seen. Director Andrej Boka’s short is about the war between windows and doors. Yes, the weak screenplay is just an excuse for stunning visual effects. If I had to judge only visually it would be a strong contender for the best short subject award. It looks like a (milk) commercial but that’s not a bad thing.

A Little Bit Zombie (2012)
Two zombie hunters - the kick-ass trigger-happy man and the scientist girl - slay the living dead. A mosquito is transferring the zombie virus to a guy who fights strongly against the infection. Now he’s something between dead and living. He’s not living enough but he’s not dead enough either. He is really hungry but he vomits all regular food, so his friends take him to a butcher’s store (who apparently is an illegal gun dealer too) and they buy animal brains. They learn from a zombie book that animal brains are like junk food and he really needs to get his hands on human ones. Director Casey Walker’s feature lengthy Canadian horror/comedy takes its cue from The Return of the Living Dead (1985) and it’s really funny.

March 15, 2014

Fright Nights: Horrorant Film Festival, 2014 – Part 1: Thursday 13th & Friday 14th of March

I’m a film festival junkie. In the last 15 years I attended midnight screenings, small festivals, movie events and international film festivals in cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Berlin, Edinburgh, Cannes and London. When I found out about Horrorant Film Festival I almost had a heart attack.

I was surfing the internet when I came across Horrorant, and read that in its 1st year it will hold screenings both in Athens (13th to 19th of March) and Thessaloniki (20th to 26th of March). This is a pretty ambitious task for a Horror International Film Festival on its first year. This is the real deal.

Horrorant is very ambitious and is taking place in high-quality cinemas and will screen the films with great image and sound. Each feature will be accompanied by a short. We are talking about 19 features and 18 shorts. All of the films are Greek premieres and four of them are European premieres as well. Horrorant is the only European Film Festival happening in two major cities.

March 14, 2014

Movie Review: "Rewind This!" (2013; Filmbuff/MPI Media Group)!! How so very far, we've come, in such a short period of time, with regards to society's embrace of the home video venue. Heck, in the not-too-distant past, this viewer fondly remembers a time when conceiving the possibility of actually building a personal movie collection, was a pipe-dream fantasy, exclusively realized and relished by the much more well-to-do, who had the financial resources, in maintaining a temperature controlled warehouse, chock full of multiple-reel feature films, on the standard filmstrip format ( the time, my father, who serviced the Hollywood business community at the time, would often snag distributor movie catalogs in his ventures, which advertised the storage and rental of these multi-reeled films...and we'd waste countless hours and longing sighs...marking and dog-earing the catalog pages...dreaming of the unheard-of actuality of owning a home movie collection). Not too long afterwards, the short-lived war between Beta and VHS (...shhh!! Don't tell anyone, but this viewer actually eschewed Beta, altogether, as an introductory home video format, in favor of the stylus-based CED disc format, before succumbing to VHS), with the latter format, winning out in the end, gave way to a veritable boon, to prospective film collectors, as far as selection, as well as an embrace of the awesome artwork on the tape boxes, large and small...cut-to-fit and clamshell...which often rivaled the original theatrical release poster art of the film, if any...

...and of course, just as films on VHS became fully complacent (...or 'disposable', as director George Romero was once quoted, in saying), with both ardent collectors, as well as the mainstream public, merely wanting to watch the occasional movie, along came the digital format, with DVD giving way to BluRay and online digital download. But that's getting way too far ahead of ourselves; it is that phenomenon of the VHS format, which has exuded an extraordinary longevity...totally unexpected, by the initial purveyors of the format...a 'phenomenon' which, amazingly enough, has refused to die, in light of video store closures & rampant online accessibility...and herein, the focus of which is informatively celebrated, in "Rewind This!"...

Movie Review: Zulu (Blu-ray, Twilight Time)

Reviewed by: Mike Heenan

Years ago, at the height of my 35mm collecting I got an unused dye transfer Technicolor trailer for Zulu.  Never having seen it before but knowing Michael Caine was in the film, I was excited to see it projected and when I finally did, I was hooked.  The colors simply just popped off the screen.  The film content itself looked very interesting as I’m a big fan of older epic films, but I never managed to see it until receiving Twilight Time’s amazing Blu-Ray release.

The film is a true life account of a regiment of British troops led by Stanley Baker and Michael Caine who are stationed in Africa at a missionary depot.  They are warned by traveling missionaries that a large group of Zulu warriors, having achieved mighty success earlier on against another regiment, are headed their way.  The regiment fortifies the mission and Stanley Baker pleads with no luck to traveling Boer horsemen to stay and fight with them.  In the vast distance appears 4,000 Zulu warriors, ready to battle against the 150-something troops.  The warriors initially attack with rifles.  The British are surprised at this and guess the warriors must have claimed the weapons from the earlier defeated regiment. The battle rages on in droves and the British manage to maintain their hold on the depot.

Interracial Sex Havoc #5: 1977

The Interracial Sex Havoc project is trying to catalog as many films as possible that contain at least one interracial sex scene. Not all films included here are pornographic, but they had to have at least one interracial sex scene in order to qualify. If you are a publishing house with an interest for genre films then please contact Cinema Head Cheese, as I would love to see this project in book form.

This chapter is about movies released in 1977 and I wrote about plenty of golden age porn [including a couple starring Jamie Gillis], a John Waters classic, a Joe D’Amato masterpiece, and more. So, enjoy!

Desperate Living (1977)
This film is about a woman who is mental, and which’s alcoholic and kleptomaniac psychiatric nurse kills the former’s husband with her fat ass (it is used as an asphyxiation tool and I’m not making this up). After this incident they go on the run as fugitives and first they hit a dead dog, and then they meet a cop in lingerie (don’t ask). The real story starts when they end up in a white trash motel. I don’t know how to explain this; it’s not really a movie, it’s chaos on celluloid. My favorite sequence had an androgynous woman demanding immediate sex change, and not long after she gets it she’s castrating herself and her dick is thrown to a dog which is sniffing the thing! Again, don’t ask…
The sole interracial sex scene of interest is a lesbian one, but you really need to see this film for the priceless dialogues. Being a fan of Lloyd Kaufman, many people have told me over the years that I will enjoy the films of writer/director John Waters, but I always hesitated to step into this madman’s world. Now I did, and I honestly confess that I did not like it. I appreciate what he does for genre movies; all the good things he’s been writing for ages, and making people aware of lost gems, and he seems like a great guy in interviews and such, but I just didn’t like this film.

March 11, 2014

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #133 - Shit a Kill Monster

Kevin talks about the ending of True Detective, shares his thoughts on the biopic Lovelace and wonders what havoc he could cause if he had the same affliction as Ken Marino's character in Bad Milo.

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Movie Review: Hellbenders (2013, OffHollywood/Lionsgate)'ve heard this one before, right?? The angst, burnt-out and vulnerable priest, having wrestled with his own inner demons, as well as a profound loss of faith, manages to find within himself, a kindling and unswerving righteous justice, in attempting the near impossible task of exorcising a soul devouring demon from a hapless victim. Giving the last bit of strength within him, he grabs and throttles the demon-possessed human vessel...begging, pleading for the hellish spirit to 'come into' him; naturally, in the priest's weakened and vulnerable state, the demon obliges the pleading man of the cloth. However, as the evil spirit attempts to take over, the priest musters just enough of his waning consciousness to let out one last angst and anguished he jumps out the window, taking the spirit with him...falling several stories, tumbling down a long flight of stairs, and breaking his neck, at the foot of the stairway...thus sacrificing himself, and sending the demon back to it's fiery hellish underground domain...

March 9, 2014

Franco Prosperi's MEET HIM AND DIE is Coming Soon From Raro!!

Raro Video Will Release Franco Prosperi's MEET HIM AND DIE, the hard-hitting Italian police thriller starring Ray Lovelock (Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man) and Elke Sommer (Lisa and the Devil).

Available on Blu-ray and DVD on April 1st in digitally remastered edition including a video introduction by Mike Malloy (Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the '70s) and a fully illustrated booklet with notes on the film. 

NEW YORK, NY- MARCH 3, 2014 - Raro Video is proud to announce the Blu-ray and DVD release of Franco Prosperi's MEET HIM AND DIE, a rare gem of the poliziotteschigenre starring Ray Lovelock (Fiddler on the Roof; Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man), Elke Sommer (Lisa and the Devil, A Shot in the Dark), and Martin Balsam (Psycho, Cape Fear).

TV on DVD: Monsters: Complete Series Collection

During the mid to late 80’s genre fans were treated to some solid horror and sci-fi television with the popularity of the Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead producer Richard Rubinstein and George Romero collaboration Tales from the Darkside. Following Darkside we got hour-long series Friday the 13th: The Series and the subpar Freddy’s Nightmares to squeeze in a TV scare after 9pm on a weekend night.

Tale's from the Darkside producer Rubinstein returned with another half-hour horror show in Monsters, which ran for three seasons. Thanks to the folks at Entertainment One, Monsters: The Complete Series is making its debut on DVD in a nifty nine disc box set that is sure to make fans of this show very happy. All 72 episodes from the three seasons are included on this box-set and to my knowledge are in their uncut format as they were shown originally on network TV.

The Feverman and Holly’s House episodes do a nice job in getting Monster’s in particularly ghoulish gear. The Feverman shows off some fun make-up with a morbidly obese demon terrorizing a group of folks in a basement. In Holly’s House is another enjoyable episode on the first season that crosses the children’s TV show (Ala Pee Wee’s Playhouse) with the horror of Chucky from Child’s Play. This time around the killer doll is the animatronic puppet named Holly.

March 6, 2014

Movie Review: "The Booker" (2012; IndiePix Films)

...oh, how this viewer misses the good ol' days of professional wrestling...those gritty, sweaty renaissance days of yore...say, about the late '50's, to the mid-to-late '70's, when the action spoke louder than the words...even louder than the often aggressively confident, sometimes boisterously arrogant fighters...back in the days when it was much more about the fight, than about outrageously colorful and self-heralding extrovert, the 'product'...or rather, the fighter, presented himself. OK, admittedly, even the awesome and spectacular fights back in the day, were carefully choreographed...indeed, the fighters truly knew how to put on a was hardly as 'fake', as some naysayers might suggest. And some righteous body slams...the sound, unlike that of raw meat being pummeled and slapped onto the taut canvas...and heck, even some respectable bloodshed, definitely made things much more grueling, and well, much more 'realistic'. In the advent of the almost ridiculous, clown-like personalities, wrought from the '80's, as well as the introduction of the respectable Ultimate Fighting Championship, in the '90's, the professional wrestling venue's spectacle seems to have become more about the flash, than the fight...

...that balance between the sport and the show...looking at professional wrestling in a much more artistic meld, rather than the low-brow and commercial stigma, which it has since been pigeon-holed into...fighters, who are less 'showboat', and more 'hungry'...yes, that's also what fight promoter Steve Scarborough (...aka Steve Platinum, in labeling his proposed wrestling championship brand, the Platinum Champion Wrestling) remembers, back in that exciting time. And if he has anything to say about it, he would see quote a medieval term...'fair time' come to pass, once again. His vision...his dream...his journey is the subject of intrigue, turmoil and measurable triumph, in the documentive study herein, called "The Booker"... 

March 5, 2014

Movie Review: Bloodlust (1961, Film Chest)'s a good question, folks. What literary concepts and/or characters has been most resourced, as far as directly, indirectly, or even loosely adapting said resource into the motion picture format?? It is certain that many probably come to mind. The works of William Shakespeare. Edgar Allan Poe. Sherlock Holmes. Cinderella. Dracula. And that's just shot-gunning off the top of this viewer's head. To that list, we might also add the classic 1924 short story by author Richard Connell, entitled "The Hounds of Zaroff". Not surprising, if...title-wise...this one doesn't sound familiar to most, and yet, the basic storyline of this torrid tale...isolated, a man horrifically discovers that he is being relentlessly hunted like an animal, by another most assuredly a familiar archtype for many a motion picture, stretching back to the early days of Hollywood. Taking that into account, now what comes readily to mind. 1993's "Hard Target", perhaps? Most recently, 2009's "The Tournament", maybe? How about 1945's "A Game of Death", or 1956's "Run with the Sun"? And of course, there's the classic 1932 RKO production, "The Most Dangerous Game". Even in the realm of public domain cinema, such a tale has been amiably all means, far from perfect, mind you...but then, not exactly the worst adaption. We're talking the 1959 (...or 1961, depending upon the source) schlocker, "Bloodlust", and the folks over at Film Chest have seemingly taken up the task, in polishing this tense and embraceable turd. Let's just see about that...

Movie Review: Vampira and Me (2012, Cinema Epoch)

...( in the extremist, boisterously word-punching, albeit humorously redundant verbal styling of The Great Criswell...) "Greetings, my friends. We are all interested in finding out the truth, for that is where the truth lies waiting. And remember, my friends, such past events such as these, will unveil unto you all, such past events, which have transpired. You are interested in the unknown. The mysterious. The darkly secretive and unexplained. That is why you are here. And now, for the first time, we are bringing to you, the full story of what happened, during those fateful times. We are bringing you all the evidence, based only on the secret testimony, of the ever-enduring soul, who survived this arduous, yet amazing ordeal. The incidents, the places. My friends, we cannot keep this a secret any longer. Let us finally raise the curtain. Let us finally inform the masses. My friends, can your heart...even your very mind, stand the shocking facts of...the true story of the legendary Vampira??"...

March 4, 2014

Movie Review: Witchboard (1986)

Oh, wow, does this movie take me back. I was 17 when this sucker came out. My moth-eaten memory says that I loved it and while most of the movie is like, so totally dated, the 44 year old me still enjoyed it.

Written and directed by Kevin Tenney (who brought us the epic awesomsauce that is Night of the Demons), Witchboard begins with a group of friends having a party. Brandon brings up the topic of Ouija boards. He’s a complete snobbish douche about them (it’s pronounced ‘wee-JAH’) but manages to convince Linda, party hostess and ex-girlfriend, to give it a go with him. He just happens to have his personal board right now. How convenient.

After contacting a familiar spirit, a young boy named David, Linda’s current love, Jim, starts talking smack about the bullshit of it all. Apparently ghosts don’t like you dissin’ them so David takes off but not before ruining the tires on Brandon’s car. Brandon and Jim get into it because their dicks are obviously too massive to contain and the party’s over.

Then all the weird shit starts to happen. Linda, being a complete twat, decides to use the Ouija board on her own. Who she thinks is David is actually a different spirit. It's not a demon, thankfully, but it is a complete asshole. It manipulates Linda into using the board more and more until she becomes obsessed. And that’s when the "progressive entrapment" becomes a real issue, the time when the spirit can possess a human.

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #132 - Old School

Kevin gets into some old stuff this week with some things that harken back to his past. He reviews the Showtime series Dave's Old Porn, the documentary Bronies, Expendables 2 and The Last Stand.

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March 1, 2014

Movie Review: The Upper Footage (2014)

Review By: Rob Sibley

 So what are the the two things I hate most in this world? Found footage movies and rich yuppie kids who are given way to much money and power way to young. It's all over mainstream media these days. You see pop singers or talent-less boy bands making it big not for the talent but because they have money and enjoy punching limo drivers in the back of the head while they are not busy doing 8-balls or H or pick any drug.

"The Upper Footage" I will say right now... will make it onto my top films of 2014. Why? Because it feels like Bret Easton Ellis grabbed a camera and filmed a night out of him partying (when he was younger). The film oozes the vibe of early Ellis. If Less Then Zero was a found footage film... you'd have something like "The Upper Footage".

Movie Review: The House Of Seven Corpses (Blu-ray + DVD Combo, Severin) 1974

Review By: Rob Sibley

Severin is one of the best companies currently in business. Sure you won't find a new release from them every week... but when they do release a film (Much like Synapse) it's pure perfection. THOSC was scheduled to come out the same day as the classic "House on Straw Hill" but Straw was pushed back due to print damage. But they (David Gregory and crew) care about the fans, about us little guys. They live for niche and perfection. Much like Don May Jr. at Synapse.

The House of Seven Corpses lives up to it's name and then some. From start to finish it's a fun old school film. Surprisingly rated PG. It's not a gore fest but it's R-rated stuff. Within the first 3 minutes we witness how these seven people became corpses. Each death/suicide more violent then the next. A very trippy Bava type opening that hooks you in from the get go.