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September 1, 2015

Movie Review: Skin Trade (2015, Blu-ray)

Listen to this cast: Ron Perlman, Peter Weller, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White and Celina Jade. Dolph plays a copy from New York named Nick Cassidy he is on this human trafficking case. During this case he encounters a Serbian gangster named Viktor played by Perlman. During a police raid, Nick kills Viktor’s son. Viktor now has lost his mind and is on a revenge kick. Revenge leads him to killing Nick’s family. Well he chases Viktor back to Southeast Asia where he encounters a Bangkok cop named Tony played by Jaa.

The story as in all these movies, at first hey clash then later they team up to bring down the human trafficking network. This film has a very good flow to it, the pacing is uneven but the acting makes up for it with some standard fun camp. My main issue with this film is that it is just your basic revenge film that does not try to incorporate any new ideas or change the formula up. The film has some very well-choreographed fight scenes that include White and Jaa and Dolph and Jaa that are amazing to watch.

This is a film that delivers on the fight sequences with so much passion, but yet the story seems like it goes thru the motions at times. I am not saying this is a bad film because I really enjoyed this film for the most part and will be recommending it in the end, but I just wish this film would have put so much more thought into it. I know for Dolph this is his pet project of a story he read and he wanted to translate it to film, but I just feel that this film needed more bite and a little more originality. At times, predictability is not a bad thing but for a film so simple like this one, it needed something to really set it apart from the others. Again, look at the first few people in this film as mentioned above, this has a cast of people who can deliver in low budget direct to video films. Peter Weller since the Dexter comeback, has really created a second career for himself and I wish Michael Jai White would play Spawn again

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