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July 13, 2012

Movie Review: Karakuri, Ninja Girl (Box Set)

From the animators at Pink Pineapple comes Karakuri: Ninja Girl Book 1 and 2. Without the heavy-handed "drama" and focus on intense, often barbaric situations prevalent in much of today’s hentai, Karakuri is a breath of fresh air. More comedic and lighter than the supernaturally or revenge themed pieces, Karakuri lets the viewer relax and enjoy.

The two-disc set, each in its own keep case and packaged in a slip sleeve, is very attractive. Although somewhat hampered by the “Adult’s Only,” the packaging is a nice piece of artwork as well done as any other Anime release. The only information missing on the box itself is the runtime. Disc A clocks in at 56 minutes with Disc B coming in at 144 minutes. The digital transfer is of the same high quality that Nutech generally puts out with little to no pixelization and macro blocking. Each disc is in Dolby English and Japanese stereo with optional English subtitles. Like other Nutech hentai releases, Karakuri features the voices of established adult stars Trisha Uptown and Alexia Rae.

Light on Bonus features, Karakuri features an Anime Still Gallery and Still Galleries of both the voice actresses. Trailers for other Nutech items and website information are also included. The menu section is animated and features music from the feature. Again, Nutech’s menus layout is extremely user friendly.

Karakuri tells the tale of Fawn Bell and Moon Shadow, two lovers trying to escape from Ninja Country so they can lead the normal everyday life of a happy couple, struggling day to day. Our oversexed couple’s plan of escape is foiled by Madam Devil Grace, the leader of the Ninja clan. In an attempt to degrade and berate the duo, Devil Grace has them perform sexually in front of the entire clan. Having the opposite affect intended, Fawn Bell and Moon Shadow become aroused. At this point, nothing and no one is safe from their lust. During the melee, Fawn & Moon finally manage to escape.

Living in the country now, our Ninja lovers find bliss in the real world. Fawn Bell performs her wifely duties with vigor while Moon Shadow finds that construction is his forte (using a heavy dose of secret ninja skills to get the job done). On their own, finally, the couple takes every opportunity to express their love to each other.

Intruding on their happiness is redheaded Ninja girl Morning Mist, sent to bring Fawn Bell back. Former lovers, Mist volunteered for the mission, incensed that Fawn would leave and, gasp, copulate with a MAN! The only recourse? Morning Mist must remind Fawn Bell (and Fawn’s body) that the ways of woman are far superior to the ways of man.

Not completely created to be erotically stimulating, and focusing more on comedy, Karakuri also spoofs other, better known, anime. Sailor Moon and other non-adult anime influences abound. Sight gags, slapstick and witty dialogue are the hallmark of this presentation.

Admirably voiced in English (with Rae and Uptown showing a heretofore unknown streak of comic timing) and unobtrusive subtitles, Karakuri would be a fun and lighthearted addition to any hentai collection. The abundance of detailed comedic moments makes the second and third viewings just as enjoyable as the first. The rampant sex can almost be an afterthought… or maybe not.

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