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July 14, 2012

Movie Review: Chesty Morgan's Bosom Buddies (Blu-ray)

Something Weird Video has made a huge contribution to the cult film world with their endlessly wide variety of oddities. For more than 20 years they’ve put forth releases on VHS and now recently on the Blu-ray format. A few of the most popular SWV titles to see a release have been Doris Wishman’s amazingly ridiculous Chesty Morgan films, Deadly Weapons and its sequel Double Agent 73. These titles and the rarely seen, The Immoral Three, now grace the Blu-ray format in all their busty glory.

Doris Wishman’s discovery of the Polish born actress/stripper Chesty Morgan may be one of the single greatest contributions to the exploitation genre. Morgan commands your attention with her massive, swinging, almost pendulous skin-sacks. In Deadly Weapons we have Chesty (under the name Zsa Zsa) exacting revenge a group of mobsters that murdered her man. She disposes of each creep by suffocating them with her gargantuan mounds. One of the slime- balls is played by none other than porn king, Harry Reems (Deep Throat, Forced Entry).

When watching Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73 many males will notice it’s incredibly difficult to find any of the proceedings arousing. Chesty seems like a nice gal, but she shouldn’t be naked. With that said, It is part of the train-wreck and the high comedic value that both films have plenty of. The dubbing of Morgan’s voice, her incredibly stiff approach to just about every scene and even examining the serpent-like veins on her mammary’s will create a steady laughs (and horrify) throughout.


In Double Agent 73, amazingly, Chesty has survived a bullet which she took at the end of the Deadly Weapons. Having massive layers of extra flesh can help almost as much as Kevlar. Here Doris and her crew take Chesty into James Bond territory, making the wig wearing minx special agent. She not only retains her ability to mash men to death with her titties but also take pictures. The camera in her boob seems simple to operate as all she does is lifts it up and snaps away. One thing I did notice, while very cheap, some of the violence is pretty nasty. In one scene Chesty decides to forgo the boob suffocation for choking a goon with several ice cubes.

One of the biggest surprises on the set is the inclusion of The Immoral Three. I expected this number to be more of a throw in but it’s really pretty damn entertaining and most certainly stands alone just fine. A group of three young women take their own brand of revenge to the murderer of their mother. Sure, it’s standard exploitation fare but here Wishman doesn’t hold back with the sex and surprisingly some even more nasty violence on display. You won’t laugh here like the “Chesty” films but a good time should be had if you enjoy Doris’ work. Sorry no titty suffocation, but mucho boobage.

Visually this has to be the best looking Blu-ray of the four High Definition releases Something Weird Video has put out. Colors are sharp as can be and there is minimal wear on the elements. I think Doris would be proud of how these features look. Extras include some Wishman trailers and an extensive gallery of promotional items.

I really loved this disc from top to bottom and highly recommend it. Chesty Morgan's Bosom Buddies is easily the funniest release we’ve reviewed here at Cinema Head Cheese for a long time, so what are ya waiting for, buy it!

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All Blu-ray screencaps come courtesy of Rock! Shock! Pop!

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