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July 22, 2011

Movie Review: Refinements In Love (1971, Impulse Pictures)

It's no secret that the '70s were an amazing decade for hardcore adult entertainment. Instead of just throwing a bunch of loops together or just producing a loop by itself, producers got smart - they made actual movies. Movies with plots and even engaging characters. The pseudo-documentary also became a way to get some XXX fucking on screen for the masses while "educating" the viewers a little before they spewed their mess on the back of the heads of unlucky patrons occupying the theater. Impulse Pictures has made a big dent in the sexploitation DVD market with their highly entertaining soft-core pseudo-doc flicks, The Schoolgirl Report series. Impulse's release of Carlos Tobalina's Refinements In Love has a similar charm; just expect lots of hardcore penetration and even worse acting.

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Let me introduce you to the director and one of the stars of Refinements In Love, Carlos Tobalina. Carlos loves shooting people screwing and chewing with his expensive camera in his 200,000 dollar mansion. One thing he enjoys more, is educating others about sex and its upside (or downside, whatever you're into). Tobalina, sexpot Liz Renay ( Blackenstein, Desperate Living ) and several fake doctors assist our humble director in getting across the "joys of oral copulation" and how consistent sex will make you a healthier and happier human. The usage of baby oil to enhance the sexual experience is one unique measure we thankfully get to see on screen.

While viewing Refinements In Love, about 45 minutes into the film the credits start to roll with Liz Renay introducing herself. It's an odd couple moments but amazingly it did not effect my enjoyment level. For those of you wondering, Renay doesn't get naked, but she does show off an insane teased-up doo that'll have you pondering whether she's hiding any marital aids beyond her locks. As funny as Renay is to watch it's really the fake doctors and sex educators that make Refinements In Love the ridiculous gem it is.

Easily one of the craziest scenes in Refinements In Love involves a "doctor" who has used hypnosis on his curvaceous naked subject. Our medical professional talks to the camera while fondling and kissing her breast, then slowly making his way to her furry bush. This just felt weird. Almost like necrophilia. She finally comes to, the slovenly lecher pulls her spread legs toward his gunt and proceeds to pump away.

The sex scenes overall are better than you'd expect for an early 70's porno. The women are fairly attractive with nice bodies. You even get to see the adorable Rene Bond in action doing a demonstration of "hide the salami" covered in baby powder. One thing that's constant about the sex acts; most are performed on this wacky looking leopard print sheeted mattress. I wonder if Tobalina saved it. The stories that sheet could tell.

Impulse does a good job with the transfer. The color varies from reel to reel but some parts are surprisingly vibrant. Print damage is minimal with a little emulsion here and there. I didn't notice any splices. There aren't any extras on this release but there is a chapter selection.

Refinements In Love, to me, is a real sleeper in Impulse's library. I haven't seen too much about it and I'm kind of surprised by that. It's an essential buy for fans of the wild sleazy '70s and a great companion to Impulse's release of Aphrodisiac: The Sexual Secret of Marijuana .

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