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July 20, 2011

Movie Review: Frauleins in Uniform (1973)

Directed by Erwin Dietrich

Starring Elisabeth Felchner, Karin Heske and Renate Kasche

War is Hell, unless of course you're one of the Frauleins in Uniform, (which is actually a misnomer since these gals spend very little time wearing anything at all.)

For these German hussies its all about getting laid, volunteering from all over the country to join the war effort in an attempt to keep troop-morale and everything else standing at attention.

There's really no plot at all here, we follow a group of hot girls as they go through their physical exams and then out to the front lines. Along the way they’re getting naked at every turn, bedding down officers and soldiers alike and even dipping into a little lesbian fun along the way.

The Tittie-Meter is off the charts in this one, there are literally hundreds of bare breasted women running about, including one scene where we have atleast 20 naked babes dodging incoming artillery as they run through a battle field. Why would 20 naked women be running through a combat zone, you might ask? Who fucking knows, but it was pretty awesome.

One of the things that I thought separated this Nazisploitaion flick from the usual B-movie 70‘s tittie-fest’s was the quality of “talent” the film makers put in front of the camera. When I say talent Iam of coarse not referring to acting skills but the fact that the majority of these girls are absolutely smoking hot. Lovers of old-school soft core porn will be pleased to know that along with the titties this film features more hairy bush then you can shake a beaver tail at.

And believe it or not, this movie actually included some almost passable combat scenes near the end, featuring a tank battle and an assault on a town to free some naked female hostages being held by allied forces.

I’d say this is probably one of the tamest of the Nazi-exploitation flicks from this era. Its gotten a bad rap over the years for painting Nazi’s in a positive way and making light of the horrors they inflicted during World War 2. But my guess is, the critics who said that never took the time to actually sit down and watch this one. This is not Ilsa- She Wolf of the SS, its more like an R-rated version of The Love Boat.....with a lot of Swastika’s in the background. If you dont take it all too seriously you can enjoy it for what it is, mindless fun.

Kudos again to my favorite film distributor on the planet, Cheezy Flicks Entertainment. Not only are they resurrecting some of the true unsung heavyweights from the golden age of trash cinema, but they are packaged with some of the most awesome bad-movie trailers out there. Included with the trailers are about 5 minutes of nostalgic drive-in concession ad’s, reminding you how hungry you must be for a slice of Tony’s pizza or a cup of ice-cold Pepsi Cola. Fun stuff all the way around once again from the guys at Cheezy Flicks who love B-movies as much as we do.

7.5 out of 10

Reviewed by KennyB

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