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August 21, 2011

Deadly Spawn: Millennium Edition Blu-ray Coming this January from Elite Entertainment!

Deadly Spawn: Millennium Edition

They Came to Earth to Feed on Human Flesh!

List Price: $19.95

Street Date: 01/24/12

Two campers in the New Jersey woods have their outdoor fun interrupted by the arrival of a meteorite crashing nearby. They go to investigate the crater, but are suddenly attacked and devoured by alien parasites who have hitched a ride to Earth. After finishing off the campers, the hungry space monsters head for a nearby town, where they make their domain in the basement of an old house soon begin polishing off one hapless inhabitant after another. Four young teenagers, plus one pre-teen boy, try to find a way to stop the angry space monsters before they reproduce and literally eat humanity.

Bonus Materials

•Commentary, still gallery, casting footage, gag reel, theatrical trailer & TV spot, enhanced opening scene, television review footage and more!