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March 15, 2012

Movie Review: Where The Dead Go To Die (2012)

Here at the Cinema Head Cheese offices on occasion we get screeners of films directed or produced by auters with bizarre pseudonyms. There’s been Creep Creepersin (Him, Corporate Cutthroat Massacre), Mr.  Creepo ( Driller: A Sexual Driller, Skin Eating Jungle Vampires), both of which have tortured a couple of our reviewers to various degrees. Now it’s Jimmy ScreamerClaus with the obvious pseudonym. This time around it's his vile animated film Where the Dead Go to Die that gets reviewed and you know what folks unlike those other "artists", it isn’t crap.

ScreamerClaus does something unique that I’ve had yet to see in a genre release – an animated horror film using computer technology to create the artificial surroundings. Pixar it ain’t, but ScreamerClaus goes to so many depraved lengths to achieve one of the most disgusting “cartoons” you’re ever gonna see.

Labby (Jimmy ScreamerClaus) is this evil, talking black Labrador that wanders a neighborhood preying on some very naive youngsters. One of those kids, Tommy (Joshua Michael Greene) will pretty much take anything coming out of the demonic dog’s mouth seriously. Labby wants Tommy’s parents and his unborn sibling dead. Fetus scooping, bestiality, castration among other atrocities ensue in the most graphic ways imaginable.

There are other kids sharing the insanity besides little Tommy in the neighborhood, and are forced to do other heinous acts such as taking part in a porn video directed by one of kids' fathers. We even get a serial killer living in a church who sucks fluids via a syringe from his gutted victims. Sure, it’s animated, but these scenes still comes across as gnarly as anything from The Serbian Film.

Fans of horror will recognize a few names doing voice work, including Trent Haaga (Terror Firmer, Chop) Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons) and Devanny Pinn (Desert Man Beast). The voice work isn’t great but it adds some humor to the proceedings. There are some extras on the disc, including a few shorts, a commentary by the director and some behind-the-scenes video. Actress Linnea Quigley is shown doing her read-through with a few other actors as well as other interesting bits.

Not since their release of Andrew Allan’s Brainjacked have I been this entertained by an Unearthed Films release. It’s offensive, consistently sickening and surprisingly funny. If you like some wacked-out, original, micro-budget fare give Where the Dead Go to Die a shot. Recommended.

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