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March 7, 2012

TV on DVD Review: Luther (2010)

I first saw Idris Elba in his short stint as Charles on The Office. He turned out to be the perfect foil for Michael Scott and Jim Halpert, and he wasn't going for any of the tomfoolery that the office staff had to offer. He played the role perfectly straight, and that's what was needed from Charles. Elba has been a part of a slew of movies and TV shows including The Wire, Thor and 28 Weeks Later. When I came across a cop show that starred Elba as title character John Luther, I had a feeling it would be a great fit. Just a few minutes into the first episode, I was hooked into the best police drama I have ever seen.

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DCI John Luther is the type of guy you want on your side. He's a mess, and he has a huge temper, but I'd rather have him as a friend than an enemy. His marriage is in a shambles, he's fresh off a suspension from nearly killing a suspect (don't worry, you get to see this right away), and his outbursts and antics keep him atop the department shit list. Not only does he break rules, he keeps most of what he does a secret from his peers.

This is not your typical cop show. Between the love triangle with his estranged wife, his unconventional friendship with a murderer and the mix of his strengths versus his vulnerability, John Luther is a very compelling character. He has some elements that we've seen before, but they blend in with the unique characteristics that keep you on the edge of your seat. Each episode is nearly an hour, and they're worth every minute you spend on them. Do yourself a favor and watch Luther. You won't be disappointed.

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