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November 2, 2012

Movie Review: Maximum Conviction (2012)

It's not often that you get to see action stars from different eras meet up for a story filled with killing, blowing things up and all around ass kicking. Expendables aside, it's really true. I had the opportunity to see two of my favorites together, and I was not disappointed.

It's really very simple. You take Steven Seagal, throw in Steve Austin, add Michael Pare and soap opera star / martial artist  Bren Foster and then throw them all into a prison that houses the worst criminals known to man. It's like the '80s threw up on the '90s and it all just oozed over the last twelve years, and I loved it.

A couple of experts in shutting down highly dangerous prisons, or something like that, have to shut down a highly dangerous prison. Like most of these movies, you don't ever REALLY know what these guys do or have done. You just know that there was some military something somewhere, they got in trouble often and they always know how to kick ass. Well, Seagal can still punch ass. His hands are quick, but don't expect him to lift a foot here. It didn't matter. He's still quick as hell.

Michael Pare shows up to cause trouble posing as a prison transfer unit looking to take some female inmates who are very important to someone. After taking over the prison, he begins a search for them. That's when our boys and their small crew get to what they do best. I know I sound like I'm making fun of it all, but that's the thing. It really is fun. It brought me back to my teen years when these movies ruled theaters.

The direction was great. It gave each star individual screen time by having separate storylines that criss-crossed throughout the movie. They'd meet up for a minute, have a battle, and then go in different directions for a bit. It was really very cool, and even way late at night, there was no way I was turning it off. Maximum Conviction was a blast, and I highly recommend it to action fans and anyone who grew up in the '80s and '90s.

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