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March 20, 2014

Fright Nights: Horrorant Film Festival, 2014 – Part 3: Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of March

Horrorant International Film Festival, in its 1st year is holding screenings both in Athens (13th to 19th of March) and Thessaloniki (20th to 26th of March). The screenings are superb when it comes to image and sound quality. Each feature is accompanied by a short. We are talking about 19 features and 18 shorts. All of the films are Greek premieres and four of them are European premieres as well. Horrorant is the only European Film Festival happening in two major cities. I tried to watch as many films as possible from Horrorant’s program and review them exclusively for Cinema Head Cheese. Enjoy!

Monday 17th of March 2014
Dear Diary, today Horrorant is screening three shorts [The Breeder (2013), No Mires Ahi (2013), and Half-Board Heaven (2011)] and three features [Thanatomorphose (2013), Alone on Board (2013), and Zombie Hunter (2013)] but I’m unable to attend because I woke up with a fever and I vomit blood. I will take an insane amount of pills in order to get well and get back to work tomorrow. I will swallow them with alcohol. No, wait, I won’t. I just wanted to write that because it sounded really cool.

Tuesday 18th of March 2014
Dear Diary, today Horrorant is screening four shorts [Nexo (2012), Santa (2013), Drag Me (2013), On/Off (2013)] and three features [Across the River (2013), Sororal (2014), Aura (2014)] but I’m unable to attend because I’m still terribly ill.

Wednesday 19th of March 2014
The day started with the screenings of Bloody Lady (2013) & I Saw the Devil (2013) and then the awards were announced. Congratulations to all winners!

·         Best Film: The Battery
·         Best Director: Chimeres (Olivier Beguin)
·         Best Screenplay: Schism (Jace Anderson, Adam Gierasch)
·         Best Male Acting: Jeremy Gardner (The Battery)
·         Best Female Acting: Jasna Kohoutova (Chimeres)
·         Best Cinematography: Tombville (Camille Langlois)
·         Best Special Effects: (Thanatomorhose)
·         Best Greek Short Film: Forever Night
·         Best International Short Film: Mr Bear

The Final Payoff (2014)
This is the Greek feature film that wrapped Horrorant and it is brilliant. It is about a young guy who works for the mob and falls in love with an actress and then wants to get out of the underworld. Will he make it or will he die trying?
Directed by Alexandros Leontaritis this is a very interesting and current study on the consequences of dealing with the mob, from the outside or the inside. It will soon hit theaters here and if you can you should catch it at some film festival.

Remember kids, if you are in Thessaloniki, buy tickets and watch some great movies at the 1st Horrorant International Film Festival!

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