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March 14, 2014

Interracial Sex Havoc #5: 1977

The Interracial Sex Havoc project is trying to catalog as many films as possible that contain at least one interracial sex scene. Not all films included here are pornographic, but they had to have at least one interracial sex scene in order to qualify. If you are a publishing house with an interest for genre films then please contact Cinema Head Cheese, as I would love to see this project in book form.

This chapter is about movies released in 1977 and I wrote about plenty of golden age porn [including a couple starring Jamie Gillis], a John Waters classic, a Joe D’Amato masterpiece, and more. So, enjoy!

Desperate Living (1977)
This film is about a woman who is mental, and which’s alcoholic and kleptomaniac psychiatric nurse kills the former’s husband with her fat ass (it is used as an asphyxiation tool and I’m not making this up). After this incident they go on the run as fugitives and first they hit a dead dog, and then they meet a cop in lingerie (don’t ask). The real story starts when they end up in a white trash motel. I don’t know how to explain this; it’s not really a movie, it’s chaos on celluloid. My favorite sequence had an androgynous woman demanding immediate sex change, and not long after she gets it she’s castrating herself and her dick is thrown to a dog which is sniffing the thing! Again, don’t ask…
The sole interracial sex scene of interest is a lesbian one, but you really need to see this film for the priceless dialogues. Being a fan of Lloyd Kaufman, many people have told me over the years that I will enjoy the films of writer/director John Waters, but I always hesitated to step into this madman’s world. Now I did, and I honestly confess that I did not like it. I appreciate what he does for genre movies; all the good things he’s been writing for ages, and making people aware of lost gems, and he seems like a great guy in interviews and such, but I just didn’t like this film.

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)
It was good times when smoking was allowed in airplanes… Despite that the city had cannibals, the title’s female lead [Laura Gemser], will go to the Amazonian jungle to find more of them (said cannibals are into genitals butchering and gang rape). This film by cinematographer and director Joe D’Amato, for the first time in the Black Emanuelle franchise is combining eroticism with the cannibal subgenre [Cannibal Holocaust (1980) style]. There’s a scene in which a monkey is wearing sunglasses and smokes, and it is hilarious.

The Devil inside Her (1977)
This film takes place in New England in 1826, and it is about God and Satan and the preaching of the bible which makes for a very boring concept. Luckily the film itself is not very boring thanks to random scenes such as the one in which a girl inserts a banana, a corn, and a carrot in her vagina.
The film kicks off with the female lead kissing the male lead; when she is caught by her father she is punished with the whip. Writer/director Zebedy Colt spends a lot of time with character development and we don’t see a hard dick until 14 minutes into the movie. The first sex scene happens 17 minutes well into the film. But if you are patient you will be rewarded.
You will be rewarded with Greek Christian Orthodox psalms used as musical background in a sex scene; this is priceless. And you will be rewarded with a lengthy orgy in the finale. In this orgy a black guy gets his dick sucked by a white girl, and he even gets to provide another white girl with a golden shower, with the help of his two white buddies.

Betrayed Teens (1977)
A gorgeous housewife [Marlene Willoughby] and her misogynist husband [Alan Marlow from Barbara Broadcast (1977)] argue about their daughter going to a school in France, but the fight ends up with them two fucking each other. In the meanwhile a gang of bikers enters their apartment and take their beautiful daughter [Amanda Blake] away. So, what’s the moral of the story? That having sex means neglecting your daughter and she might run away with bikers?
Anyway, the parents think their gorgeous daughter is kidnapped so the wife goes to a private investigator and in the description she provides she tells him that the missing kid is 14 years old. Well, she looks like 20 to me, but that’s porn. Anyway, said private investigator gets to have a threesome with his secretary and their client. Just before the threesome though the wife described a sex scene of her daughter, in which everything happens the “French” way. How she knows the details we see on screen I can’t guess.
The detective is quick about finding the missing girl. A black biker leads him and his assistant into a seedy room where the youngster gives head to a guy with the assistance of another girl. All six of them have an orgy. And all of them decide to pay the young girl’s parents a little visit.
The gang is visiting the young girl’s parents and violates them by tying the husband up and forcing the wife to suck black dick. Their daughter even gets to suck her father’s dick! The film ends with a member of the gang whipping the mom’s ass; just because there had to be something in there for the S&M crowd too!
The whole thing sounds nasty, but it’s not really. Even when the mom’s ass is bleeding in the final reel it is obvious that fake blood was used. Even though Bill Markle, the cinematographer who shot this, does a lot of handheld camera work in order to add realism. This is another very entertaining film by producer/writer/director Shaun Costello, in which even the set design is special.

Miss Kinsey's Report (1977)
Well, the Kinsey’s Report tomes are legendary, so it was expected that many would try to exploit the market further. I haven’t read the originals as I can never seem to find them at reasonable prices. And I have not read the shit paperback that this film is supposedly based on; and is advertised at the beginning (as a “best selling novel”).
So, in this movie, Miss Kent [Susan McBain from Barbara Broadcast (1977)] receives a phone call from a lawyer who breaks the news that her uncle died. She is to inherit $2.000.000, but first she has to finish his surveys on sexuality which he was about to publish. So, on for research she goes!
The first interview subject is a black man whom she ends up sucking and fucking. This scene is so uninteresting that I couldn’t help it paying attention to the visible shadow of the boom mike.
She then calls a couple and arranges a meeting for an interview. On her way to their place she just randomly picks up a porn star. They fuck; in the meanwhile the couple having sex at their place. When those intercutting scenes are over, she goes to this couple’s place and they have a threesome.
The female lead then interviews a black woman [Brenda Basse from Souperman (1976)] who happens to be a lesbian. They fuck. And at some point the black woman brings a white strap-on in the action and has her way with Miss Kent.
In the final scene, the dead uncle’s lawyer [Eric Edwards] breaks into Miss Kent’s apartment. He tells her that the reports are excellent, but there is a subject that she did not cover: that of rape; so he rapes her, and the otherwise innocent film becomes a roughie in the end, complete with creepy camera angles [Davis Smith was the camera operator and Don Doe was responsible for the lighting]. This flick was produced and directed by Larry Windsor.

Lustful Feelings (1977)
“How do you think I feel having a whore for an old lady?”
Tony [Jamie Gillis] owes money to the mob [well, two black guys]; so he convinces his girlfriend to do some nude modelling in order to get the cash together (he becomes a suitcase pimp and even gets some blonde pussy on the side). The thing is, his girlfriend gets hooked with the work and wants to leave him pursue a career in escorting and porn. Editor/producer/director Kemal Horulu made this, which is essentially a series of sex scenes (some of them lesbian ones – and one of those includes a Peeping Tom played by Robert Kerman, who joins in); the final sequence also involves two black guys.

Barbara Broadcast (1977)
The beginning’s credits let us know that the story we are about to see is based on authentic fantasy and only the names have been changed in order to protect the guilty. Yes, I too thought that that wasn’t very funny.
The first few scenes are what made this film legendary. They are set in a restaurant where oral sex is the order of the day. By that, I mean that the costumers order something from the menu, and they receive oral sex. Barbara Broadcast [a very elegant Annette Haven] is a customer and she’s a famous book writer who provides her fans with autographs and blowjobs but doesn’t allow them to cum in her mouth. You have to draw a line. Although she orders a drink in which she asks the waiter to cum in it. The point of interest in those scenes happens when a white guy fucks a black girl, after they kiss passionately. You see, there is some passionate kissing going on in this film; it is happening in the next few scenes too.
Other interesting points in this film are a good scene in which Barbara Broadcast is getting fucked in an office; a pissing scene; some lesbian action; and a threesome. Oh, and the film ends with an S&M scene (complete with chains etc.) for no apparent reason. Other than that it was shot originally for The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976). It looks like it.

Teenage Pajama Party (1977)
A bunch of teenage girls gather in an apartment. Soon they start dancing to the music and taking their clothes off (in strip-show fashion, as it is normal), and then they wear their pyjamas, got the title? A bit later an old man is calling and he’s whispering obscenities and threats (“I’m gonna listen to you scream with agony”) while we see him masturbating on the other end of the line and cumming on the telephone.
Instead of doing something about the creepy phone call, the girls start sharing their sexual fantasies. Yes, I know, this is very convenient for a porn screenplay. We get to see the fantasies, of course. Jim Buckley directed this...
The first fantasy is an oriental one and you’ll dig it if you’re into small (but perky) tits. The second fantasy involves a white girl, a black girl, a white guy, and pissing between those three. If you can imagine, the third fantasy is even more disgusting, because it involves food (the ice cream man gets a piece of the action). Then there’s a lesbian orgy between the female leads. And then there’s an interracial lesbian scene, in which the girls are joined by two black guys (the moustached one gets a white dildo in his ass). Then there’s the fourth fantasy which takes place in a gym (between two guys and one girl). What all those scenes have in common is excellent set design (beautiful pop art stuff here).

Lisa Meets Mr. Big (1977)
“A good man is hard to find. A hard man is good to find.”
The title’s interracial couple [Sharon Mitchell & Gilbert Palmitier] is getting married (yes, we see them fucking – on their honeymoon hotel). Soon the bride announces the news to her mother via a telephone call. She breaks the news to her husband, and they fuck. Their house servants are voyeurs and while watching them they fuck each other too.
Anyway, when the newlyweds are introduced, the parents are shocked because the guy is black. Mom is wondering though if what they say about blacks is true and proceeds to suck him in order to find out first hand. Father in the meanwhile is seduced by his daughter. And every other cast member joins in and the final scene becomes this great orgy.

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